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1d · 21
do you remember me
like i remember you
did time plant a seed
overtime that grew

remembering the best of times
or the times that all went wrong
has it helped to change your mind
since our time now is long gone

does the one that holds your heart
have a grip on love to last
or will he be eventually like me
a distance thought in the past

although we're past i still have kept
you in the corner of my mind
where it grows inside the fold
i pull out from time to time
2d · 27
abc gum
more often than not
where i get my gum
is not off any shelf
but underneath table tops

though the flavor is off
you can't beat the cost
and with only a chew or two before you
have it all back to soft

embarrassed or not
just drop out of sight
as you're coming back up
use your knife to slice

there's an array of variety
that is so cheep it's free
to tickle the tongue
and dazzle the teeth

so next time you see
that you're out to eat
and you drop the knife on my advice
there's no need to thank me
This poem considering the content took entirely too long to write! :0)
Turning the tide
On this Etch A Sketch life
Drawing on reason
Erase what I find
Still colored clueless
In black and white
Memories useless
Most of the time

This Etch A Sketch
Takes just a sec
Before it's all over
Turned on its head
Abstract in sand
Makes its own bed
Shaken not stirred
Till there's nothing let

Can only hope
That's not all she wrote
Cleaning the slate
No water, no soap
Turning of knobs
Continues to grow
This Etch A Sketch life
I draw on alone
6d · 507
She's The One
She's the cover that draws you in
From the front to the back
She's the book I'd love to read

She's a real page turner
Dog eared from right to left
She's the book I'd love to read

You just can not put her down
And with that being said
She's the book I'd love to read

With a voice angelic
From the vast heavens above
She's the song I'd love to sing

Sweetly hums her melody
From here to kingdom come
She's the song I'd love to sing

Is there anything more welcoming
Than the air filled with song
She's the song I'd love to sing

Sweet fragrance to the point
Where that is all I need
She's the air I'd love to breathe

Feeling all a-flutter
Light headed in her breeze
She's the air I'd love to breathe

Far more than my lungs could hold
But not less than I need
She's the air I'd love to breathe
May 17 · 45
World of Confusion
Mike Hauser May 17
We're living in a world of confusion
From one moment into the next
The grinding of gears twisting our fears
Bubble trouble inside of our heads

We're living in a world of confusion
Where we don't know who to believe
The flapping tongues wag as fast as they can
Without ever skipping a beat

We're living in a world of confusion
Causing this spinning of heads
From the upside of down to the inside of out
Until there's not any sense left

We're living in a world of confusion
Where guessing is anyone's game
The eyes used to hold the lies being told
Now everyone's wearing dark shades

We're living in a world of confusion
Sit, the table's already set
With dull forks and knives to carve up our lives
Would you like seconds on that

We're living in a world of confusion
Where the everyday rules have been changed
What once was okay is no longer in play
From one day into the next

We're living in a world of confusion
Where normal seems odd at its best
Crazy now hides out in plain sight
Right skedaddled at the first chance

And with all of this being said
I'm calling off all bets
Toss it all in into the losing bin
We're living in a world of confusion
May 15 · 68
Who Bangs The Drums
Mike Hauser May 15
Who bangs the drums of war
Our so called leaders in search of more power
That insatiable itch that can't be scratched
Off the broken country's back

Who bangs the drums of hate
Dishes out decisiveness onto our plates
Server, cook, and maitre d'
Yet leaves the trash for the least of these

Who bangs the drums of deceit
Making us all out as enemies
Tells us do this while they do that
Through backroom deals and secrets kept

Who bangs the drums of fear
To keep us on edge year after frightful year
Just when we think we've had enough
They pull something else out of the box

Who bangs the drums that keep us off beat
Takes the steady out of our feet
Won't leave us alone until they're done
There's more than one that bangs the drums
May 7 · 67
Mike Hauser May 7
Every time I start to think
I think I shouldn't think at all
Whether or not I'm thinking big
Or I am thinking small

It all has more or less to do
With the way I think my thoughts
And if those thoughts I'm thinking
Are even thoughts at all

I think I think of things that count
As I tighten up my belt
Some thoughts I think out loud
While others whisper to themselves

Some thoughts I have are set on snooze
Befuddled through the day
Not quite ready, hanging loose
Always running late

