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By Your Interpretation~~~

Só Much To Love!
So Beautiful!

Thank You---Neverforgotten Moments
I slip slowly down into the cool water of my creek
Letting the water wash over me
Yet it never seems to cleanse me of the sins of my past
So I write
I write to clean my soul, scrubbing off the darkness within
I write to wash out the foul taste of blood from my mind
Words flow from me like a waterfall stripping away the filth of a life of shadows
I write down all these things that make me *****
As I lift up from out of the waters of my poems I feel a little more clean
Like a life of misery hasn't soiled me so badly
I feel a little more normal
A little more like I could be worth loving
There is such thing as too much reality,
For us to face,
In which Halloweens come and go,
But the horror stays.
I am terrified, all right?
Coul you please be, too, terrified?
Tell the truth and duck,
Or get up and pack.
I tried my best,
It wasn't enough,
I failed test,
My life is tough.
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