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 Sep 2016 Josephine Rodriguez
when you left, it was as if someone took my heart and ripped it out, i really couldn't do anything except sit around and pout. i knew that no amount of apologies could bring you back, i guess i have just got to adapt.

when you left, it felt like the flowers that you planted in my heart drowned from the downpour; and it hasn't stopped raining yet. i have so many words left unsaid.

when you left, you did not even bother saying goodbye, or explaining why. i wondered for days whether i did something wrong or maybe we just couldn't get along. i guess i'll never know the reason why you left.

when you left, everything became sadder, places that i've been to with you became darker. i thought you were different; i thought wrong.

when you left*, i locked and enclosed my heart with chains. i don't know when will i ever open it up again.
i wanna be your everyday, i don't wanna be your "sometimes"


a girl with a mind like a tunnel
somewhere amidst a winding mountain road
quiet and familiar
the tunnel
calm and inviting

as his headlights
from the distance
particles of light
start finding their way inside
the tunnel less dim
with every
everything is illuminated within
fractions of a second
his headlights span out
into every corner
and every crevasse
and brings every brushed away memory  
into full view
warmly embracing every hidden secret  
and for a moment
the tunnel becomes
unnaturally bright
          the kind of bright that makes you
          squint your eyes and
          hold your breath and
          dig the tips of your fingers
          into the foam of your steering wheel
          but you don't get afraid because
          your eyes adjust before
          the fear sets in
and when your eyes do adjust
you forget that it's ever been dark at all
and you feel as though this light
can last forever
          but our eyes can only handle
          so much light  

now he's approaching the exit
and his headlights
are reaching out
beyond the arch of the tunnel
far into the thick woods and towards the
mountain tops
as he passes through on his way
to some final destination
and he never even thought to stay

so cherish
the very last seconds
and cherish
every fraction of his
beautiful bright light
before the tunnel
goes dim
and everything is
and all that is left is a numbed pain
          the kind of pain you feel
          when your pupils
          so fast
          they hurt
I wrote this poem over six months ago, not long before I met the most loving, cheesing, kick-*** guy, with his bright mind and beautiful soul and I keep thinking... finally. a man who thought to stay.
She trusted you with her heart
She was proud of you
She was loyal to you
But you decided to break her heart
You cared less of her scar
Now she's happily married
And you're stranded like a *******
Where are the women you left her for?
Results are stronger than history
cutting room floor holds
pieces waiting to be held,
and reformed anew
is a vile,
deceitful creature.
instilling baseless confidence,
it knowingly assures
where there is none
to be had.
Abandon hope
to those
   less weary
and prepare yourself
for the inevitable

— The End —