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Fatima Zahid May 2014
This feeling of being so honest is such a shock to my system
I can't remember the last time I was so open about  about my thoughts
I have been on an endless journey
Trying to discover someone who is exactly what you are
I know that whatever ******* I say
That you will be so truthful  no matter what you've been through that day
Maybe we're right
And life really does hate us
But it can't hate us that much
Otherwise it wouldn't have let me meet you.
This is dedicated to a very special German girl .You know who you are. I am eternally grateful. Thankyou for the time you have spent talking to me. Means more to me than you will ever know:)
Fatima Zahid May 2014
Every time I look at you I just smile
All my unconditional love building up for you in an enormous pile
My whole life is spent trying to repay you
For all your endless guidance and clues
Without you I doubt that I  would be here writing this for you today
The reason I am is  because of your endless prayers
I don't know how to let you know
How much you have helped my confidence grow
Every single bit of me that broke off
You were right there to cure me of that cough
No matter how much I write and say
It will never, ever be enough
Enough to thankyou
And repay you
And most importantly
I will never be able to show you the love you show me
*I love you mama
Happy Mother's day to the best mama in the world, I am truly grateful for having you in my life; I hope I die before you because I know that I  will not be able to survive a single day without you.
Fatima Zahid Apr 2014
Seeing your glistening rays pouring through my windows,
Allows me to feel this indescribable emotion of excitement,
Seeing you lighting up the dullness of the sky,
Allows me to see you at your full potential,
Seeing you slowly fade away into the horizon,
Allows me to sense what it feels to be ignored and lonely,
Seeing you trying to make your light always a present event in my life,
Allows me to smell what pure,cruel desperation is,
Seeing you allowing the moon to have an existence,
*Allows me to know deep inside my unworthy heart what love is.
I woke up this morning and I don't know why but I just realised the significance of the sun.
Fatima Zahid Apr 2014
You allow me to believe that the impossible is possible
making the craziness inside of my head plausible,
You allow me to control these abysmal thoughts running through my head
making the endless doubts within me run ahead,
You allow me to escape from the terrors of this world
making me sleep peacefully in bed all comfortable and curled
You allow me to enjoy all the happiness I never got to feel
making all the sadness on my surface begin to peel,
You are my perfect dreams.
Fatima Zahid Mar 2014
I used to think that I wouldn't be able to live without you,
Without your care and affection,
Without you laughs and secret smiles,
I used to think that I wouldn't be able to live without your sly comments in class,
Without your silly hair flying everywhere,
Without your rainbow eyes dancing around judging people but not being fair,
But that is all the past now and this is where we are now.
Fatima Zahid Mar 2014
My entire life I was told that  death was bad bad thing. I still remember that day when I was about 7 years old and my mum was locked upstairs in her room, crying. I quietly unlocked the door and I asked her what was wrong and she hoarsely replied"My mother is dying." From that day on I knew that no matter what I saw or heard death was a bad thing. Time went on as it always does and here I am 7 years on. Now I believe that death is a good good thing. I am baffled by why everyone fears death because to me death seems like the only certainty. Death is my escape from the terrors and pains of this world so once again I ask why is everyone so afraid of death? Destiny is all a lie and we all have the right to craft our own way to die. On the next shooting star I see I have already decided what my wish shall be. My wish is to die.
Fatima Zahid Mar 2014
The shooting stars know my deepest secrets
The golden moon knows my deepest fears
The elegant sun knows my deepest dreams
The serene night time knows my deepest scars
The gentle sea knows my deepest lies
The never ending sky knows my deepest loves
The wispy autumn leaves know my deepest wishes
But nothing will ever know what I keep hidden deepest inside *me
#Secrets #Life
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