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Meenu Syriac Jun 2014
This is me, sitting in a room.
As I write this, the world around me turns on an axis.
As I write this, inside me, I feel the chaos that is everything there is, to who I am.
As I write this, I feel the pain you sowed in me and the hurt you caused.

This is me, in a world full of people.
Yet sitting in its wake, I feel the presence of none at all.
Breathing, I am, I listen as the air makes its way into my lungs,
And now, as I lie down, I sense the fear that grips me tight.

This is me, reaching out for the darkness
Gasping, now, for the air that aches to **** me.
Embracing the darkness that surrounds,
Falling slowly, knowing not, when this nightmare will end.
Meenu Syriac Aug 2014
Left our hopes back at home,
Couldn't pick up the broken pieces,
Or shed tears, that we haven't already.
Left our dreams back home,
And now there's no going back.
Brandon Stanton is on a trip across some of the war torn regions of the Middle East. And some of the stories of the people he photographs, are heart wrenching. Makes you wonder. How many of us ever count our blessings and what have come to? The petty condition of humankind.
Meenu Syriac Jul 2014
Under the light of the moon we sit,
Amidst the raging battle of fire and hell.
The cries pierce through the silence of the night,
I close my eyes, trying to imagine a better world,
Yet my thoughts are clouded, unable to see past the flames.
When it rains, I only see tears set our foundation.
Is this suffering what we are made of?
Is our passion for destruction all that we are?
Somewhere along the road, we lost to the ways of life,
And how far have we come?
If in the morning I wake up as myself,
Or dead and buried in a world fuelled by hate,
Remember, there were cries in the night,
*Before the silence began.
Meenu Syriac Jan 2015
She painted her walls the color of the world,
To her everything was black and white.
And in that colourless world she sat alone,
In the midst of a chaos of everything she knew.
A misconstrued tragedy of the life she lived,
In deep waters she tend to lose herself.
In her sleep she made her nightly escapades,
To a world ghastly different to what she lead.
Silence was the best part,
A sense of serenity felt only in its wake.
Shadows as dark as the night
Loomed behind, leaving despondent trails.
Her name, she left to fly with the wind and herself,
A non existential reality, a burnt page off a book.
Chasing the day, donning a cloak of invisibility,
She was what she wanted, without judgment or prying eyes.
© Meenu Syriac
Meenu Syriac Jun 2015
In this fleeting existence, we call life
Breaths of air, unlabored, unsought,
We are but specks in an infinite universe
Colliding with another, now and again.
And as time effaces all strides of victory
We hold a part of each other,
Treasured and locked.
Sing anthems to our plight
To how our love, untainted,
Turned into a story.
As we held our hands and looked to the stars
Leaving our woes to burn with the fire,
We were silent that night,
That beautiful night,
Yet we never stopped speaking.
And to the faint glow of ember,
The smell of the ocean,
We sat there gazing at the endless sky.
To what we owe this joy we have,
Finding each other, holding our fragile hearts.
For you heard my song,
And I, yours.
Now living seems less arduous,
Existence is bliss.
Because we found each other
In this infinite universe.
©Meenu Syriac
Meenu Syriac Aug 2016
Winged desires take flight for the crimson skies,
As we toy with the strings of our hearts.
Fingers slide across my bare back,
Like wind that gently glides over still waters.
And as the skies mellow into a darker hue,
Under a blanket of stars, we rise and fall,
Breathless and alive.
Somewhere written along the fading horizon,
Is poetry that we created,
You and I.
Who knew that love could be chaotic.
Yet we danced in perfect synchrony.
©Meenu Syriac
Meenu Syriac Mar 2015
This ignorance... an half empty glass,
This niche you call your own.
A tavern of mindless babble,
Anticipation of all that is at hand,
And never dreaming of a world beyond.
This ignorance... Shunning the science of possibilities
Willingly walking on shards of glass
And never seeing the light that splits
Into seven colours.
This ignorance... you have harbored and made your own
Sitting in the middle of a very dark room,
Your mind,  swimming in the unknown.
©Meenu Syriac
Meenu Syriac May 2014
As the sun climbs down to the foot of the mountain
And the light fades slowly to turn into nothing.

