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jza aguilar Mar 11
if you like the sea,
then i like it too.
if you love sunsets,
then i love them too.

if you wish to go to the moon,
then i'll go with you.
if you want the stars,
then I'll get them for you.

but if someday,
you decided not to be
with me anymore,

what's the point in staying,
if you think i'm not worth fighting for?
190204 23:56
jza aguilar Dec 2018
you were my past and all of my future,
never would i thought you'd be my cure.
you stayed when nobody ever did,
you were there whenever i'd bleed.
so as long as the sun sets 
and river flows, 
as long as the world turns 
and the winter blows,
my soul will only sing for you.
181112 01:26
jza aguilar Dec 2018
1st day of not seeing you
2nd day of being blue
3rd day of sleepless nights
4th day of endless cries
5th day of hoping
6th day of breaking
7th day of unbearable pain
8th day of feeling insane
9th day of losing myself
10th day of what's wrong self?
11th day of finally moving on
12th day of "life must go on"
13th day of trying
14th day of wishing
15th day of convincing
16th day of forgetting you
17th day but i'm still not over you.
181202 20:49
jza aguilar Apr 2018
and suddenly we're gone.
the moments we shared turned distant memories,
the song we used to sing became   a classical piece,
the butterflies forgot to give fluttery sensations anymore.
the path we used to take became an unfamiliar road.
the half of me no longer aches for you.
our love became a folktale that no one longer recall.
jza aguilar Feb 2018
love is not him,
it's about you.
love is about being selfish,
but for awhile.
love is focusing on yourself
and cultivating the
happiness in your soul.
love is Y O U .
because at the end of day,
you're only your own anchor.
nothing will be left on you,
except you.
160515, 23:34
jza aguilar Feb 2018
she loved you.
she did.
she really did.
you didn't mind her,
you wasted her,
and now it's over.
  Feb 2018 jza aguilar
Star BG
Only YOU can save you.
YOU, the great one in a human form.
The one who has hidden talents.
The one carrying spark of divine light.

YOU the gift to humanity
the world has been waiting for.

YOU inside me, inside you.

inspired by poem by jza aguilar poem  called Save Me
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