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melika Mar 2019
I am attracted to your body
the way you dress
the way you move
the way you smile
its simply perfect,
to me at least

the way you walk
the way you talk
the way you look at me
the way you just touched me with a hug
it makes me love you even more

and i cant stop looking at you
watching you talking to others
or even when you're just sitting
and do nothing except breathing

i cant stop looking at your beuty,
your hair
your eyes
your lips
your skin

and when you comme and talk to me
i look at your eyes and cant stop it
you smile brightly
i love that smile

i am in love with you
please never stop smiling at me
Jessica S Oct 2017
When I was 10 my mum Told me that
I was special
The Next day was the First time
she told me to shut up
When I was 14 my Friends told me that
I was funny
The Next day I Heard them laugh about me
And when I was 16
You told me I was beautiful
You told me you loved me
You told me you would do anything for me
But I did not believe you
Because I learnt that people don't mean
What they say
And I did not want to get disappointed again

— The End —