Rest your eyes, John, let your dreams come to life
Let her invade your thoughts and fill you with serenity.

Bask in this dreamscape where she will be your one
Out here in the real world, she's said her goodbye to the sun.

Down, beneath our feet, she has made peace with the earth
Passed onto another realm where she will remain to be your true love.
Meenu Syriac May 2014
Her eyes looked into his
And she knew for sure
Where she wanted to be.
And in those eyes, they ran,
Free, in the sunflower fields
Sunlight streaming through,
A blue sky over a golden valley.
And this vision entailed
An unparalleled dream
He saw her as such
For  the demons in her
And for the woman she is,
Her song for him to sing.
Her heart longing,
Her soul, searching.
Her arms longing
To reach out
And make him,
Her own
Meenu Syriac Mar 2014
Paint the sky red
Won't you stop dreaming?
They've only hurt
Every single one of them.

Right underneath the starry sky
Dreams, untamed, they fly.
Nothing sane they intend,
Burns right through your heart instead

Keeps hope burning bright
At the end of the day
Just a dreamer
Wishing on a star at night
Meenu Syriac Jul 2014
Into ocean's deep, I sail life's shimmering dreams,
And in its depth, I ponder life's unending questions.
Very random. Does this make more sense than I think it does?
Meenu Syriac Dec 2014
Silent deeds are like whispered echoes.
In a hallway of mirrors
Its not just your image reflected,
As even echoes become a part of your symphony.
Saint or a sinner,
Your song to sing.
Even a single ray of light,
Can show someone their way home.
© Meenu Syriac
Meenu Syriac Jun 2014
As the black ashes fill the sky
And the sun ceases to shine.
As the temples beseech the mercy of a false god,
Here I stand upon this soil, baring my soul.

Whisper to me what your eyes have seen,
Show me the end and the beginning,
The rational and the irrational,
The superstition and the science.
Take me to the edge of the universe,
And pour out your heart to me.

As I stand under the light of a burning star,
Time and space unwinds and merges into one.

Here I am, with you, at the edge of the universe,
Gazing out into what seems to be the wonders of time.
Inspired by, yours truly, Doctor Who.
Meenu Syriac Jun 2014
As I wake up to the voices that haunt me
I put on my armor and walk barefoot through fire
Throw myself at the enemy, see it weaken at my gaze
And let hell break loose within, as it paints chaos
With the bold shades of my blood.
I wake up to the sounds of cries strangling my throat,
Crimson hued nightmares rooting itself in my sleep.
Death adorns the form of a savage hunter
Weakened by its strength, I fall under its tide.
But, I stand up again and I walk into fire.
How else can I understand death if I cannot fight myself
And know what is deemed worthy of my every breath.
How else can I understand myself,
If I do not know why I truly am worth all this fight.
Meenu Syriac Aug 2014
I remember the days when you were but a faint echo
Far into oblivion, softer than my mother's song.

When I would yearn for your gaze as the air that fills my lung,
As needy for the bread that could feed my soul.

Sitting under the shade of spring's bloom, I turn to another page of life
You are but a quiet whisper, now my joy, in its sweetest tone.

And in ocean's tide, a lover's song to silence the storm
In the light of the rising sun, I touch your face as I find what I lost.

