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Ivy Aug 28
The eagle is a mighty foe-
It's a symbol of tranquility and freedom,
Flying high and guiding us-
To glorious victory
And everlasting peace
This is a Limerick poem I wrote for school
Ivy Feb 5
I'm angry, but i'm also hurt-
Why do you care for them more than me?
Why won't you listen to me?
Why won't you let me leave?
Why doesn't my dad want me?
Why does everyone treat me so horribly?
Why do you get angry at me for sharing how I feel with you?
I feel so hopeless, but that's life for ya
Ivy Dec 2018
Just like clouds on a rainy day
your gentle words fade away
your letters fade from black to grey
your smile slowly fades away
and one day you will also-
fade away
Ivy Dec 2018
I'm someone,  I'm not
I keep in my thoughts
While I look at the clocks-
Watching as time slowly goes by
Wishing sometimes it would just stop-
For a moment or two
Ivy Dec 2018
My chest begins to tighten - my breathing fastens,
my thoughts become filled with fears, my hands begin to sweat,
I begin to panic
  There's nowhere to go - I know no one--
I want to disappear--
I find a place to ¨hide¨ and wait for it to end --
just for it to start all over again
This was one of my first poems

— The End —