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2h · 32
The Tree of Life
Adam raised a Cain
Who then killed Able
Who wasn't able
To combat the hatred
Cause it was something
He'd never seen
As hatred then
Only grew on trees

God had to flood
The world with tears
For justice to be done
In the early years
Noah's remanent
Left on the land
While all the rest
Drowned in the sin of man

Moses came
And Moses saw
The hand of God
Hand him the law
Ten to be precise
At His command
To curb the likes
Of this sinful man

Jesus came along
For one and all
Gave his life
On a wooden cross
For you and me
Where love instead of hate
That day
Grew on that tree
3h · 53
i write

what i feel

and write

at this moment

i feel nothing
in this rest and relax
the little time that we have
emoting life in a forward move
monday comes one day too soon

with clear memories kept
spilling harshly from our laps
far too fast to catch what we lose
monday comes one day too soon

grabbing at the last days straw
not wanting to let one iota go
from what we'd done to the planned to do
monday comes one day too soon

weekend time is the fastest of rides
minutes wave to seconds pulled out by the tide
no control on the speed that it moves
monday comes one day too soon
2d · 62
~Perfect Days~
If life was perfect
In every way
We'd be bored right out of our gourds
With nothing to complain

No watches to tick away
That you're running late
Or friends who have the need to ask
If everything's okay

No difference to the day
With every day the same
If every day the new day makes
Is perfect in every way

Soon enough though we would find
That not one soul would die
Leaving no alibi
For escaping of this life

With no more sickness
No scraping of the knee
As God is my witness
I think back to boring

Although we could eat all that we want
And not gain unwanted pounds
Running Broccoli and Brussel sprouts
Straight out of every town

There would be no more greed
Or advice given free
No more sympathy
Would find itself in need

What would we find to do
In a world perfectly tuned
If we had nothing to gain
And even less to lose
She often costs more than she's worth
Yet other times the greatest show on earth

She rides me constantly when I do wrong
Then plays up to me like a carnival song

You never know where her mood will swing
She'll close up shop and say it's time to leave

Other times she likes to clown around
With the biggest of smiles that lights up the town

I love her so I must confess
Though I never know what's coming next

She has certainly been a roller coaster ride
A house of mirrors with no one more confused than I

Keeps me laughing and guessing wherever we are
My girlfriend the amusement park..
3d · 32
Just when I think I've seen it
All throughout this  land
They went and upped the anti
On the classic can of Spam

Those with the higher power
The ones that run the show
The Spam men of the hour
In a bunker buried way down low

Have added different flavors
To this meat of mystery
From Teriyaki to Tocino
That's bacon to those who don't speak Philippine

They heat it up with Jalapeno
Helps to liven up the slime
Those bunker boys as they're fondly known
Have really out done themselves this time

Aloha from Hawaii?
Imagine Spam in a Hula skirt
As they pull out the Leis and go all the way
Adding pineapple to those Spam burps

Wait a minute!

Now they have pumpkin in the can of Spam
To spice up the feeling of Fall
Those that don't see Spam as a delicacy
Might be at a loss

Exciting rumors even have it
They're in talks with Oreo
There's no place in this universe
That a good slice of spam won't go

The only thing they need to work on
Is the dipping in the milk
They have yet to solve the problem
Of the massive oil spill

Yes they've taken what the rest of us
Never thought could be improved
Just goes to show what ingenuity
And a touch of crazy genius can do

So don't knock it till you try it
And try it if you must
But remember my friend always save the lid
For afterwards scraping of the tongue
Did this one a few years back but just saw where they're now adding Pumpkin Spice to the ever so popular can of Spam and felt it deserved a mention... Enjoy!
3d · 42
She squeezes me like a lemon
In her hurry and her haste
Which only makes me sour
In the heat of summer days
If she would only add the sugar
Teaspoon at a time to taste
Pour me into a glass unused
And then ask me to stay
And when the time does come

Where I lose my very thoughts

Right before the last rung

On the verge of fall

When all that I have left to grab

Is this simple plea

With what little time I have left

Throw your arms round me

Then kindly whisper in my ear

As you hold me tight

At that point all I need to hear

Is it will be alright
She's the girl who whispers tomorrow
Leaving behind the thoughts of today
Pain, despair, heartache, and sorrow
That's where she'll leave them all lay

