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  Oct 2016 Lily
Valsa George
‘What a piece of work is a man!’
………           ………
And yet, to me, what is this quintessence of dust’

From Shakespeare, through Hamlet
It rings down to generations
And falls heavily on my ears too
In vain, I attempt to probe into the mystery
Nay, the enigma called man
Both in the silence of my solitude
And in the learned circle of pundits

Unable to find who you are
Can you venture to say who the other man is?)

Man is a jumble of contradictions,
I know….A hard nut to crack!
So unfathomable, so mysterious
At once a Satan and an angel

To the outer world I am someone
But in the well guarded cellars of my privacy
Aren’t I different?
Hiding my innards to light
As every other man

At times, I feel so proud
Excessively in love with my own image
Like Narcissus, the poor hunter boy
Fated by gods to languish
On the bank of a pond,
Over his own floating image!

However with all my strength within
Do I not feel as helpless as Prometheus bound?
Waiting for a Hercules to come
And save me from my plight
If Prometheus’ ******* was God willed
Mine is self willed…! Is the difference so very crucial?

Sometimes I feel I am Janus
Looking backward and forward
Into my past and my future
Never living in the present
Or am I more a Sisyphus
Eternally rolling a rock over to the hill
From where it keeps falling down

Sometimes I wonder
Amid the splendor, do I not starve?
Like Tantalus of Greece in the pool
Beneath the tree, with the low lying branches of fruits
Constantly eluding his grasp
And the water, ever receding before
He could take a drink!

As a poet how I wish I could
Equate myself with Calliope
Carving my mind on the wax tablet
With stylus, my pen and coloring it with my fancy
Or Orpheus, so skilled in music
That with my sad musings
I can make even Hades weep
And the rocks fall in line

I shudder to be a Medusa
Turning everyone to a stone
With my sinister glance!
Instead, I want to be one of the Graces
And never one among the Gorgons

Pitched in this gallery
Of queer mythological entities
I wonder how I appear to others
And whom I resemble more!
At times I wonder who I am...... ! Man is a bundle of contradictions and we are not sure who we really are. I invite you for a ride through the Greek and Roman mythology!
Lily Oct 2016
Te amo
Te amo muchísimo.
Creo que mi vocabulario no es
Tan cosa porque
No hay ningana palabra que yo se que puede
Describir lo que ciento por ti.
Cuando pienso en ti
Mi corazoncito me duele.
Me duele porqué
Yo te deje.
Es por tu bien.
Lo hize por ti.
Te lo juro lo hize por ti.
En este momento tu
No necesitas las cosas malas de mi.
Pero yo también meresco mejor.
Haste que me ciente haci..
Te amo...
Te amo!
Si pudiera gritarlo desde el cielo
Todo el mundo Sabriera
Que yo te amo a ti.
Ojalá un dia...
un día me perdones...
Y estarias en mis brazos otra vez
Lily Oct 2016
Compliment someone today.
Compliment with the sincerity of your heart.
Trust me, you will see the difference it makes in their countenance.
Tell people to have a wonderful day.
Even if their rushing.
Mean it when you say it
Because intent gives a difference.
Make someone smile today.
Because you never known what troubles them at night.
With all of this,
it will actually make you feel better.
Have a wonderful day guys. life seems on the down sometimes but I know you can cheer up and keep on going!
  Sep 2016 Lily
Randolph L Wilson
I play the guitar and write poetry because I
have to , it's something I work my way through
each night , emptying my mind on paper , a few thoughts
committed to music , score books penciled in , erased ,
odd collaborations reaching logical conclusions , the first note
becoming the last , a forest fire of a past out of control ,
easing the conflagration with timely prose , ascending , descending
scale combinations , every memory both good and bad streaking
past , the mad writer with his muse on his lap , disclosing his
theory , some nights writing his own obituary , as if anyone understood ,
melody is chopping wood for the instrumentally inclined , something
to chip away the night , something to help you turn off the lights ,
to dream , revisit , reinvent , work your way through to write again* ...
Copyright September 28 , 2016 by Randolph L Wilson * All Rights Reserved
Lily Sep 2016
I forget
That random acts of kindness
Make a difference.
I go to work,
And all of a sudden one of the workers
Goes up to me and says
"Because I appreciate our student workers"
And hands me a small box.
I give her a pout and say "thank you so much!"
I oppened it
And it had a hand made shawl with a beautiful letter.
My gods
I felt my tears rise up, and
My chest swell.
Her kindness
Has made my whole entire life so much better.
I forgot,
That kindness is such a beautiful thing.
Thank you.
Thank you for reminding me that kindness goes a long way.
much love and blessings to all of you!!
Lily Sep 2016
You ****** me up.
I said it.
You really did.
Before you
I was happy.
After you
I became a train wreck
Full with anxiety.
I forgive you.
I told you how you hurt me
Your excuse?
"You walked away when I needed you the most, so I don't understand how I hurt you"
Excuse me, since when was it okay
To leave a the one you love in a room 24/7 without offering them to go outside at least once?
When was it okay to convince the one you love to leave their family?
Since when was it ******* okay to isolate the person you love from everything they love?
Since when was it ******* okay to make their opinions irrelevant?!
But okay, I'm in the wrong for leaving when you have broken me the most.
But thank you. Thank you.
As much as I want to cuss you out,
And as much as I want to tell you
I forgive you.
You have made me strong.
You have shown me that
I Am a Woman worth more than ******* diamonds!
I matter, and my opinions matter!
My family and my friends matter!
You will no longer bring me down!!!
I'm so glad you have shown me that you haven't changed. I'm so glad you hurt me. I'm so glad I'm anxious because **** I'm becoming powerful! I'm sorry for the cussing.
Lily Sep 2016
There are some days,
days like these.
Nothing eventful
nor is it a holiday.
I always send my friends
"I love you."
They were my family
when I believed I had none.
They were my rocks
when I was not grounded.
They were my motivation
when I believed life was at its worst.
These friends
kept me sane
when my whole world was tumbling down.
I say it very often, but
I have found my tribe.
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