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Jurtin Albine Jun 2019
I am dead

I have walked the streets of life
before there were even roads

I twisted my ankle
on the cobble stone

I have moved past the past so many times
that I don't even know

I have roamed the metropolis's made by man
and have found them all below a stones throw

I've met the faces of the characters that dreams wove
just to awaken to pounder what has happened to whom I was to be betrothed

I've seen the tapestry become unwound
spooled in a mound upon the earthen ground

I spoke so sweetly
I was not heard

I yelled so loud
I was feared

I thought so quietly
I was Love

I thought of myself
I was abound for above

the wise in the weak can never lesson

there is not a sign in life
that left me guessing?
Jurtin Albine Apr 2019
what's left unsaid?

if never the time was taken to be read.

in the fields of flowers
where pollen falls
and nothings there to collect
lies weaves
in the petals veins
in the sorrow that is bleed
from the honey comb that stuck to the roof of my mouth.

what's there if never?

what's better?

if forever takes so long that we have the chance to forget.

and if I had one regret
it would be that regret.
Jurtin Albine Dec 2018
He rushes out
And then
Back in again
In a never ending cycle
Of advancement
And retreat

His legions
Are cast by the Moon
Up above
From which he draws
His battle plans
In the sand
Which are just to be washed away
And become drawn a new

The Sun
Above all
Wreak havocs on his desires
Casting his army into the sky
And moving them into far off regions

But the King of Tides collects
And disperses In careful stratagem

Pushing forwards towards his ultimate conquest

To bring down all the mighty Earth
That opposes his reign
And drown it deep within his sea
Jurtin Albine Nov 2018
(And I've been picking dandelions)

The rush of wind chases a wayward cloud
Over the foliage's luscious green mounds
It billows on its good fortune allowed
Feeding flowers leave stock's
roots underground

Petals bloom; centered bud's pollinations
The sun burdens and caresses at once
The bumble lost its edge to pollutants
Overcome in the tepid meadows grace

The seasons start to grow long and narrow
Encompassing the changing of our times
within their altering breadths; to and fro
It's shown upon the rocks face's in tides

She's beauty, ruffling with sents of sweet dew
And in her pluck, spring has become renewed
Jurtin Albine Nov 2018
How could true love contain a filtered self?
All we think, say and do is who we are
how could misjudgments tear our love in half?
If so, the course of love will not lead far

Somewhere in the distance lies sleeping dreams
The true love that I've seeked within my mind
Is she looking for me within her schemes?
I'm sure when we find it we'll enter blind

And slowly we will come to understand
The love thats afoot that we have to tend
'fore our names are just pebbles in the sand
When all our charades have come to an end

Everything that was us; buried away
Yet true love always has a place to stay
Jurtin Albine Nov 2018
So humble it is we have to die
No matter how hard we try and try
How humble it is that we have to wallow in our own ****
As the filthy become apprised
The wealthy and well off become despised
the poor and deprived become revived
Turning a blind eye leads to one being poked out
The other left to look upon what was so often left drawn
To swallow even the most gravest of swans
Left to wallow oh how I will dote upon
The word I sought
I sought
And I sought
But they were gone
To where they were frowned upon
I wrote new age ledgers
That I doubted on
And when I'm gone I say at least
How humble it is we have to die
When all we did was try and try
So humble it is we have to die
The freedom of verse
Forever cries
Jurtin Albine Nov 2018
Bitter heart aches can last through lonely rides
I know the exact feeling my darling
I've endured them for my entire life
The calls for eternal understanding

Memories window smiles at the past
And over time I'm reminded again
That the more you look back the less life lasts
Searching for reoccurrence serves the end

a lost love travels cruelly through the night
All along hoping that I would decide
Too much of anything leaves some to waste...
A rotten taste too foul to describe

She's over the shaded eclipsing moon
And our love has come and gone far too soon
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