Time stops to this moment's own, as I lay my head on your shoulders, strong,
What pain can seek me till time's end, if by your side I am everything I dream of.
Meenu Syriac Apr 2014
When you thought you had fallen
When you thought you were broken,
When you couldn't smile anymore
And this pain was all that you knew.
When the soft falling snow hurt you like thorns
And that breeze of air ****** you into darkness.
When you said love couldn't exist
And that friends were far too few.
That life seemed endless and without meaning
And every breath felt like fire inside you.
Maybe if you could open your eyes
And unclench your wrists,
Leave your hair out
And let the wind
Take you where it goes.
Maybe give life a chance
And your dreams a part.
Maybe believe in yourself
And all that you're worth.
Maybe forgive and forget
And love and trust.
One day, I swear
It won't seems so bad.
One day, I know,
Everything will be alright.
For a friend of mine, who 's been through a lot and finally found love.
Meenu Syriac May 2014
With the wind that blows with every strength bestowed,
Standing by the shore, an ocean stretches out.
Trying to reach out to what lies beyond, a force, a power unknown,
I ponder the rise and fall of waves, how humanity begs to be drawn.
We believe we are made privy to our evolution, chosen and wanted.
But looking out at an endless horizon, I can't help but wonder
That as humans, our existence is but a chance luck, random takes,
*A card on the table, waiting to be played.
Meenu Syriac Mar 2014
There's a painting that hangs at the end of the corridor
A woman in black smiles through her tears
A child by her side holding on to her hand, fear in his eyes.
I feel their eyes on me, everytime I walk past the scene
I wonder what plight the woman tried hiding beneath that veil
The plight, her son, his demons they awoke from a medieval slumber.
The mystic charm in her artificial smile
Her cheeks glazed with tears and agony
The son squirming under an aching burden
His pale skin has its own story.

My curiosity killed another cat
I stare at myself when I look at the mother
My son still holding on to his dear life, never left my side.
That man who walked in at the dead of night
May have fouled our bodies and spilled our blood
But he left our souls tormenting these halls at night.
I float across the corridor, my son beside me
Towards the painting resting against the trapdoor
Dawn has come, the light pouring in through the shattered window.
Till the moon rises, in to our paintings we disappear.

Slumber is short, our eyes always watching
Next time you walk through these halls going about your own life
Our eyes will follow, In a pendulum dive.
Meenu Syriac Jul 2014
As an anthem I'd sing,
Let my walls down for you
If this song is everything
Then in your arms
I'll find love and life.

Winding stairs lead
To a window on top
As I look out of it
I see the sun kiss
The face of the planet.

And the orange skies
Pan out under the heavens
And burning stars dance
Across the darkening facade.

As an anthem I'd sing
For all there is to our love
I see it in the star filled night
A wondrous infinitum of a song.

But if my words ever run out
And this melody is all I have
We shall sit under the starry sky
And listen to the music of our hearts.
Meenu Syriac Apr 2014
I have been throwing my self away
Been too selfish to look the other way.
I had myself going for too long
I was breathing in thin air.
Its more of a recovery of what I am within,
My mind choosing sides in a war that is yet to begin.
Dousing my body with the sacred oil
Light my being on fire and clear the ashes of disgrace
You were too kind but I guess that didn't last
What have I done that I can't even recognize my face?
I look in the mirror searching my soul
And all I see is a stranger my existence upholds.
I see you standing so far and forlorn
Did I push you away in the process of trying to find my way?
I feel so ripped apart and I bleed out self pity
In ways I cannot seem to restrain.
Words don't seem to have the same effect
Maybe because of the wounds I inflict.
Give me a reason for why I should stay
Because clearly it won't make a difference either way .
I am falling into an abyss,
My thoughts have turned into pain.
That self esteem I deemed so high,
Has me cowering like a fool who couldn't make it to the prize.
Dont leave me yet
I'm still a mess.
I'm done with my lies
I swear I'll try to change.
I haven't found me yet
But I'm sure I will one day.
Meenu Syriac Sep 2014
I haven't looked up in a while
Neither for a god nor for the stars
I am one to walk lost among the crowd
Ghostly calls beckon me from my past
Morbid thoughts follow me into the dark
Lonely alleys drown me in desperate calls
And I search for your face, something to pull me back into the light.

I haven't smiled in the longest time
Nor have I sang our favorite song
Everything you left me with,
Still burnt into my mind,
Imprinted into every cell that makes me who I am.
And as I trace your touch across my body
Tears find their way through my scars.

