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Julia 5d
New friends, new emotions
Butterflies that haven't been around for a while
Your hands on my skin feel like a breath of fresh air
Gentle, caring, seeing all of my with just your fingertips
A hug that feels like a lifetime
A tight squeeze that doesn't drain me, but fills me with happiness
A hug that leaves my heart racing
A little gift that means so much more than you could imagine
Something as small as thread and feathers
And you've got me hooked
Blue eyes, those big blue eyes
Like watching waves of the ocean crashing
Captivating, pulling me in
An appreciation for good music
My music is me, my voice, my emotions, my thoughts
You like my music, I like yours
I like you.
Caroline Apr 27
Up in the hills where the tall pines are
Just along the rippling creek
Where the cut banks rise high
In rough granite faces and the eagles glide,

There is something I have forgotten and
Left far behind in the remote corners of childhood,

Something just beyond where the water carves into the rock,
Within the beating heart of the mountains,
And above,

Inside the infinite, blinding sky.

I remember breathing in the taste of wonder in the clean, alpine air,

Watching my father cast his line,

His tall figure at ease with the gurgling flow of the mountain stream, and I, blending into the forest winds,

Leaving an imprint of myself in case I should return again.

Today, she stood with me along the edges of the turbulent waters that polish the bottom rocks.

Her five year old fingers held mine.

She pulled me along the banks, laughing.

Did you see it?

Just for a moment,
In my eyes:

A child in an unnamed, unbroken place,
Watching the dipping of her father's line

Into the waters of a moment
Forever suspended between the mountains of time.

— The End —