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 Jul 2020 Joyce
fray narte
and i will wait for you here on the other side, where the earth and her fields await the footsteps of that girl who dared to swallow pomegranate seeds — each one holding a tenfold of unsaid apologies. i will wait for you here, where the storms i brewed found themselves pressing against the softness of lilacs, where the nightfall forgives the sunset for leaving, where morning smells of teakwood and rain. and you will realize that each sigh does not have to weigh like a thousand bent bromeliads — that each breath does not have to ache in the presence of morning light. you will deserve every bit of softness you tried so hard to ****. you will deserve every bit of moment that doesn't hurt — someday, you'll get here and you'll know. you'll know.

— to my younger self
 Jul 2020 Joyce
asleep - the smiths
i'm in love with u, sorry - j'san
tonight you belong to me - nicole sidney
the bad list - z berg, ryan ross
i fall for the same face every time - z berg
we almost nailed it - z berg
bubble gum - clairo
she - dodie
girl - the beatles
here, there and everywhere - the beatles
something - the beatles
the long and winding road - the beatles
watch you sleep. - girl in red
i wanna be your girlfriend - girl in red
4am - girl in red
build me up buttercup - lara anderson
broken (acoustic) - lovelytheband
crush culture - conan gray
strawberry kisses - olivia herdt
slow dance - adventure time, olivia olson
the record player song - daisy the great
breathe me - sia
love like you - steven universe, rebecca sugar
love like you (reprise) - steven universe, rebecca sugar
asleep - the smiths
i've seem this done before on a tumblr poetry page; this isnt really a poem so much as my most recent spotify playlist, but sometimes the words of other artists can speak louder than your own. tonight, i feel all of these songs deeper than ever.
 Jul 2020 Joyce
eliana s
for now
 Jul 2020 Joyce
eliana s
Something about how the white lightning illuminating the room  
left me with perfect snapshots of you
Something about how your laugh rolled through my head
louder than thunder.
write Something
everyone says,
"write Something"
but all i can think of is the way you called my name.
so i’ll write something about how
i am more pressed petals than full bloom,
something about how miles away feels closer than a breath down my neck,
something about never wanting to hold a hand again.
(but i am not, and it is not, and i do.)

this is the best i can do.
 Jul 2020 Joyce
 Jul 2020 Joyce
The sun is out
And so are we,
Cartwheels in the fields,
Breezy skirts and short shorts,
Children laughing and giggling,
Couples chatting, birds clattering,
Trees rustling, cars honking on their way to vacation

My hand slips in your back pocket
Your eyes meet mine
Briefly, a smile

A kid on a bike whizzes by and we walk like friends again
Dogs barking
Doors shutting
 Jul 2020 Joyce
Felicity Paris
roses the shade of your lipstick
my neck covered in stains
their marvelous color and scent
poppies the shade of your nail polish
your hands clinging onto mine
arms wrapped around my torso
breathing heavily
begging to stay near to me
sunflowers the shade of your lingerie
lying next to each other
whispering into each other's ears
bells-of-Ireland the shade of the room
spinning as we laugh the night away
painting our memories with colors
most vibrant
morning glories the shade of the night sky
filled with deep colors and vast space
losing our comprehensiveness
as we stare out of my window
violets the shade of my bedsheets
tossing and turning in the nighttime
moving closer to your body
to find warmth and security

the colors spinning throughout my mind
as I spend an eternity with you
the endless complexity of hues
 Jul 2020 Joyce
Felicity Paris
holding your hand
feels as the sun’s warm rays
feel upon my arms and legs
on a brisk summer morning
welcoming and protecting
turning my dismal days
into the kind
we try to remember
for the rest of our lives
 Jul 2020 Joyce
fray narte
she saunters to the room
in white sundress and boots —
some girl bukowski would probably write about.
her heart, stitched to her sleeves,
leaving her chest
smothered with lilacs and cigarette smoke.

how do you know you got embers
that can start a forest fire
when all that matters
is walking straight to the arms
of a storm dressed as another girl —
a girl dressed as another storm
leaving behind casualty after casualty
after casualty
in leaky apartments and hotel rooms.

poets don't tell you how storms kiss —
how they're made of moonlight,
dripping like ether on a sea glass
and before you know it,
your skin is the sea, reaching,
yielding with total abandon
to every curling of the tongue,
to chapped lips and to sighs.

this must be
what 'it' looks like.

then again,
bukowski never really wrote that much about love,
and it's no secret;

her feet are no altars
to offer your poems
and darling,

your lips are not where
storms go to rest.
 Jul 2020 Joyce
 Jul 2020 Joyce
that girl with green eyes
hazel rays of rising flames
how gentle they seemed
 Jul 2020 Joyce
lavender has always been just that - lavender.


I met her.

lavender is stealing is kisses in the kitchen,
nosey neighbours peering over,
two souls, simply smitten.
lavender is sneaking glances across the crowd,
spotting her smile - seventh heaven, standing on a cloud.
lavender is nerves getting the best of you,
but feelings you’re willing to push through.
lavender is being shy,
‘stay a while longer, don’t say bye’.
lavender is laughing out of your stomach,
wanting to show her off in public.
lavender is melting with each message,
slipping away from the world for just a few seconds.
lavender is a racing heartbeat when she lays on your chest,
then contentment, as your jumping heart takes a rest.
lavender is forever looking at her lips,
mind filled with thoughts about dancing with her, hands around her hips.

I met her.


lavender is accepted in every garden,
I will keep my lavender hidden.

lavender will always be just that - lavender.
I recently came out. I met an amazing girl. My life will be forever changed.
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