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Looking back, it seems to be.
Loving relatives, at the
  age, of about three.  
Taught me a prayer,
   to say upon my knee,
And set upon the
 tribe, for me.
Making sympathy hard, for
    other tribes, to see.
A struggle, even now,
    to break free.
May we find a way
  "My Plea"
You can burn a book
but not its truth
Flames no match
for time’s reproof

Planted deep
below the lime
Its seeds will flower
— where light to shine

(West Campus: May 6, 2024)
Does anyone else
     know the feel,
of sleep interrupt,
     and words lining up,
for the poetry wheel?
people they write poems from something in there head
write it down on paper till all the words are said
whats there on there mind what they have to say
turn in to verse as they write away

till there poem is finished for everyone to view
for the world to read every me and you
passing on the time passing on the day
writing down on paper what you have to say
Oh, love, don't you drift on a lonely tide,
My heart's tethered anchor, by your gentle side.
Don't sail these vast oceans, without me as crew,
Together we'll weather, whatever comes true.

The wind whispers warnings, of tempests unseen,
But hand held in hand, we'll face every scene.
Don't leave me adrift, on a lonely shore,
My compass is broken, I need you the more.

Oh, love, don't go wandering, lost in the night,
My guiding star's dimmed, without your warm light.
Stay close by my vessel, let love be our sail,
Together we'll conquer, where destinies prevail.
Oh love, don't go without me
In hushed tones, a secret it kept,
Love whispered a promise, while I gently slept.
A warmth in my slumber, a dream come alive,
Of futures entwined, where destinies thrive.

The voice, soft and sweet, like a lullaby's call,
Woke feelings unspoken, that conquered them all.
A blush on my waking, a smile on my face,
Love's whisper is a treasure, a permanent trace.

The world seems enchanted, bathed in a new light,
Love's echo still lingers, a future so bright.
With my heart open wide, I wait for the day,
When love's whispered promise, forever will stay
Yes, love has whispered unto me
No need for a compass, no map to unfold,
Love isn't a destination, a story untold.
It blooms in the present, a warmth in my chest,
A smile in your eyes, a place I find rest.

Love whispers in laughter, in moments we share,
In gentle embraces, a comfort so rare.
It lives in the kindness, the way that you see,
The best part of me reflected in thee.

No distance can sever, no future unknown,
Love's essence surrounds me, wherever I've flown.
For love, my dear love is the air that I breathe,
Wherever I wander, with you, it will weave.
And love is where I am
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