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alanie May 11
to the girl who just outed me
to my entire school

my sexuality is for me to tell people about
when im ready
not for you to gossip about
and put me down for
because you're insecure

my fingers are crossed that my homophobic family doesn't find out
but you will never be forgiven for taking my power from me

alanie May 11
who cares about zodiac signs?
we now have the chaotic omens of 2020

threats of WWIII
because we all jump to conclusions
and watch too many action movies

irresponsible humans
causing an influx of climate issues
and swarms of locusts to descend
(sounds like some Percy Jackson ****)

do i need to say anything more?

the pentagon says there's aliens

any guesses on what our future holds?
alanie May 11
i love how ****** i am
and how i lash out at the people i care about

im in love with my anxiety
and my uncontrollable shaking
and shivers

i love how the world has no color
only differing shades of grey

if i fall in love with my problems
they'll leave me to
alanie May 11
that girl with green eyes
hazel rays of rising flames
how gentle they seemed
alanie May 11
there's a river beneath my arms
and a pool in the palm of my hands

a constant
looming threat of happiness

do i even want to get better?

i hate antidepressants
alanie Nov 2019
i cant fall asleep without you
rocking me back and forth under the waves of your voice
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