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Megan Wilcox Dec 2015
It's 11:56 and I should be asleep
But my mind is wandering
in a far away place
Past memories of my late grandmother
in her final days...
I couldn't continue....
Megan Wilcox Dec 2015
Cheers to the queers
Who face their fears
Of living their life
Under constant strife
By the public eye
Displaying their Pride
Like a nobel Prize
I love how the LGBT Community stands up for themselves and shows that they love themselves even if others don't.
  Dec 2015 Megan Wilcox
she looked at me
and said,
*"for you to
that much,
you must have
once loved them
just as
Megan Wilcox Dec 2014
Forgive and forget
Is a lesson I have yet
To teach myself
Forgiving Is letting go of the anger
And the disappointment
I seldom hold onto
Each day
Wondering why it happened
Going back in time
Trying to figure out
Where I went wrong
Maybe it was back in October
When the season was changing
And so were you
Asking for space
Because I no longer had a place
Like the leaves
Falling from the trees
Or maybe it was in December
When the year was coming to an end
And you had found a secret friend
To spend a night with
Saying it was an accident
Or was it in January
When I had betrayed your trust
From some stupid act of lust
Trading a lifetime of happiness
For a single moment of weakness
I go back and forth
Trying to remember
To somehow
Put out the last of these forsaken embers
Making sense of these last months
I go crazy with self-hate
Realizing all my past mistakes
Disgusted at myself
For letting you down
For not being around
When you needed me most
Losing your beloved dog,
Who was your best friend.
Missing a birthday,
Missing your first day at a new job
Missing your parents seperation
Missing you.
Missing you
And thinking there was still hope
That I could change
And make this work
But to do that
I have to forgive
And forget
And not let
The past come back
To haunt me
To haunt you
To haunt us
To realize I can move on from this
And live a life
Like the ones you read
From happily ever afters’
With the act of a true loves kiss
And make it go away
I will forgive
And I will forget
And maybe itll be In February
When love is in the air
When chocolate candies and giant stuffed bears
Scream out to the world
That someone loves me enough
To spend money on mushy hallmark card
That anyone could write
Maybe itll be in April
On Aprils fools day
Cause only fools fall in love
And we both know
I’m the biggest fool of them all
Or maybe itll be in May
During Cinco de Mayo
The day it all went down
Realizing that 3 years ago
We promised to make it work
No matter what
Promising though thick and thin
that we would get past
our devilish sins
And I want to tell you now
Looking back
That forgiving and forgetting
Will be the best thing
I ever did
Because you are worth it
Because you are worth more
Than self hate and past mistakes
Worth more than a lifetime of regret
And I promise you
I will forgive and forget.
Megan Wilcox Dec 2014
A few years ago
I fell in love
Racing 60 mph down a 45 zone
Clutching the seat and the door
Of a 98 nissan sentra
Hoping to get the hell out of that car
Because i couldn't stand him anymore
His reckless turned me on though
In a way that opening that car door
Seemed like an exit strategy
I didn't need to take after all
The darkness that encased the car around us
Seemed like the perfect mood setting
For the thrill we both wanted
And for me what i needed
Love didn't understand that
My fear for speed
Resembled my fear for life
Life always seemed to flash by to fast
Like it always had some place to be
And i wanted to remain still
I wanted to take a picture
Because i knew it would last longer
Instead of it always changing
And rearranging itself
Love drove me through the streets
many countless nights
Expanding my perspective
Reversing my sense of direction
A feeling of protection
That i didn't have before
Love gave me reasons
To speed through life
To not be scared
To every once in a while
Let go of the handle
That i strictly held onto
Love became my life
And i thank god
Each and every day
That i didn't take
That exit strategy
That i sped away into the night
And lived an actual life.
Megan Wilcox Dec 2014
My body is a temple
And yes you may stare
But don't come up to me
like you have some kind
Of speech prepared
I'm not your baby
Or your honey bun
I'm simply delicious
And no you can't have some
You don't please my eye
Or give me the tingles
I'm pretty sure your one liners
Is a reason why you're single
I'm not you're sweet Thang
Or something you can eat
So stop eyeing me down
Like i'm a rare piece of meat
My body isn't your wonderland
for you to explore
I'm an exotic foreign country
Not a second class *****
I won't give you my number
Or snapchat name
I've heard this all before
You are all the same .
My eyes are up here
But you're looking at my chest
Last time i checked
That's not a sign of respect
You say that you're different
And not like the rest,
That you're number one
TO simply to put it
"The best"
I regret to inform
That you are highly mistaken
So you're going home tonight
To a bed that is vacant.
I won't regret this decision
And i wont keep you in mind
But If you like, take a number
Join the other guys in line
Who think I'm a *****
Or a stuck up chick
But darling pipe down
You're just another ****
I'm not that type of girl
Who randomly *****
If you like go down the street
They'll always ****
I know my worth
And what i deserve
I don't have time
For a creepy, ***-perve
I have a man who loves me
and treats me the right way
So why would i bother
And give you the time of day
Hes perfect and handsome
A real bread winner
So ill deny you again
You can't take me out to dinner
I'm just not that into you
Or however it goes
You're going to be leaving
As a one man show
You should probably go
Cause No means no
Sorry not sorry
I think you learned your lesson though.
Some guys just don't get it.
Megan Wilcox Sep 2014
It's always been you
from the  first time
we locked eyes
It's always been you
by my side
when my world was crashing down
It's always been you
wiping away my tears
saving me from myself
It's always been you
the voice of reason
giving me strength and courage
It's always been you
no one else
being there for me regardless of everything
It's always been me
loving you
for being more then I could ever ask for
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