She's the girl whose taken misfortune
And held it tight in her hand
Hears the stories told in the shadows
Along with the whispers of men

She's the girl who breaks from the moment
Unraveling all of life's strings
Retrieving with whispers unspoken
Yesterdays left behind dreams
Aug 10 · 51
Regrets in Death
Mike Hauser Aug 10
If I had just paid more attention
If I had chosen my words just right
Perhaps if I had listened
Then she'd still be alive

We all know of the old saying
We're busy in this life
Moving this and that direction
Trying our best at holding tight

Where concern we have for others
Has all but lost its way
We know it's here among us
But not sure how long the stay

We've become a closed-off culture
Of I, me, and mostly mine
It's not that we don't really care
It's just that we don't have the time

Which can come back in force to haunt you
If not watched carefully
Need I be the one to remind you
It's happened to the likes of me

Which has me focused on the past
Reliving my mistakes
Holding onto my regrets
I'm sure will never fade away

My only hope is that this lesson
Can save others from the pain
If you see someone in trouble
Find something to say
Before it is too late...
I look around at the amount of suicide and drug overdoses these days and my heart breaks, I wonder how many could have been prevented if someone had spoken up, which breaks my heart even more.
Mike Hauser Aug 9
As I stare into the mirror
It rudely stares back at me
There are wrinkles and spots enough to connect the dots
Where smooth skin used to be

Which got my mind a-twirling
Past its normal rate of speed
If you look hard you'll find this wasn't overnight
It came on gradually

Which had me deeply thinking
Of the possibility
Of an alien abduction
That completely wiped my memory

Where all this time I've been missing
I've been light-years lost in space
Here I am just guessing
But it would explain this face

And why I don't remember
Over half my age
My memory was ****** from me
By little green men from Outerspace

And I just got back from Planet "X"
Where they did dastardly deeds on me
Before dropping me off in front of this mirror
That keeps staring rudely back at me
Aug 8 · 181
gossamer thread
Mike Hauser Aug 8
fragile and frail
souls on the mend
sewed at a tender young age
with gossamer thread

winds can blow hard
the way winds will do
causing the thread
to sometimes come loose

fragile and frail
all that they have
a life pattern sewn
with gossamer thread
Aug 7 · 51
your broken heart
Mike Hauser Aug 7
you take me
treat me
so badly
do you
even know me
can't you see...

i'm your broken heart

you take me
for granted
is that how
you planned it
love in
demand, it
understands that...

i'm your broken heart

you take me
like i'm free
not knowing
how costly
the price of
love can be
hold me...

i'm your broken heart
Aug 7 · 43
~Cosmic Pickle~
Mike Hauser Aug 7
Outer Space
On a cosmic pickle
At the speed of Dill
Makes my tonsils tickle

Star struck tunes
Powered by
Sonic pickle juice

What's a spaced-out cowboy
Supposed to do
In a bucking galaxy
Pickle groove

Riding high
On a cosmic pickle
At the speed of Dill
Makes me giggle
Aug 4 · 219
"more or less"
Mike Hauser Aug 4
the more we look
the more we see
i look like you
you look like me

the less we tend
to disagree
on the little things
that are bothering

the more we talk
and get along
the more is right
the less is wrong

the more we love
the less we hate
we more or less
will find a way

the more we hold
each other up
the less chance of
coming undone

the more we look
the more we see
we more or less
will all agree

that i'm like you
and you're like me
all one big happy
Aug 3 · 39
Much Too Fast
Mike Hauser Aug 3
She grew up too fast for her own good
Much too fast for the times
With a wink and a nod, it was understood
By those, she would often pass by

Some said she was an angel
Others a devil in disguise
Depends on her mood at the time that you
Catch her on which side in mid-flight

She was born to a soft loving couple
Who gave her all she ever asked
Which goes to show what most of us know
She'll take it all till there's nothing left

Sometimes misplaces the wings that she wears
But that doesn't keep her head out of the sky
With the breeze in her hair blowing her beyond daily cares
Who even needs wings to fly

She'll make you into a believer
Then leave you beyond a shadow of doubt
Digging the hole she put you in even deeper
Until you find there's no way out