And if I'm called to have a thought
I put it all on hold
Because throughout this process
I'm mostly lost in thought
May 5 · 52
This One Candle
Mike Hauser May 5
I sit behind this one candle
When after last year I figured out
There were way too many on this old cake
To attempt or even dare to count

I've watched the years flow like cheap wine
Some sweet, some bitter to the taste
A metaphor to this life in kind
So easily poured down the drain

As my so called friends and family
Gather with practiced smiles
Knowing this may be it for me
Slowly counting down

With no need to blow the candle out
As it sits and melts alone
How much further I don't dare say
Though I know it won't be long
May 3 · 57
this month's messiah
Mike Hauser May 3
where is this month's messiah
today's saving grace
to pull it all together
put it back in place

take the mistakes we've all made
write them down in song
take it early before too late
before this month is gone

the one we've all been hoping for
the one with new ideas
as a people we're running short
on the hit and miss

a master filled with miracles
bookoo up their sleeves
to do the tricks, leave the bill
shut the lights out when they leaves
May 2 · 50
painted corners
Mike Hauser May 2
i've picked out the colors
chosen the brushes
now to find a corner
in which to paint
one way or another
without any rush
i'll have it done
by the end of the day
and then i'll sit back
with my back to the wall
with no excuse
in the mess that i've made
with the over used brushes
dipped in an excess of colors
that in this corner
i so often paint
Apr 29 · 66
I've Had It...
Mike Hauser Apr 29
I've had my eyes wide open
I've had my eyes shut tight
I've had the right idea
But left it out of sight

I've had the question asked
I've been the answering
I've had the quota met
I've dug in mighty deep

I've had a show of hands
I've had a hand to show
I've had a thought that counts
As far as I think I know

I've had an even break
I've broken all the odds
I've had this as of late
A bobble head of nods

I've had it all this close
I've seen it far away
I've had it if you must know
Without a word to say

I've had it up to here
I've added to my list
So when I've had enough
I can say that I've had it
Apr 28 · 53
An Obvious Poem
Mike Hauser Apr 28
We all want world peace
We all want self love
We all want happiness
More than enough

We all want free money
Growing on trees
We all want that
We all want these

We all want fun
Double it up
With all the above
Isn't it obvious

We want perfect health
Above everything else
But we don't want to have to
Work at it ourselves

We want a rich Uncle
We never knew, die
To leave us his money
Without guilt on the side

We want to lay around
Have it all done for us
Is that asking too much
Is it that obvious

We want it all now
With gold fork and spoon
Like it's yesterday news
With little or nothing to do

We want more than our neighbors
You know the Jones
All that they have
All that they own

We want it all now
Cause there's never enough
Before we're up and done
Isn't that obvious
Mike Hauser Apr 27
Last trip he jumped ship
Off life's ocean liner
Asking you what's that got to do
With the price of tea in China

Uninspired he grew tired
Of the massive here and there
Another sign of the times
With the man who doesn't care

Taking all he's given
In opinions over time
Says a fool will only do
Enough to get by

According to the warning
In the buyer beware
Much the same in what you give away
The man who doesn't care

No need to borrow sorrow
In these days of make believe
Easily seen within reach
As they hand it out for free

Time is wasted in the making
If all you do is stop and stare
That's why each day he goes the way
Of the man who doesn't care
Apr 26 · 42
In The Year 65'
Mike Hauser Apr 26
In the year 65'
pulled by raciest tides
Thrown into a time
on the verge of a fight

You're not like me
or so it seems
To play a part
in this American dream

When did the color of skin
ever make a man
Or what a man said
get so out of hand

And why when we judge
is it not in righteousness
But what we think that we think
is better for us

Who all would be hurt
if the tables were turned
How much kindling is needed
for a generation to burn

Tossed into the lie
that not being alike
We can't get along
when it comes to this life

We need to open our hearts
help free our minds
Learn from lessons taught
in the year 65'

See what it really means
to have a dream
That we are all equal
in the scheme of things

Where generations to come
will live it in love
Not the hate that is made
when we don't know enough

As clear as day and night
in this do or die
The place we should be
is in the love of mankind