Every star we named, the heavens we conquered
And the doors we unlocked with every thought, every smile
Everything I fondly remember as being close to my heart
Now, in remorse, here I am trying to bury all that
Collecting all the pieces and keeping my head held high.

I haven't looked up in a while
Neither for a god nor for the stars
Because they remind me of you.
©Meenu Syriac
Meenu Syriac Jun 2016
And I roamed the earth listless
Hid under the rocks
And took cover in the shadows
Waiting for the final call

But as I took my last breath of a dwindling waste land,
My chest caving in to the toxic atmosphere,
Starved of my very existence,
I wished for one last time,
To see those forgotten sunsets,
The night sky dotted with infinite worlds,
Or birds taking flight to an azure wonder.

And as my sleep drew closer,
I couldn't help but remember my forefathers,
Who in great haste to leave me fortunes,
Tore down the very foundation,
Of what once they called home,
To prey on the beasts that they “swore” to love.
©Meenu Syriac
Meenu Syriac Jun 2014
In the dead of the night
I open the doors to let you in
In the stillness of the night,
Even our heart beats resound
Behind us, the night looms, let the doors shut.
Give you the keys, to my soul within
Bare you my heart, these strings, you can strum
I hold you close and you breathe me in
Your lips, mine to taste and love
With every whisper and every touch
Every part of my being aches for your lust
For the first time in forever,
I feel alive under your cover.
Meenu Syriac Jun 2014
Love* is a game, the heart likes to play 
when it gets too bored.**    
Meenu Syriac Jun 2014
The night beckons
Fall into its arms.
Surrender to the darkness
While it still lasts.
Blissfully count your stars
While dreams are made to see.
Forget all your worries
Lay away all your misery.
Sleep o' sweet child
To slumber is a luxury.
Wake up tomorrow
And may your day,
Be bright as your future
And as hopeful as today.
Goodnight :)
Meenu Syriac Mar 2014
Over the hills, beneath the panning sky
The blood washed terrain where the men cry
Death comes in a fiery chariot
The dark king riding with a frightful threat.

Retreating warriors and fallen pawns
Broken angels and wailing moans.
In a single moment, silent reigns
Over the hills, a song begins.

Voices, heavenly voices floating high and low
The sound of a harp, the blow of a horn
The brave hearts rise to the sound of their names
As they ascend to the heavens, homeward bound.
Meenu Syriac May 2014
     Is our *greatest enemy
The truth subjected to disbelief*.
One day it will be our downfall,
Then they'll sing tales
of how humankind
Meenu Syriac Sep 2014
Its been a year,
Held up in a tiny space,
My head's too small
For everything I've been thru
Just yearning to let it go.
Somewhere along the way,
I wrote this song for you.
It's been a year,
Feels like forever.
Wonder what it feels like
To live life as you do.
Do you ever think
How it feels like, on this side?
Do you ever wonder,
How the pain never lets go?
Its been a year,
Counting down
To the smallest fraction of time
And here I am
Still wondering what went wrong.
Happy birthday
You were a dear friend
Yes, I wrote this for you.
You're the closest I have come
To knowing friendship
In its true form.
Guess, I can never be anymore wrong
Than I already am
About you.
Anyways, happy birthday
And God bless you.
One sided friendships are always painful.
©Meenu Syriac
Meenu Syriac May 2014
Are you the harbinger of a fallen future?
Or a minstrel singing of the days of plight and sorrow?
Do you wonder how life works without remorse and torture?
Are you a dreamer, dreaming of a better tomorrow?
Will you sing something happier, a song of  blue skies and rainbows?
Maybe a mantra to turn the clock back and make everything right?
I sit here by the window, the sounds of a war raging on outside.
My days are darker now, so is the world around.
Meenu Syriac May 2014
I could fall to the ground and forget that it hurts
When I see them smile, I know the pain that is supressed.
Drowning beneath a shadow of endless regrets,
What they are, where they come from, a nation begets.