Like I said before I understood
Or even came up with one line
She grew up too fast for her own good
And much to fast for mine
Aug 2 · 35
Maybe Just Maybe
Mike Hauser Aug 2
Maybe it's you
Maybe it's me
Maybe it's both of us

Maybe it's true
Or make believe
Maybe it's what we've become

Maybe it's that
Maybe it's this
Maybe it's both of them

Maybe it's fact
But then again
Maybe it's just a whim

Maybe it's here
Maybe it's there
It may already be gone

Maybe steer clear
Of those who don't care
Maybe leave them alone

Because maybe it's me
Maybe it's you
I'm thinking it's both of us

I tend to believe
That maybe it's true
Maybe it's what we've become
Aug 1 · 64
Over The Edge
Mike Hauser Aug 1
There are Killer Bees after you and me
With the Swine Flu nothing to sneeze about
I've also heard it's in the birds
So beware of odd tweeting sounds

The cows are kept just this side of mad
Which is a funny name for a disease
They must be running out of names no doubt
To try and frighten you and me

The storms are at the door they continually warn
Knocking harder than years gone past
Hoping we forget they're more often than not, not correct
When it comes to their latest highly educated guess

And don't forget the spies with their wandering eyes
Are peeking via phone and internet
Where the powers that be fill the jobs not complete
Until we're all shaking in our boots where we stand

Being far from calm with all the goings-on
Waiting to hear what's coming next
As they spin the dial on what's rolling our way down the pipe
Until we're all completely over the edge
Jul 31 · 140
Mike Hauser Jul 31
We seem to have a problem
No solution close at hand
See them as you call them
With the cans and no we can't

Daily searching for the answer
Questions are all we ever find
Over there as well as over here
No end in sight, it's worldwide

It's easier to place the blame
Follow the beat of society
Losing ourselves along the way
Don't look at me as my brother's keep

The seed is sown, the hour's late
No way to stop the times
Breathe in breathe out, exacerbate
The match will strike, it's worldwide

A root that grows deep leaves scars
When watered with bitter rain
Collected in the hearts cistern
Fertilized all too often with mans hate

It's plain to see it's the same coin
Same impression on both sides
In it all there is a lesson
No end in sight, it's worldwide
Jul 30 · 56
Today's Cliches
Mike Hauser Jul 30
I sometimes think about the 'if only'
And dream about the 'what might have been'
What does all this have to show me
Am I not happy with the place I'm in

All those years of reckless living
Would I have lived any differently
They say that hindsight is 20/20
Why can't I see what's front of me

I'm trying hard for the 'here and now'
To live what's 'past is past'
To count each and every blessing
Being thankful for everything I have

Why is man never satisfied
Always wanting so much more
Not taking up their lot in life
Looking for a bigger score

Today is going to be 'one of these days'
Of the 'When my ship comes in'
I can stand right where I'm at and say
'I am where I should of been'
Jul 29 · 143
Skin & Bone
Mike Hauser Jul 29
It's all but skin and bone
That keeps me in this shape
And my mind alone
That gives this heart away

Eyes of blue and gold
That wander to and fro
Where my feet will go
I often do not know

My hands will say hey in a wave
On any given day
And the things that they make
They gladly give away

It's all too clear
What my ears will hear
My eyes I fear
Shed out in tears

And all of this
In case you don't know
Connects in bliss
With skin and bone
Jul 28 · 45
Joyfully Thinking
Mike Hauser Jul 28
When times get hard
When times get tough
When I feel I've had
More than enough

I try and think
Of the simple things
And the joy in life
That they bring

Like the upward crease
in a baby's smile

Or the feeling you get
after the extra mile

The fluttered flight
of a butterfly

The erratic beauty
that plays across the sky

The sun in both
the rise and set

The heart of a child
in its innocense

A love that has
dug in deep

A father that's good
at listening

A shower in
the month of May

The glowing shimmer
of a mountains lake

A bride and groom
the moment that

They say I do
to the life they'll live

Or the joy that's found
in a new birth

That makes it all
for all it's worth

When times get hard
When times get rough
When I feel I've had
More than enough

These are just
A few of the things
I think about
For the joy they bring
Jul 28 · 57
World of Clocks
Mike Hauser Jul 28
We live in a world of clocks
That spins in tics and twists in tocks
Throwing time a little off
In mid-flight or in mid-crawl