No matter what we look like...
Apr 25 · 50
the opening
Mike Hauser Apr 25
i've thought this forever
forever it seems
it's captured my thoughts
encapsulated my dreams
took me to task
the direction i leaned
removing its mask
showed all that it means

took all of my questions
filled in the blanks
opened the windows
turned on the lights
moved all the wrongs
over to right
with nothing to hide
easy to find

of course what i'm speaking
of is the love
in holding out hope
it will kindly show up
then all the thinking
and dreaming i've done
will come to fruition
in the opening up

...of love
Apr 23 · 97
World Wide
Mike Hauser Apr 23
We seem to have a problem
No solution is at hand
Smoke em if you got em
High on risk, low demand

Daily searching for the answers
Question are all we ever find
Over here as well as over there
With no escape, it's all world wide

Easier to place the blame
Following the beat of society
Losing ourselves along the way
Don't look at me, I'm not my brothers keep

The seed is sown, the hours late
No way to stop the times
Breath in, breath out, exacerbate
With no escape, it's all world wide

The root grows deep, far, and wide
Watered by the acid rain
Collected in the cistern of the heart
Over fertilized with hate

Flipping low the two headed coin
No control in calling sides
And with that said, place your bets
With no escape, it's all worldwide
Mike Hauser Apr 21
The boy who cried wolf
Is the media of today
They have lied so many times
It's hard to believe a word they say

They're tried so many tactics
To get us all to play along
Hook, line, and sinker, here to grab us
But we're starting to see what's going on

They call themselves professionals
But professionals at what
On a fast track to bypass the lawyers
As the worst of the worst top spot

They wouldn't know true news
If it slapped them up side the face
And they wouldn't know what to do
With true news anyway

So they continue on in their crying
Not knowing those they're trying to fool
Are licking their lips growing tired of all this
Making us into the real wolves
Apr 20 · 39
Mike Hauser Apr 20
You might think I'm sitting here
listening to you dear
But my mind right now is miles
away from here

At night I find I sleep
like a baby tight
Then when the morning hits
my mind takes to flight

I can't help but lean
on my daydreams
Taking me to oddities
I ain't never seen

From far off mountain peaks
to a deserted tropical beach
I might even be hanging at
the bar right down the street

There's no telling where my mind
will find to fly
Or where it knows to go
when the time is right

It might be giving a go on a rainbow
into a *** of gold
Or in a room full of manure
looking for the horse I'm told

Where ever my mind decides
at that moment to take me
You can believe I'm far from here
in another daydream
Apr 19 · 35
The Following
Mike Hauser Apr 19
I wonder these days
Who's following who
Are you following me
Or am I following you
Is it to righty tighty
Or the lefty loose
To the echo of flushing
On this swirly sea cruise
In the way that we move
To the what that we do
I'm wondering who
Is following who
Apr 18 · 39
Mike Hauser Apr 18
I woke up this morning
Before the rooster started crowing
Without even knowing
What the day held out for me

Turning on the lamplight
Wiping sleep from my eyes
Waving my bed goodbye
As the floor reached for my feet

Two or three cups of coffee
I'm thinking aught to do me
Right about now justly
As I ready myself to leave

With the keys in my left hand
The right attitude of yes I can
Take this world on like a man
Just you wait and see

I bring with me my 'A' game
It's a lot like 'B' but less lame
Otherwise they'd both be the same
Which doesn't make sense to me

I stumble out to my car
As I no longer walk that far
Used to but not anymore
The age of modern day conveniency

Into traffic I merge
Under other drivers select verbs
Most of them 4 letter words
That cause my ears to bleed

Make it to the job on time
Earlier than expected I find
Somewhere along the way lost my mind
As it is Saturday
Apr 17 · 100
Can't Buy Me Love
Mike Hauser Apr 17
I gave them my love
Deep down to the core
All that I had
Till I had nothing more

Lapped it all up
Like a thirsty dog
Then gave me a look
Is that all you've got

I pulled out my cash
Intending to buy
All the love I could
I can not deny

But love can't be bought
At least not for long
When boredom sets in
It moves on along

With this moral made
Before you give love away
Make sure there's enough
Of love you have saved

So you don't try in a jam
To buy it all back
When there's nothing left
Of the love you once had
Apr 16 · 49
Those (along the way)
Mike Hauser Apr 16
How do you behave
With the day you face
Do you go it alone
As you make your way

