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 May 2016 IrishDraughtGirl
Thank you
For providing me
A place to bleed
From my eyes
And my heart
 May 2016 IrishDraughtGirl
Truth hurts?
Maybe so
But for those
With the guts
To say it like it is
Is therapeutic
Money is a  driving
the    real   world
bring physical happiness
money garland those
are great  administrators
who knows  how it can
they are known as "rich"
people,money,happiness,real world,garland,administrator,force,drive
 Apr 2016 IrishDraughtGirl
Blood drenched wrists
Dripping to the ground

"You are not enough"

Was all he heard from the crowd

Eyes blurry
Handed thorns for a crown

Crying "please forgive them father"

On him, not a blemish could be found

"You will be with me in paradise"

Comfort to the man
On whose hands
Blood could be found

Was it not enough
To save mankind
Through only the one sacrifice?

I say it was more than enough
A balance of such

None the more
So profound
If you love me will I be loved?
Will the hole in my heart be fulfilled?
Will freedom give me flight?
Will you show me the truth in  
the light behind your eyes?
Will peace finally calm
the war in my Soul?
How will I recognize true love
when it has never been my companion?
How do I endure my hope
while waiting for my prayers
to be answered?
Can faith really give me strength
in the Valley of the Shadow of Death?
Will my questions ever be answered
in this life of mine?
My Spirit laments,"Don't go,"
will you love me true?
Will the doubt and the questions
ever stop in the groove of my mind?
Can I be brave and articulate,
in how much I truly love you?
 Apr 2016 IrishDraughtGirl
Once upon a time
Life was full
As the blossom of a rose
Tough times
Were today's good days
No worries
Choosing was the breeze
Never guessing was always
The very best to me
Back up there
Never guessing?
Having a choice?
Just when were such things!?
It was all in your mind
Now I see
A story
Truly fantasy
Is the only theme
*Once upon a time
Blue etchings fill the sky
Rain falls when it starts to cry
Clouds like pillows in the landscape
Watching this painting is our only escape

Cool, calm, collected
This sustained color presented
Shapes our lives to be less aggressive
The infinite freedom conquered the repressive

Orange and red signals an end
This prominent transition we recommend
As change is needed to evolve
So that our unabating problems can resolve

The night sky now shines black
Present until the sun comes back
The shimmering stars on the dark curtain
Asking onlookers if their dreams are certain

The sun greets the sky in red-orange light
Signaling the world to wake up to the morning bright
The sky revolves around night and day
Offering those to gaze at its relaxing bay
I looked up to the sky and wondered its mysteries works and magic #M&M
Maybe it’s the first time, maybe it’s the last time today
I want to be dreaming, but I am foreseeing my fate

My heart’s beating loudly, what are you gonna say
My love for you is astounding, I hope its not too late

Yesterday has happened.
And Tomorrow will soon begin
My heart’s burning like ashes
I hope we will meet again

Time is ticking onward
I think Im gonna die
Im feeling like a coward
I hope you’ll see the sign


I mumble the first words
And she gets to say the last
It seems like the act is absurd
I want it put to the past

Breathing my every second
My hope feels like its gone
I wonder if I can get the ticket
So our love train can spawn


Can you hear my shouts
Don’t put it in the past
Our love is stronger
And it will outlast

Try to hear my calling
And stick it in your heart
Just please stop stalling
I wanna brand new start


4, 3,2, and at the count to 1
I am still able to sing this song
It should go right, I cant be wrong
It will work out, I just gotta stay strong!
Hello my felllow poets! I have not been on here for a while due to living life as a double science major in college. However, I just got some inspiration to write this song! Enjoy! :D M&M
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