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Matthew Oct 2014
Two sailors navigate a turquoise sea
To stay afloat we made a brittle boat
The ship rides low: we’ve got buckets of glee.
It’s made from sails of laughter, planks of hope

The boldest storm can put away its thunder
Our rolling sails will last through coldest night
The stars will turn their icy orbs and wonder
How we manage to float along alright


Green ocean waves themselves have turned cliche
And god, I keep on dreaming ‘bout that prow
My bottom-dwelling thoughts ruin the day
I want to wet my freezing feet somehow.


I’ll sink the ship and dredge the empty sea
Because I'm so ******* thirsty.
I've been playing around with fixed forms. Also, I am miserable.
Matthew Oct 2014
Each elbow edges back a bit
hands grasp the chair arm
Carbon levels in the atmosphere plummet as populations hold their breath in

She moves with several smooth staccato shifts
Her hair swings like a tsunami wave
I try not to wave back.

I’ve seen piano keys with jerkier movements.
I’ve felt the world shift before
but never so smoothly.

She starts to stand, in slow-mo though
Even gravity can’t keep its hands off her for very long.

Somehow she strides
She strides!
Under the weight of that greatness

And after all the malarkey
She finally leaves the ******* room.
Matthew Oct 2014
Autumn always leaves
A mess for us to pick up.
Snow way we'll have time.
Matthew Oct 2014
Some say it's only love if it never goes away,
Some say love changes by the hour, by the day.
Some say love's only real if it's shared,
Some say unrequited love is everywhere.

You all don't know what's fake and what's real.
You all don't know how Romeo and Juliet feel.
It is time for the self righteous bullcrap to be over.
Let's put love back in the hands of the lover.
Matthew Sep 2014
The painful part is how he talks like me.

I've got buckets of hands
and they all want to be around you.

The average human body is about 65% water
When I see you my body is about 88% water

I'm satisfied with approximate rhymes.
Like to rain again.
Or to lie for eternity.
I'll say your name for years, that'll sound off too.

Bobbing your head to your favorite song
You lent me an earbud
White noise

The painful part is how he acts like me.

Or maybe it isn't him,
or you,
or me,
maybe it isn't anything at all.
Wouldn't that be terrifying?
Matthew Sep 2014
We were totally solid.
You think we'd,
go through a few stages or something?
before we went up in smoke.
Matthew Sep 2014
I should be thinking about you
but I am thinking
about inevitabilities.

Like how my dog's life will end before mine.
And how my heart isn't even beating half the time.

Maybe it would be better to relax our grip.
take our eyes from the sky
feel the string slip

There's biology and there's sociology and there's
of other people out there, man.


We'll pop
either way
or deflate
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