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Meysa Apr 2020
like ivy around my thighs
a disease of the tongue
take me
Meysa Apr 2020
my dear - even when it hurts to
for your smile may be like the ray of sunshine
which escapes the curtains at dawn
for another
whose sun no longer does the things it is
the sun does
Meysa Apr 2020
take me.
to where the grass is not green
show me.
things that the naked eye has never once
Meysa Apr 2020
How could I love myself
                                                 If I didn’t study the clumsy crevices that lay in my stomach?
How could I love myself
                                                 If I didn’t nurse the jagged grooves that make up my spine?
How could I love myself
                                                 If I didn’t unearth the secrets that my pores harvested at night?
I am touching parts of myself that I have never touched before.
Meysa Apr 2020
my lover
he once told me
that he would like to be tattooed onto me
but between my ribs pounding with the octaves of his words
my skin delirious for his curious touch
my mind
immersed with the thrill that he brought forth
I forgot to tell him

I forgot to tell him that I didn't like tattoos
- on the new lover
Meysa Apr 2020
Good. Bad.
I have been them.
- on being karma
Meysa Apr 2020
The day the earth set me forth
flowers blossomed in my mother's chest
and ivy tucked itself beneath her tendons.
Perhaps that is why I forfeit good men for anarchists.

I was born neither one thing
nor the other.
- on identity of the self

— The End —