Time does not stay the same
Wanders aimlessly along its way
A spiteful child throughout the day
Will not sit still, tends to run away

This world of clocks is in keeping
With its spinning face and loud ticking
Wondering what these times mean
In its scope of self in all these things

Showing time for what it is
The very worst in secrets kept
Face to face in lines and cracks
Only stopping long enough for the time of death

This world of clocks is speeding up
While most of us are out to lunch
If I had to guess, call it a hunch
This date in time we're going dutch

For this time of day it'll make us pay
Early on or running late
Where tic and toc will have its say
This world of clocks that we have made
Jul 27 · 43
~The Touch~
Mike Hauser Jul 27
I've got an idea
I'm pretty sure will work
Let's all pitch in together
And ruin everything we touch

We'll start off quite haphazardly
With the world we live in
Taking to task our best to trash
The air, the sea, the land

We'll take what nature's given us
In the finest we could eat
Then add chemicals at intervals
Nah, just pour it in quickly

We'll all choose sides to live by
And base it all on love
Then learn to hate those in our way
That do not think like us

We'll ruin our relationships
With technology of the day
Doing all we can with phone in hand
Instead of dealing face to face

We'll start murdering the innocent
And call it all a choice
It's much easier to do away with them
When they don't have a voice

We'll pick up guns and call it fun
Then start shooting everyone
Then complain whose to blame
Till again nothing gets done

We'll even give it a shot tossing in our lot
Being our own gods
Pull moral compass out point it due South
As we all get lost

Of course it's just an idea
Of ruining everything we touch
As long as we start with what we're good at
What could possibly go wrong
Jul 26 · 54
Running Out Of Time
Mike Hauser Jul 26
We're a people with a purpose
Daily walking the fine line
Whether or not we know it
We're all heading towards the light

The inner clock says time is of the essence
With no button for rewind
You would be right if you were guessing
That we're a people running out of time

Life can be a gem in living
Though not always a diamond mine
Doesn't mean that you can't win it
And return the favor in kind

Tic Toc, Tic Toc, can you feel it
The itch of do or die
Hard knocks in the healing
We're a people running out of time

You could be in the shade or one step away
From the moment of your time
If you think that you can't now is your chance
To lay it out on the line

Reality plays the game of ***** dealing
You can do your best to try and hide
But at times there's no way of concealing
We're a people running out of time
Jul 25 · 54
Tired and Weary
Mike Hauser Jul 25
I'm so tired and weary
In the shadow of these days
Where we all feel we're onto something
As the soul of man slips away

We all feel we're right
With right long left behind
Still not changing the fact that
We try and change each other's minds

I'm so weary and I'm tired
Of this heated atmosphere
With hatred over here
And the anger over there

We all feel we're justified
With righteous judgement by our side
To prove that we are right
We will certainly not be denied

I'm so tired and weary
Stuck inside this mire
Where you're welcome to your opinion
As long as it matches up with mine

We're all reaching for the brass ring
At the end of this crazy ride
Where the only thing that we'll find
Is we're weary and we're tired
Jul 24 · 307
The Heart And The Head
Mike Hauser Jul 24
You might just ask
what's the difference
Between the heart
and the head
With one we think
while the other one beats
Both contemplating what's next
While thoughts
are so often fleeting
Here one minute
gone the next
The heart never falters
at the foot of love's alter
That's the difference
between the heart
and the head
Jul 23 · 44
Sticking It To Myself
Mike Hauser Jul 23
I don't need you
In case you haven't noticed
Yes it's true
To bring this all in motion
If you've no clue
In this Saga on going
It's nothing new
Courageously undaunting

If there ever was a doubt
I can stick it to myself

So hold tight
Here comes another round
With all my might
Beat myself up downtown
Do or die
Not hard to figure out
I can not lie
Don't pity me the sound

If there ever was a doubt
I can stick it to myself

I can be late
When turning clues by chance
Don't hesitate
I've come back with much less
Call it a day
This day of circumstance
I give away
More than I've ever had

If there ever was a doubt
I can stick it to myself
Jul 22 · 74
Mike Hauser Jul 22

