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Julia 4d
I'm addicted.
Addicted to the rush of joy that fills my heart
To the affection, the small touches
Addicted to the laughter and smiles
To the companionship, the connections
Addicted to the feeling of falling for you
To not knowing what happens next
Addicted to the butterflies that find their home in my heart
To catching my breath and the feeling of floating in the clouds
Addicted to the colors in your eyes,
The words in your mind,
The shape of your hands,
And every freckle, tan-line, and flaw that you think you see
Addicted to every second spent together
Each memory being filed away for safe keeping
Addicted to feeling weightless, worry-free and worth something
Feeling like everything may be falling into place, finally

But addictions have consequences, side effects
Disappointment, tears, broken hearts
Like the first drag off the cigarette, hitting your chest like bricks
Making your mind foggy and thoughts fade for just a moment
But you can’t help but go back for another
You can't help but think about when the next one will come around
Because addictions hit hard
Sometimes slowly making their way, sometimes in the blink of an eye

I'm hooked.
To the split second thoughts of pure, raw happiness
The kind that makes every other moment feel so dull
Addicted, knowing that Ill end up broken and burnt out
Letting my heart take the lead
Knowing it has no self-control and moves too fast
Knowing Ill put my guard down to anyone who might feed the addiction, hoping that this one will be different
Addicted to the chase, catch and learning to let go
I wish I could quit ya love, but I can't
I'm addicted.
to you.
Julia 5d
New friends, new emotions
Butterflies that haven't been around for a while
Your hands on my skin feel like a breath of fresh air
Gentle, caring, seeing all of my with just your fingertips
A hug that feels like a lifetime
A tight squeeze that doesn't drain me, but fills me with happiness
A hug that leaves my heart racing
A little gift that means so much more than you could imagine
Something as small as thread and feathers
And you've got me hooked
Blue eyes, those big blue eyes
Like watching waves of the ocean crashing
Captivating, pulling me in
An appreciation for good music
My music is me, my voice, my emotions, my thoughts
You like my music, I like yours
I like you.
Julia 5d
My mind is empty
No more ideas
No more emotions

My eyes are open
But I don’t see anything
Maybe there’s nothing to see

My hands are warm
But I can’t feel anything
Sweatshirt pockets are a hideaway

My voice works
I could scream from the top of buildings
Doesn’t mean anyone would listen

My mind is empty
It didn’t use to be.

— The End —