Hiding behind a veil of corruption,
Unknowingly had them intercede.
Rising smoke, from a burning soul,
Hear their cries, they hide, yet plead.

How can you pass them, not notice their tears and agony?
Is your life that beautiful, you can't stop and extend a hand?
Building cities, empires, and fools, you complain!
Why, the minute you let your feet touch the ground,
You'll see what the world looks like,
Behind that mask of glittering facade.
As a medical student, studying in a rural place, I see them everyday.. Its so heartbreaking to know there are people lying in filth and have no roof above their heads. Of course, by my writing it down, no help will find their way.. But if by reading this, people take it as a cue to act, then I know there is a difference, that can be made.
Meenu Syriac May 2014
I should stop searching for heaven.
Now that I've found you,
I see my heaven
             *In your
                    In your  voice,
                            In your   touch,
                                       In your  **arms.
Meenu Syriac Mar 2014
He is
The truth I kept ignoring
The life I kept wanting.
He is
The dream I loved having
The reason I kept moving.

Shackled and bound,
When he found me,
Crying for love to heal me.
Nights were spent haunting
The grayness ever spreading,
That's when he found me.

He is
The light that keeps guiding
The love that keeps me sane.
He is
The fire that burns through the night
The joy when all else seems dreary.

Tortured with spite
They held me back.
That day he came and found me.
Life was dark
My fears were strong
That day he came and freed me.

I walk this life
With him beside
He is
The truth I never saw coming
Meenu Syriac Nov 2014
She laid down in flames of glory
Flawless lust to the shine that leaves him breathless.
Her eyes as radiant as the moonlight reflected by the waters.
Her image was as fiery as the fire
That burnt his own heart at night.
Her flaming self running,
  Into nothing but darkness.
And he ran thru the cold night,
Calling her name out.
Into the darkness her soul walked,
Leaving him burning,
Suddenly awoken, an ache in his chest,
With a name he cannot remember
And a face he cannot forget,
As the sunlight streams into his room.
© Meenu Syriac
Meenu Syriac Mar 2014
Just a ten minute walk,
Her life, she revealed.
From the grotto to home,
She told me everything

How life could be demeaning
But strength could give meaning.
How a place could change you,
Sides to be taken .

Death was a happening for her,
Life given, was a blessing.
She changed from a girl to a woman
Self sufficient and able.

Her dreams came to a halt
But she never gave up.
Life is never kind,
Neither is it unfair.

We choose our roads
We walk them out.
Decisions, actions,
Situations, moments.

Trust a few
And keep them around
There's love
Even if there's war.

This battle we fight,
Against the world,
Against ourselves,
There's hope for victory.

At the end of it,
When the trumpets sound,
What matters, is that,
We come out strong.
Meenu Syriac Mar 2014
You tried to hide all this while
Blew out your own light.
You fought to hide
What you really are,
Ravished being hidden behind.
Never spoke a word
Or even lift a hand.
Still a placid face
Through all emotional dues.
What was it that you lost?
That's made you so cold.
I don't even know
If you're here anymore.
You wage a lonely war,
Am I crazy to want a part of it?
Your world is slowly sinking,
Can I be the one to lift you up to the sky?
Meenu Syriac Jul 2014
And He saw Her stand there,
With the wind in Her hair,
And the light dancing in Her eyes.
And He saw She was alone in a world,
That He wanted to be a part of.
And while the wind toyed,
With the strands of Her eloquent brown,
He could feel the world spin,
Much faster than He could bear.
And in it He felt there was life,
A life, He had never known.
Little did He know that He had fallen,
For the girl who used to stand there,
Just to watch Him,
While He made life His own.
Meenu Syriac Jun 2015
I am not a poet
But when thoughts, like rain,
Drench me in my solitude,
Words, they flow like a stream.
I am not a poet
But how can I see
The simpler joys of life,
And not create a song to be sung.
I am not a poet,
Nor an artist.
I am myself,
And you are my masterpiece.
I am not a poet,
If you are not the dream.
If I am a poet,
*Then you are what sets these pages on fire.
©Meenu Syriac
Meenu Syriac Dec 2014
He stares into empty space,
In his eyes, faces fade and die.
Darkness creeps from the corners of his mind,
Slowly losing self to time and tide.
Standing in the midst of chaos,
Charred remains of humanity clings on barely.
As the very foundation seems to crumble and fall,
Blood and dust
Fills the crevices of his heart.

