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melika Aug 2020
i didn't expect to lose you
but somehow it's happening

is it because of something i did?
because of something i said?
or is it because..
of me?

talking everyday
laughing everyday
feeling like there is finally someone that isn't going to leave someday
I felt so safe with you

now we barely talk
but when we do,
it's just about you
or just about me
there's no 'we'

were going separate ways
tho I wished it would never happen.
it may seem a little too exaggerated but it really is not.
if you would tell your best friends you want to jump into the sea with them, they would probably say yes or no. well my friends said yes and did it without me. idek why it's upsetting me so much?? like it's only a jump right? they didn't block you out of their lives, did they? it seems like they did.
melika Jun 2019
there is you and me
you is sunny
me is nervy
and time stands still

an easy touch
from distant
when i stare
at you

a weird flex
you are so near
i can feel your warm

so foolish of me to
be near you
and still feel
this shake and panic
this feels extremely stupid but here are my feelings- that actually cant be real but here they are. enjoy <3
melika Mar 2019
I am attracted to your body
the way you dress
the way you move
the way you smile
its simply perfect,
to me at least

the way you walk
the way you talk
the way you look at me
the way you just touched me with a hug
it makes me love you even more

and i cant stop looking at you
watching you talking to others
or even when you're just sitting
and do nothing except breathing

i cant stop looking at your beuty,
your hair
your eyes
your lips
your skin

and when you comme and talk to me
i look at your eyes and cant stop it
you smile brightly
i love that smile

i am in love with you
please never stop smiling at me
melika Jul 2018
Today ,you ignored me again. It was like a closed door. I couldn't open it. It's been impossible..

I wasn't sad I wasn't empty , I was in pain. You didn't notice. You didn't even think about me one second.
Maybe you did.

Is it okay to be so cold to the person who gave all love they had?
Maybe I didn't deserve you at all.
But you were everything I had.

I feel so guilty for tellin you..

It's the worse when the person you love closed everything to you. I still feel the pain. It can't away. It's still there.

The anxiety of loosing you even more than now.

You don't even ask if I'm okay with that or not. You don't even look at me. WHAT AM I THINKING??

It literally kills me not beeing near you. Please don't go.
melika Jun 2018
I know you like him.
I know you always stalk him.
I know you took little non-quality pictures of him.

I know it.

The way you look at him.
The way you smile when you see him.
The way your behaviour changes,
I know all this.

Still, I let you talk about him a lot when I'm there,
because I look at that smile of yours carefully,
and your eyes sparkle beautifully.

Tell me more about him.
Sure it hurts,
But inside of me I'm happy to see you happy.

— The End —