Or do you take
The hand of grace
To help out those
Along the way

Those running short
Those running late
Those who need that
Much needed grace

What do you say
About the day you face
Are you there for those
Along the way
Apr 15 · 343
Mike Hauser Apr 15
with a heart so hard
it's hard to tell
when did i become
so cynical

in my beliefs
in all they do
in all i see

tossed out the trust
which raised my doubts
pessimistic in
what i have found

wry in my
thoughts i find
i'm cynical
most all the time

in my daily mocking
in my nightly scoffing

with this heart so hard
it's hard to tell
when i became
so cynical
Apr 14 · 41
the very last poem
Mike Hauser Apr 14
these are the last words
that i'll ever write
the very last poem
to come cross my mind
the last line of rhythm
the end of the rhyme
puddle of ink
to spill out in time

these are the last words
that i have to say
the very last that
i'll put down on page
i've given enough
of my soul away
what little is left
i'm trying to save

these are the last words
i'm holding out hope
the last string of lines
that i'm letting go
the last of this deal
as far as i know
the very last words
the very last poem
I know some of you won't understand and maybe some of you will but there are times that I wish the rhyming would just leave me alone...
Apr 13 · 34
Mike Hauser Apr 13
inside this home
with the lights barely on
it's my dim reflection i see

while the storm outside
beats on the windows
angrily staring back at me

with the rain
         pouring out
                   and the tears
                               holding in

these windows are mirrors
of both take and give

where inside this home
with the lights barely on
it's my own dim reflection i see
Mike Hauser Apr 12
they're beige
they're brown
lounge about town
Vinyl Recliner

you snooze
let loose
in the afternoons
Vinyl Recliner

you sweat
you stick
leave skin on it
Vinyl Recliner

they start off
with sass
but eventually crack
Vinyl Recliner

it's filled
with stuff
comes out in clumps
Vinyl Recliner

until it's
thrown out
rain soaked no doubt
Vinyl recliner
For such a stupid poem I have had the hardest time with this! First I mistakenly called it Velvet then when I corrected it I spelled Vinyl wrong! Arghhhhhhhh!!! Lol!
Apr 11 · 58
Mike Hauser Apr 11
Garbage in garbage out
Ain't that what they say
Not much here to talk about
Please move along your way

I know that I have issues
No need to point them out
The parts of life I've misused
Leaves behind little doubt

With so much that needs sweeping
You don't have to look hard to find
In the corners of my kitchen
In the corners of my life

I remember me when life was a breeze
Young and unconcerned
Always seemed to land on my feet
While the world inside me churned

Not till later years did it come clear
How high the trash had piled
Did my best to keep it hid
But aren't all secrets eventually found

With so much that needs sweeping
You don't have to look hard to find
In the corners of my kitchen
In the corners of my life
Apr 10 · 71
Hide Your Tears
Mike Hauser Apr 10
Hide your tears of misery
In plain sight for all to see
Without skipping a single beat
Pull the wool over the sheep

Hide your tears like crocodiles
Behind your Cheshire shy cat smile
Inside grinning all the while
Pull them out for when they count

Hide your tears in fits of rage
When you do not get your way
When you do not have your say
Save your tears to throw this way

Hide your tears out in plain view
Throwing in a sniffle or two
Whatever program best suits you
If it helps you make it through

Hide your tears in plain sight
Whether or not you think it's right
This is how you deal with life
Hiding tears in broad daylight
Apr 9 · 60
Shake 'N Bake
Mike Hauser Apr 9
At the last galactic social greeting
The universe had a major meeting
Over an issue that definitely needed some work

Seems they'd all about had enough
Of the bad boy on the block
Commonly known as the Earth

Seems he's caused quite the ruckus
Since day one showing up among us
Is what most planets and stars had to say

And when it comes to the Moon
We've all but about lost our view
Since Earth came along and got in the way

Plus all of the loud noise
From the parties to the wars
The occupants should really quit it down

Yes nothing's ever been the same
Since the day the wild Earth came
And settled in on this side of town

From all of the shinny rocket ships
And circling of the sputniks
It's like a giant game of dodge ball