He sits by the window,
Pale face,
Not even light finds way through the smog.
Bloodied knuckles and broken bones,
His small hands hold onto the remains of a burnt picture,
Smiling faces and sad eyes.
Afraid of the shadows,
Crimson dreams visit him at night.
He looks at the reflection in the window,
Watching as his sunken eyes brim with tears,
Wondering why they left him here alone.

As he lies down under the covers,
Trying to forget the gunshots and the screams
Echoing thru the night,
He wishes to never grow up,
Not here,
Not now,
Not when *hope is dead and gone.
© Meenu Syriac
Meenu Syriac Dec 2014
If words fail
And in your eyes I'm just an empty book
Pages upon pages blank
And my mind is but a withering leaf.
If words fail
And my eyes cannot tell you what I feel.
If the rain could hide my tears
And my lips quivered with the mention of your name.
If words fail
And if a blue jay cannot sing to the beautiful day
If your voice could softly say
How my dreams have always been about you.
If words fail
And I cannot speak what I mean to
Hold my hands and feel my heart beat
Because nothing could keep me away from you.
© Meenu Syriac
Meenu Syriac Jun 2016
Dream it.
Build it.
Paint it.
Scar it.
Regret it.
Burn it.
Life, happens.
Meenu Syriac Apr 2014
I see your sadness
The pain inside.
Your insight of life
Is of a profound fashion.
You have a spotless perception
Of time and regard.
Yet you fell prey
To the tricks of life.
You chose to condescend
Rather than transcend your plight.
You numbed your pain
At another man's loss.
While you stand there
Defending your actions,
Maybe let a thought slip by.
The world is not your enemy
The truth is not your ally.
Look in the mirror and see
The tyrant you have grown to be.
Your own shadows
Are waging a war against you.
Your own mind has given up
To insanity.
Meenu Syriac Mar 2014
Sleeping with my eyes open
Spiraling into an alternate dimension
****** into a vortex
Floating through the stars
Now headfirst into a shower of meteors
Still sleeping with my eyes open

Sleep evades me
Sanity has left the building.
Meenu Syriac Jul 2014
Because every now and then,
Someone slips away,
Passes on to never walk the earth again.
Makes you wonder, how every blessing
Needs counting, and each moment treasured.
You are here for what counts,
An unsung song for receding tides.
A breath, a whisper, before you know it you're gone.
Walk the face of earth,
A passing wind that kicks up a storm,
Or a silent contender for a game we call life.
Shallow desires, our selfish deeds and dallying with a price.
The shadows call, can you hear their song?
We dream too much to never know the day,
A day when your eyes open to the darkness,
Give in to the voices that call our names.

Will you ever wonder of the song you left?
Joyful or as silent as the beating of your heart?
Will they sing of you, a song of pride and respect?
Because like everyone that deserved to live their life thru,
You were a breath, a whisper,
A dreamer, a believer,
And now you're gone too.
For a friend who passed away...
Rest in peace. May his song never end.
Meenu Syriac Jan 2015
If I were to give value to emotions packed away,
Locked up twice, even thrice in safety boxes
With maximum security and minimum dignity,
If I were to remember even a single moment of the time
I spent worshipping the very ground you walked,
Let alone give heed to my seemingly uncaring eyes
That craved to have the tiniest glance of you,
You will have succeeded to burn me entirely
From within, leaving scars deep enough
To be an unceasing pain for years to come.
This will I have forged, from heaven knows where,
Gives me the strength to appear unscathed and untouched,
By the very drug you are.
The essence of my being, dry and weary by your absence,
Knowing very well that I can only be scorched by everything you are.
No, you're not the tempting desire to set myself on fire,
But the very force that makes me want to be a part of the raging fire...