I meant to pick you up
Instead I put you down
Now I'm here without much luck
Inside the Lost & Found

I dropped you on the road
Lost you along the way
I really miss you life
Is what I want to say


I treated you like a game
That I played recklessly
If I could give it a name
It would be "Only Think Of Me"

I threw you in the mix
Into the thick of things
To late now I've found out
How much life is meant for living


I think of what we could have had
A seamless harmony
Instead it all went bad
All because of me

I shoulder all the blame
The pain I put you through
If I had known it'd go down this way
I would have taken better care of you
Jul 21 · 47
Remember When
Mike Hauser Jul 21
Do you remember when
I was in your heart
When I was the one
You always thought about
And when you had that thought
It brought to you a warmth
When I was the one
That was in your heart

Do you remember then
That I would cross your mind
Not only once or twice
But mostly all the time
When you searched for that wanting need
I would be the sign
To the love that you would find
When I would cross your mind

Cause I remember when
You were in my heart
I think about it still
I think that you still are
More often now I find
All these tell-tell signs
Of you warming up my heart
Of you coming cross my mind
Jul 21 · 37
Now or Never
Mike Hauser Jul 21
How we ever going to set things right
If we never ever find the time
To try and cross that forbidden line
Between the left, between the right

How we ever going to stop the hate
How can love ever have it's say
Believe you me, we will rue the day
When friends to those we did not make

How we ever going to survive
When we hold no value to a life
Scared of the bark but not the bite
Are we to numb and dumb to see the signs

How we ever going to make it past
How we ever going to learn to laugh
At what we did, at what they said
Not take it all so serious

How we ever going to change a mind
If all we ever do is fight
Now or never seems to be the time
How we ever going to set things right
Jul 20 · 62
Old Man
Mike Hauser Jul 20
Will you have the patience
The sympathy
For the old man in me
I one day will be

The needed compassion
Amount of time
When I've come to the end of the line
Of my frame of mind

Can we share in a smile
Can you help me to laugh
Knowing it's the little that counts
When there isn't much left

Can you point me the way
When my mind wanders off
Hold my hand back to the path
Where I don't feel so lost

Can you find the respect
The dignity
The years the gray has taken away
And give some back to me

When it's all said and done
When all done has been said
Will you be by my side the day that I die
And not leave me for dead
Jul 18 · 35
~The Pool of Love~
Mike Hauser Jul 18
Some people find the pool of love
And decided to dive right in
Before testing the temperature
To see if it's warm enough to swim

Some people lather themselves up
Just to lay out in the sun
As they watch all the others frolic
Wishing they could join in on the fun

Some pools are rather murky
So you must keep and eye on the sharks
Shallow or deep they'll take you off at the knees
For a closer advantage to tear out your heart

If you step out of the pool
After a swim in the deep end
Could you play the part of a wading fool
And jump right back in again

With no life guard on duty
To blow the whistle when you've had enough
You best be careful when you swim
In the pool of love
Jul 17 · 172
Fussing & Fighting
Mike Hauser Jul 17
We fight and we fuss
We fuss and we fight
We all draw straws
In the choosing of sides

We fuss and we fight
We fight and we fuss
We say that they're wrong
They say that about us

We fight and we fuss
We fuss and we fight
Can both sides be wrong
In thinking they're right

We fuss and we fight
We fight and we fuss
Can we stop long enough
To see what's happened to us
Jul 15 · 489
Mike Hauser Jul 15
The more I hear
And too often see
The less I believe
What they're telling me
Mike Hauser Jul 15
You look at me
And think me a fool
But couldn't somebody
Be fooling you
The taste is bitter sweet
This bitter pill of truth

We all might want to think again

You put your trust
All in one side
But goodness gracious alive
Seems all sides are lying
With spoon in hand
Barely digging in our findings

We all might want to think again

If you're listening
To the talking heads
Today's talking heads
Do not make much sense
In this game of keepers
Closed eyed losers wept

We all might want to think again

Which ever way you lean
To the left or right
Or somewhere in between
What's right is hard to find
When dealing with emotions
Wrong most times sounds right

We all might want to think again
Jul 14 · 255
~Dream of Love~
Mike Hauser Jul 14
If I asked
would you tell me
Could this not be
the strangest dream