We have all tried to get along
Holding hands, Kumbaya...well you know the song
But this isn't working out  for us at all

Wondering what they could do
You simply can't turn the Earth loose
Creating havoc from one end of the galaxy to the other

There was not one single thought
From any in the entire bunch
As they all stared blankly at each other

That is until the planet Mars
The mischievous one in the group of course
Said I have an idea that just might work

We'll all do something to upset the Sun
When he flares the Earth blows up
Then we can take all the left over dirt

Where we'll fill in all the holes
On the Moon with the Earth's soil
Putting it back into its original form

And once that deed it is we do
All of us and the new made up Moon
Can enjoy the life we had before Earth came along when you see the brightest light
quickly kiss your **** goodbye
as that flare soon enough will end the play

can't say it hasn't been loads of fun
once medium rare now very well done
Kraft would be proud at this ultimate Shake 'N Bake
Apr 9 · 62
Goodbye John
Mike Hauser Apr 9
This time
John Prine
Caught a ride
On a star passing by

He smiled
At the Crowd
Though the crowd
Had tears in their eyes

He said deeply
Don't miss me
I was simply
Along for the ride

This being the beginning
In keeping
With life's meaning
Ending with this endless flight
Apr 8 · 41
What Good Is Life
Mike Hauser Apr 8
What good is life
If you don't do it right
If you treat all your days
As the darkest of night
If you fail to give back
With a word in kind
You'll never find
What good is life

What good is life
If you focus on self
With all of your might
And nobody else
If you spend all your time
With single mind
A heart that is blind
What good is life

What good is life
If you can't handle it
If all that you find
Is a reason to quit
Sitting it out
As you wait for a sign
To make up your mind
What good is life
Apr 5 · 46
The Rest Of My Life
Mike Hauser Apr 5
At times I reflect on the moment
When this I knew to be true
Knowing it feels good don't it
To be in love with you

With both my eyes wide open
Never daring to lose sight
Here's to both of us knowing
You are the rest of my life

Keeping up with the flow
As we know time runs on sand
Yet slowing it down in the holding
Of each others hand

Happy with the outcome
I have both day and night
With the in between and then some
You being the rest of my life

High hopes with no way of knowing
It would work out this way
When over time to my surprise
I'd find these words to say

I need you in my forever
Right here by my side
To have, to hold, to care for
You...the rest of my life
Apr 4 · 58
It Won't Be long
Mike Hauser Apr 4
With wild flowers in hand
Society congregates
With what little time is left
To visit the open grave

We all have our stories
Funeral Dirge the song
You can plainly see we're not yet done
But it won't be long

Some show up early
Others show up late
Some take what they're given
With no thought of the give away

Darkened clouds are building
Whispering of the storms to come
You can certainly see we're not yet done
But it won't be long

You can close tight your eyes
Even turn your back
But soon enough you'll find
It never leaves your head

Do we need more of a warning
That we need more love
If you ask me we're not yet done
But it won't be long

With a show of trembling hands
Is there one righteous left
I'm sure there must be
But I won't hold my breath

You want to know a secret
That will turn you numb
Hold this in keep we're not yet done
But it won't be long

You know the Old West bit
Shoot from the hip
That is unless
You've already jumped ship

In the deepest of oceans
You still can sink like a stone
With the lure of the sea we're not yet done
But it won't be long

So gather all your flowers
And step up to the open grave
If you have anything saved
Today's the day to give it away

We come and we go
We go and we come
You can stomp your feet to the beat we're not yet done
But it won't be long
Apr 3 · 35
Mike Hauser Apr 3
There's no one here that knows me
He says to himself alone
The single plate from which he ate
Long ago grew cold

Hoping for a reason
To continue on
But each day life's beating
Chips more off of his soul

He once had a menu
Now tear-stained, tattered, torn
Like his life in black and white
Faded long ago

He can't remember of a time
That his plate was full
Whoever dishes out this life
Serves it rather cruel
Mike Hauser Apr 3
Youth is wasted on the child
That's just the way it goes
At least that's the story told

Why am I just now finding out
If I may be so bold
When did we get so old

Far too many years now to count
Though I can not tell a lie
I can barely count that high

As we all bow down to the sound
With the creaking of old bones
Where once we did but now we don't