*You are.
© Meenu Syriac
Meenu Syriac Mar 2014
Is this love, Jeremy?
Bring me closer.
I don't know how to feel.
Take me to your side
Tell me what the world means.
Someday, you'll be chasing dreams
And I'll be here, waiting...
Meenu Syriac Nov 2014
Because all her teardrops fell like snowflakes,
And when summer came, they melted into the ground.
Like dew drops hanging in the mist,
She gave what a fairytale needed,
To end the plight.
And with her music she brought tears to his eyes,
With every note that struck air and made life.
But if the stars might burn with all the fiery warmth of her heart
Then they may know all the tears she's wiped with her hand.
The muffled screams, pocketed within the deepest trenches of her heart.
Only a shadow remains where once she knew light,
Because his eyes could hold no more of her sight,
And in every dark alley, pledged his allegiance to the night.
She was once all he had,
But now his soul he sold to the devil's reign.
Slowly slipping into darkness... Her image reflected in his eyes
Judith, like dust, you fly with the passing wind,
*A memory forgotten in his mind.
©Meenu Syriac
Meenu Syriac Feb 2015
Aren't we all hiding behind lies,
Stuck staring at the window pane.
Meaningless disparity lashing out within
A feud between the soul and the mind.
Washed out skin, colourless eyes
Most of the time, exhibiting tyranny.

Isn't it obvious, why we spent so much time
With our heads bowed down, on our knees,
Begging for mercy.
Even as the sirens go off inside our heads,
Distracted by all the fallacy.

What if we just stopped for a second,
Lift our eyes upto the skies?
Maybe wonder why there are so many stars,
Hung up so high.
Why do we try to find ways to look down and feel lost
When all we need is a little love, to give and behold.
© Meenu Syriac
Meenu Syriac Apr 2014
Whispering echoes of a forgotten time
Passing crisis in a lamenting strife
The tides rock your boat to and fro
Until the waters recede to a passive surrender
No light where truth holds no place
Maybe when you get back from where you come
This world will have seen better days.
Maybe then all your misery will be justified
But tonight, don't cry darling.
The dawn is but hours away
The light will shine through .

Now, lie still and lets plunder the halls of our dreams
The tales we wove together one night in blissful wonder.
Let's dance to the silence and sing with no music
Let our bodies move to the ebb of our love, so deep.

And when I have drowned in the depths of your eyes
And played on your heartstrings,
When this dancing and kissing in the moonlight comes to an end,
I'll take my leave.
Maybe when everything's alright
You won't miss me so much.
Maybe when the light makes its way into your life,
You won't think about me anymore.
That was all I was, wasn't I?
Needed, but not wanted,
Just someone who passes by.
Meenu Syriac Jan 2015
Eyes.*  Locked.
Gaze.  Fixed.
Count to ten.
Time slows.
Breathing.  Rapid.
In this moment,
The world.  Lost.
Hearts.  Beat.
Silence resounds.
Fingers touch.
Time stops.
Lips quiver.
Lean in.
That one moment.
©Meenu Syriac
Meenu Syriac Jul 2017
Days on end I have seen you hurt,
Waging battles alone, against the world.
Poised, gentle, barely holding it in.
Fiery, brave, but scared and tainted.

I come closer, you fly further.
My fingers reach out, you slip away,
Forever running,
Forever hiding.
I realise you don't need me
But it breaks my heart not to stay.

Some days I dream of tearing down your walls,
Maybe break open a window into your soul.
"Let me in", I say, "Let me hold you even if the pain resents."
"How can I let you love me", she says, "when I'm only learning how to love myself?"
© Meenu Syriac
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