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Maggie Apr 21
People say
You’re enough
But don’t stay
To prove it
I’m tired of hearing that I’m enough from people who have no intention of staying
Maggie Apr 18
My heart’s gone weary
It’s shrivelling, it’s hiding
And it hurts like hell
The heart feels what your mind denies; a haiku
  Apr 16 Maggie
I elbowed the universe
when I saw it flirting
with you as if I wasn’t
also capable of
sunrises and waterfalls.
These shifting continents
tried to pull you away
so with these hands of purpose
I began shifting the stars
to draft love letters
left above for all to see that
I can outworld this earth,
our sun and
the relentless seas
all asking to touch your skin
just as much as
Maggie Apr 16
Yes darling,
You’re right.
You can’t be fixed
Because you
Were never broken
In the first place
You’re not parts of a whole, you’re a whole, so how can you be broken?
Maggie Apr 15
Expression is a challenge
For I lack a sweet tongue
I stare at you in silence
Can you hear my heart’s song?
You get me tongue-tied but it comes out as me uncaring, what you don’t get is that you’re always on my mind ✨
  Apr 9 Maggie
Mrs Anybody
is it just me
or does
everything at night
seem more intensive?

the music
hits your feelings
way harder

the thoughts
scream louder
in your head

the world
is almost
completely silent

the world
seems just so
much purer
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