More than ever should be aloud
In your mind time is froze
While everything else is letting go

But never let go of the tail
On the dragon they call life
Youth is wasted on the child
Apr 2 · 319
Web of Poetry
Mike Hauser Apr 2
I'm caught up and being kept
In this web of poetry
And with that being said
The spider has its eye on me

Draining me of my life's blood
One rhyming line at a time
Where it can't seem to get enough
Leaving cobweb corners in my mind

Through all the struggle and the strife
That I find inside the rhyme
The more I fight the less I'm free
Tangled in this web of poetry
Apr 1 · 72
Believe it or Not
Mike Hauser Apr 1
You can't always count on
The things that you see
The tone of the whisper
What you've come to believe

They'll have you running circles
In the middle of laps
With the soul purpose
Of keeping you where you are at

Could it be slight of hand
Or truth less in demand
Telling you what they want to
Whether you can or you can't

Are all of the answers
Made up on the spot
Giving sideways glances
Amongst bobble head nods

Look over there, not here
Being their specialty
You can't always count on
What they want you to believe
Mar 30 · 72
Fragrant & Beautiful
Mike Hauser Mar 30
She's a bed of roses full of lies
Fragrant & beautiful
Pressing thorns into your side
Has you begging her for more
She's a petal in the wind
Blowing ever colorful
This way and that then back again
Fragrant & beautiful
Mar 30 · 102
~Wiz Kid~
Mike Hauser Mar 30
He's a wiz kid
But not the way you think
When it comes down to it
All he does is ***
Mar 29 · 247
the picture
Mike Hauser Mar 29
i keep a picture in my pocket
of me in happy times
in full color with sun shining
standing here in black and white

when out and about i take it out
and gaze at its young face
when times were simple with far less wrinkles
i go these days to escape

this picture in my pocket
of me in happy times
in full color with sun shining
plainly here in black and white
Mar 28 · 65
Love Me
Mike Hauser Mar 28
I'm going to take myself in
I'm going to treat myself well
I'm going to love me for who I am
Not somebody else

I'm going to cut me some slack
Not be so ******* myself
Look what I have, not what I lack
Play the cards I am dealt

I'm going to look straight ahead
With the right attitude
Not be so concerned with the right or left
Only in what I do

I'm going to tell myself this
I'm going to tell myself that
Seal it all with a kiss
All of this I have said

Then love myself where I am at
Mar 27 · 977
Mike Hauser Mar 27
I'm afraid
We're going to isolate
Even further than we are

If we don't get a grip
On this sinking ship
Going down for the third

Being all I, me, mine
Where we spend our time
Inside our solitary rooms

This constant creep of self
Will soon be our death
If we keep humming this crazy tune

Our social butterfly
Has up and died
Cut off in mid-bloom

The once abundant life
Took to flight
With nothing much to do

But to isolate
I'm afraid
Even further than we are

With no flotation devices left
On this sinking ship
Going down for the third
Mar 26 · 75
Be The One
Mike Hauser Mar 26
Be the hope, be the cure
Be the kindly spoken word
Be the one less to be heard
Be the one that listens more

Be the holder of the key
Be the one that lets it be
When advice is given free
Tread with that advice lightly

Be the yes in answering
Be the first in line to sing
Say and do all that you mean
Be a servant to the King

Be a comfort to the soul
A help to those who need it most
Praise them high while staying low
No one likes a know-it-all

Be the breath that's always fresh
Be the last one that is left
To those in need, a helping hand
Be the one that says you can

Be the light that's in the dark
Be the changing of the guard
Be the tiniest of sparks
Be exactly who you are
Mar 25 · 55
Let's Face It
Mike Hauser Mar 25
Put on your mouth
If you've something to say
Add tongue and teeth
Lips to flap away

Don't forget ears
So you can hear
Leave out the wax
So words come in clear

To keep it tight
Dot both the eyes
To clearly see
Low on surprise

And who knows
The do's and don'ts
Better than
Your smelly noise

Now that you have
Your face in place
You're more than ready
To face the day
Mar 22 · 58
Don't Regret This Life
Mike Hauser Mar 22
Every moment that is taken
Has a consequence inside
You can leave or you can take it
In the furtherance of life