I saw a man
in this city park
Standing alone
where we now are

He held a banner
in his hand
Love was all
the banner read

A crowd of people
passed him by
Some of them spat
while others cried

He stood silent,
he stood still
by Love's free will

Knowing full well
men are taught to hate
Bend the rules
and the soul will break

He stood his ground,
days on end
Not once gave out
not once gave in

He knew a few
might hear him out
That's all it takes
to turn the world around

I ask you now
what do you think
Is this or is this not
the strangest dream
Jul 13 · 53
~Friends Forever~
Mike Hauser Jul 13
I'm counting on this notion
Friends forever, friends for life
Though we all may make our separate ways
We're still together in heart and mind

While there may be distance between us
Counted out in miles and years
There's still that tug of insistence
In who we are and what we were

Where friendship goes much deeper
Than the surface it's cast on
A fickle child at times but we need her
Holding tight the strongest bond

Because friendship is forever
To have and hold to hold and keep
Fading out the 12th of never
Once it's here it never leaves

While I'm counting on this notion
In a friendship frame of mind
I'm thankful for the ones I've had
And still have in this life
Jul 12 · 52
Blended Days
Mike Hauser Jul 12
Is today really today
Or is it the day before
Throw it all in a blender
And turn that sucker on

Add in different ingredients
It all tastes the same
Whether or not it makes any sense
Day after day after day

Is today tomorrow
Or did I miss it yesterday
And from what day did it borrow
Since every day is the same

With or without the lid on
It still comes out a mess
Which you can save for another day
To blend into it

As every day makes its way
Into another one
Slice the pie, cut the cake
Until your day is done
Jul 7 · 181
~Poetry's Web~
Mike Hauser Jul 7
I'm caught up and being kept
Inside poetry's spider web
One strand of rhyme at a time
Cobwebs the corners of my mind

Drawing deep from my life's blood
It can't seem to get enough
In this web of poetry
The spider keeps an eye on me

Through the struggles and the strife
Tangled in its web of rhyme
The more I fight the less I'm free
As poetry has a hold on me
Jul 6 · 238
~Ricochet Life~
Mike Hauser Jul 6
When I fall down
I bounce right back up
Lose what I've found
More than enough

I pay life no mind
When it kicks me wrong right
Day after day guess you could say
This is a Ricochet Life

With what I am given
I never give out
From where I have been
What I have found

Is a true attitude
Of do it or die
Not a piece of cake but I bake anyway
Cause this is a Ricochet Life

These days of hard knocks
I don't let ring my bell
Every toss is not caught
But it still turns out well

There's a tab to be paid
Cause this ain't a free ride
As I make my way through the daily of days
Of this Ricochet Life
Jul 4 · 66
Get Over It
Mike Hauser Jul 4
Whether black, red, yellow, white
Or somewhere in-between
We all get butthurt over time
If you know what I mean

We have lost the art of humor
In this abstract gallery
If you need a hint, get over it
That's about as blunt as I can be

Why don't we find the funny
In funny anymore
When did we begin to turn in
To little whinny boys and girls

I have a suggestion for this coming into question
Don't spin your ******* in a twirl
Get a grip, get over it
It's not the end of the world

Try your best hee, hee, haw, haw
Adding in a smile
You soon enough will see it helps
When you can laugh at yourself

Can we all try and do better
With a bit less bark and bite
Do our best to get over it
And learn to laugh at this crazy life
Jul 4 · 47
The Head Of The Pin
Mike Hauser Jul 4
When the morning grabs the sun
And refuses to let it go
When the frayed knot comes undone
On what you should and shouldn't know
When you show up every time
And every time's the same
We'll continue in our dance
On the head of the pin

When you take your glasses off
And all you hold dear becomes clear
When the first of Winters frost
Is the last of Summers cheer
When you come to the exact moment
Where you could do it all again
We'll continue in our dance
On the head of the pin

If the order of disaster
Is the order of the day
If your color's alabaster
With tiny flecks of gray
If the roar you can't ignore
Is coming from the lion's den
We'll continue in our dance
On the head of the pin
Jul 2 · 71
Mike Hauser Jul 2
I've got a
of marbles
in my mouth
should I
spit them out
I'm near you
all I hear
are muffled sounds
with this
of marbles
in my mouth
Jun 30 · 84
The Bay of Truth
Mike Hauser Jun 30
He travels the ocean in the midst of hoping
That one day he'd sail onto the truth
With so many questions that leave him guessing
In what is the point and what is the use

