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Welcome my child
What can I say
You’ve come into the world
And are here to stay
I welcome you
With all my love
For you are a gift
From up above
I’ll hold you and clean you
And keep you all warm
I’ll make sure to protect you
Through any storm
For you are the child
To which I gave birth
Through my body
I brought you to Earth
I’ll watch as you grow
Encourage your smile
I’ll hold your hand
Through every trial
And one day you too
Will become a mother
And know that you also
Are like no other
I know a place
Where I can go
When I’m feeling lonely
When I’m feeling low
It’s a place inside
Where I can hide
Collect myself
To be by my side
The place inside
Is warm and unique
I love to go there
You can take a peek
My safe place gives me
The time to reflect
To look at my life
And see the affect
I know I am special
I am one of a kind
I love to be in
This space in my mind
And when I come out
The world seems to  be better
And I slowly become
A loving trend setter
So watch me and learn
What I have done before
For I am woman
You can hear me roar
How are you doing
And what’s up
Checking in
Before I sup
How’s the weather
Taking walks
Stopping by
Having talks
The world is changing
Moving fast
I hold on tight
And feel the past
Don’t know where
I’ll be tomorrow
Will I be in joy
Or deep in sorrow
We can not guess
We can not plan
Our life moves on
Visit the clan
Tomorrow will come
Yesterday is gone
The present is now
I greet the dawn
I take each day
As if the last
I don’t hold on to
Things from past
Each day is new
Each day is pure
I  open my eyes
Just to assure
That I am still
Here on this earth
Know who I am
And know my worth
Meditation is a place where we should go
When times are tough when times are slow
Go inside and meditate
Silently sit and silently wait
Soon you will see the light inside
Soon you’ll go on a magical ride
Find a teacher who knows the way
Stay with him both night and day
The world outside is cold and damp
Check out your actions and then revamp
Begin to see other as your self
Begin to know your authentic wealth
Be kind to other in humility give
It’s the only way to actively live
Change things around and go inside
Know who you are, in love abide
Did you walk the dog
Did you make some tea
I don’t know what’s
Come over me
I don’t want to do it
I’d rather rest
Watch some TV
Not take a quest
I’m just feeling lazy
Want to stay in bed
Covers are pulled
Right over my head
I’m hiding from others
I’m hiding from self
I’d much rather be sitting
Upon a shelf
It’s easier to do nothing
Than get involved
I’d rather be hiding
And be absolved
But I do peep out
And what do I see
A friendly smile
Coming at me
Maybe it’s not so bad
Maybe I can give it a try
I think I’ll go out now
Oh well, bye bye
Oh no oh no what shall I do
I can’t cook an egg or make a stew
My stomach is hungry the stores are closed
I don’t know what to do I’ve been exposed
I never learnt how to boil the water
To make spaghetti like I aughter
I can open a can if I can find
The opener I must be blind
I can call a friend to make some stuff
My God this is getting really tough
I can call for a pizza if the shop was open
Oh when oh when will it reopen
Mr google can guide me in trying to cook
The chance of that is like a house chinook
Oh dear oh dear what do I do
I want to bite and I want to chew
The dog food is looking better around now
Should I get down on the floor with the dog to chow
Desperation is reaching me at my neck
A cookbook I think it’s time to check
Aha a salad is easy as pie
I think that I will give it a try
Sometimes we just sit there
We sit and we wait
For others to take the lead
Don’t feel it’s our fate
And yet strength lies in numbers
And we need to stand tall
We need to play our part
And reach out to all
The world doesn’t change
From a very small selection
We all need to play our part
With love and affection
So from a place of compassion
I ask you to get up
Speak truth and devotion
With a loving cup
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