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She was just a young girl
Reaching for the stars
and wishing on dandelions
She was happy, content
Until the darkness arrived
The stars became dull
And dandelions just a ****
She became lost, lonely
A transparent ghost
Haunting her home and family
Unable to talk to them
Or to let them know
They couldn't understand her
So they lost all hope in her
And soon she lost hope in herself
She faded from their minds
Then faded from existence
And no one would remember
The girl who reached for stars
And wished on dandelions
I had a dream
About you
Last night
It was ****
And sultry
And amazing
I couldn't stop
Wouldn't life
Be grand
If that was real?
I'm done getting faded
My dream's vindicated
Your eyes don't have to waste time on me

My words keep on falling
My mouth hits a wall and
My pupil pin point prevents
Me to see

I just can't stand for this **** again
Walking on water
With weights on weak knees
Without the dope sick
Dream trip
I can feel the breeze
Right beneath my cheeks
Where the wind used to blow
Too high to know
The difference between
Free and
Let be

I'm done getting faded
Fake friends getting wasted
More time to find how I can please
The mind that's been on a grind
To forget memories
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