He keeps moving forward in perpetual motion
From enlightened sunrise to enlightened sunset
With the why and the where clearly the notion
That he hasn't quite given up on just yet

He sails the sea's silent from island to island
With a compass that broke long ago
At night counts the stars like he used to the bars
In a previous life, he no longer knows

Looking for answers to all of the questions
Everyday holding out hope
As he makes his way through waves of life lessons
When he reaches the end then he will know

But in the meantime, he'll raise his sails high
Pull up the anchor that tends to allude
As he makes his way in search of the bay
That one day will lead to the truth
Jun 29 · 93
I'll Do Me, You Do You
Mike Hauser Jun 29
I've got this grand idea
Though it ain't nothing new
We've all easily heard
But have hardly followed through

So I'll say it once again
In case some of you have missed the clue
Why don't I just do me
And you stick with doing you

It's hard enough keeping up
With what is going down
In keeping tabs on what we have
If our heads are spinning round

In this and that direction
Wondering what the other is up to
That's why I say I'll just do me
And you stay true to you

Going back to the simple fact
Of peace and harmony
Which at our bequest will work out best
If we leave each other be

For whom this bell loudly tolls
We'll see that it rings true
If I just keep on doing me
And you keep on doing you
Jun 28 · 203
Could You...
Mike Hauser Jun 28
Find humor
when told of the tumor

when the answer is cancer

at the heart attack

Kick back
in the face of death

when you're not given that long

Whistle a tune
when they tell you it's June

Have no remorse
as the disease runs its course

Bow your head
when there's nothing left

Could you?
Hopefully this poem is not to morbid. Death is just something we all face and I sometimes wonder at how I'll be taken out and how strong I'll be when that time comes. Being a Christian I have the assurance of a better tomorrow but being a fallen man there's always that question...
Jun 27 · 153
Mike Hauser Jun 27
There are cracks that
She falls in between
And with that said
There she goes again

Falling in between
All the cracks unseen

No one sees so
No one really knows
Doesn't even matter
To those who matter most

In what crack she stumps her toes
When and where she comes and goes

As she falls into
Another crack along the way
Same results
The only change is a different day

As she once again is falling in
To the cracks the world has made
Jun 24 · 54
Mike Hauser Jun 24
You're hoping for something
That'll bring you around
Better than the nothing
You've already found

Not sure you know this
But I've news for you
Life is a meadow
You go running through

Of the world and its promises
You've had your fill
Don't believe a word that they say
And you never will

You may taste the sweet freedom
And still be deeply in debt
But life is a gamble
So you best place your bets

A cause for relief
Always comes into light
And you need to let
Your little one shine

Here's a little something
A secret that's kept
Life is a pool
We all do laps in

You brain storm when you can
To be let off the hook
With the line still attached
You'd toss it back if you could

You may not believe
But take a look at the facts
Life is a fast train
Rolling on rusty tracks

It's mind over matter
But what really matters to you
Is not what you've done
But what you're going through

The reason being
You're most times out to lunch
Life is a menu
We order off of

It's not a piece of cake
But where's your piece of the pie
The truth in the knowledge
Is hidden deep in the lie

Though you try your best
There still is regret
Life is a fastball
Try and catch it if you can
Jun 23 · 60
Junk Food World
Mike Hauser Jun 23
There's a Whopper of a sun
Peeking over a field of fries
Trying its best to ketchup
With this finger licking life

As a bubbly soda stream
Runs through the middle of it all
Kids in donut boats
Paddle by with Pixie straws

Some might take a dip with chips
Be it ridges, be it curls
It's easy to see that this
Is a spinning Junk Food world

With flying pizza pies
Pepperoni U.F.O.'s
Ice cream slip and slides
Where sprinkles slow the flow

Tuesday's roll around
Tacos come to town
Holy moly guacamole
With fist in face we shove them down

Every woman, child, and man
Every boy, adult, and girl
Are here to help to lend a hand
In this spinning junk food world
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