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21/F    Black Queen,Goddess Of Such
Earth    I love reading and writing. I want to grow to be an amazing Writer. I want to bless readers with my work and make them ...
Coop Lee
Portland, OR    esto perpetua 👽 @cooplee420
F    Sometimes the words get in the way So I re-read, I revise, I edit... and I believe it helps © Renae Arias
Emily Tyler
New York City    "Well I'm so tired of the rain Falling softly on the ground Just enough to get my feet wet But not enough to let me ...
America    My name's Maddie and, well, I use poetry as a coping skill, so my stuff might be a bit depressing. Sorry 'bout that. But, uh, ...
Michael Mitchell
Florida, United States    Hello fellow brothers and sisters from! Recently, I have been deeply interested in writing poetry and experimenting with all the various types of poetry. ...

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