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there’s something inside
a want
a hunger that food won’t fill
a gap money can’t close
a hole love and friendship can’t help
and this thirst
like the very first taste of blood
has over taken me
blinded me
caged me
chained me
in I want to bathe
live by it
experience it

I want to move among the living and dead
To tangle with fear and always prevail
my hunger to conquer worlds
slay kings of ice
and drink elixirs
my hunger for ******* is so immerse
that my small body can’t hold the fear
the want, the greed
to own it all
to fill the space
to quench my thirst

I stare out the window and look down
At the earth
Its beasts prowl the night
But I want to own the day
To walk the night
And be that wolfs bite
I want all to fear me
And for all to look for me
and to never find me
But believe in me
I want it all …

I want to be god.
The uneven bridge stretches on
As calming waves sing a song
My mind floats on ocean sounds
While I rest in metal bounds

The car gallops a gentle hop
The waves crash a muted pop
The window frames a silent view
At my side the people bustle like a crew

The view painted a gentle landscape
The sun kisses the water at its nape
I sight this show from a stage
The bridge never flips the quiet page

And as I approach the bridges end
What awaits a rather sharp bend
The journey only a minute long
Entranced me with its calming song
A muted silent melody
A vacant chained cage
The loveless awaits a remedy
With muted silent rage

It wanders around an essence
Clings to broken loveless pleasures
In hope one accepts its presence
It wanders still a muted treasure

A loveless soul dances to a blank tune
Looking for loves elixir, its eyes catch a mind
With steps of silence under a muted moon
Once loveless, this soul dances for love it finds.
Why's there darkness in the world?
Because light shines at a closed door.

Why do people clutch to God?
Because they search for spirit doors.

Why do people shun the light?
Because in darkness one can't see.

Why does rain drop so fast?
To escape a sky so bleak.

— The End —