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you remind me of mac and cheese
creamy, salty, and cheesy
just the way i like it
i always want to see you.
It was a gray afternoon
We were on our roof
Deep in our conversation
Like we often do after school
I told you I was feeling down
That I was alone
And I have no other friends
You chuckled
Because you have a lot
While I only have you
You said it's okay
That just because you talk to
them everyday
Doesn't mean they're your friends
You said you only have few
I told you that you'll forever be my friend
You said "thank you"
And you needed to come home
I said "good bye"
You said "take care"
I watch you as you leave
I've never heard from you ever since
I should've known that would be our last conversation
I should've known that just because you were my friend
Doesn't mean I was one
Just because you see them everyday, doesn't automatically mean they're your friends.
Life's too short
To sit and cry
So here's a cake
My good man

Do me a favor
Wear your best smile
The light is coming
For you and I
In this piece, light represents "hope" and "good life". Life may seem harsh, and the road may be dark, but don't worry, we'll make it.
When I was a kid
my father taught me
how to swim
So I could not drown
When the waves pull me
with them
And so I learned,
Now whenever people
Try to pull me down,
I do not sink
Just keep swimming.
Under the sapphire sky
That's dusted with clusters of stars
I lay down on the grass
I started to count it one by one
I started to draw imaginary lines
Like constellations, they draw
Your full name right
Sometimes, it's nice to imagine the stars watching us, and thinking "what happened to these two?".

— The End —