You can hold onto your actions
Or let them take a hold of you
Water or drain your passion
Don't let regret be the path you choose

The time you save you give away
At some other point in time
If you don't use it then you'll lose it
Never again to find

With the time you're spending here
Consider it a loan
Write this on your epitaph
Don't regret the path you're on

Life is made up of choices
You either sit out or you dance
That one song may not come back on
To give you another chance

When life asks for volunteers
What are the words you'll say
Stand your ground and do it now
Don't regret your life away
Mar 20 · 58
Missing You
Mike Hauser Mar 20
I may look bewildered
Out of focus, out of tune
It's not all that simple
If you must know the truth
Being no laughing matter
Me without a clue
I find nothing sadder
Than the fact of missing you

Tried so many remedies
Come close to losing count
Tossed out with the debris
In the bin of finding out
I thought I would be better
And that it would be soon
Scarlett to the Letter
Me missing you

All of my short comings
Come more now than go
With hindsight 20/20
That's something I now know
Nothing left to be kept
Not a thing to prove
And now with all that being said
This is me missing you
Mar 19 · 67
~fairy farts~
Mike Hauser Mar 19
this company is heading straight to the top
with our new improved line of fairy farts
soon our catch phrase will be all over the place
a slight touch of magic in a jar

first and foremost a disclaimer though
in the making of farts not one fairy was harmed
we house and feed, take care of their every need
so there's no need for alarm

once we discovered how the ***** could be used
down here on fairy farm
we've had all our men chase after them
capturing bottom barks into a jar

then by hand we transfer them
from pint up to gallon size
to be used all the way from laundry detergent
to a line of makeup that's soft on the eyes

we even have samples of candles
bath and body works just bought the whole lot
plus it runs machines cheaper than gasoline
so far the highest bid is from Exon

we're also in talks of a contract
with a highly secretive govern(mental) agency
who wants all the gas with no questions asked
but on that we'll have to wait and see

in the mean time our workers continue to bottle it up
all the fairy farts from all the fairy butts
it's a job that flatuates deep to the heart
but with this job what's not to love

as you watch the fairies flutter to and fro
hearing the cute little ***** wherever they go
who would have guessed who could have known
how much a business like this would grow
A repost but I figure at a time like this who couldn't use a laugh. ;0)
Mar 17 · 67
~My Ghost~
Mike Hauser Mar 17
I still remember the day I died
And swam away from sanity's shore
Though the ghost of me still feels alive
I'm the only one here who knows

I still keep an eye on the gone side of life
With my family and my friends
Though no one knows when I come and go
Or that I am still here

One day I may communicate
As yet I don't know how
So I just sit here with them, alone in me
That's all so far that I can do now

I've heard there's a light that can set me free
But I'm afraid that I can't come back
And I do enjoy their company
Happy with where I am at

A ghost that knows no other
Than this glass wall I hide behind
Neither here nor there but off somewhere
Stuck between eternity and time

If there was anything here that I could change
It would be the accident that day
Where it all happened to fast to take it all back
Gone from sight but not gone away
Can't help but wonder sometimes...
Mar 16 · 68
Florida Keys
Mike Hauser Mar 16
There is a Key
In Florida for me
Hop, skip, and a jump
Below Miami
With just enough
Of just enough for me
All the stuff
This poor boy needs
Where sandy shores
Line the bluest sea
Bringing to cure
Waves of sanity
Unlocks the door
Turns the **** of peace
Who could ask for more
Than the Florida Keys
Mar 15 · 65
The Dream Operator
Mike Hauser Mar 15
At the edge of subconsciousness
Lurks in shadows by the back door
With crooked smile and baited breath
He's all about the snore

Here to pull the crazy strings
Blown about with billowing doubt
Takes a hold of your nightly dreams
Without the slightest of sound

As the eyes start to flutter, see you later alligator
Whispers in one ear then the other
Pull back the covers on the undiscovered
In slips the Dream Operator

Sometimes he leaves his calling card
In a haze you remember the dream
Right before he runs away
From the crime where he made a scene

But you find he doesn't get far
From the nightly twists of things
In an unmade bed you find you are
Rolling in a sequence of dreams

He's here to serve you have his word
He will personally cater
From joyful to dark, leaving his mark
In slips the Dream operator
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