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huma Oct 2020
I always wait for my wish at 11:11
But it's still 11:02
Will it ever be 11:11?
Will you ever come back to me ?
Here I am still waiting
As the time continues passing by
Making me forget what I'm waiting for
Is it for time or for you?
I looked at the clock
It's still 11:09
And you're still not here
Will you ever be?
I closed my eyes for a second
Thinking about you
And when I opened them
It's not longer 11:11
It's 11:19
I can't wish for you now
Because you already left
A long time ago
And you took my only wish from me
That is you.
huma Oct 2020
They're kind of the same:
Falling in love,  
And being sad.
You know that feeling  
when you know in your heart
that the person in front of you  
is gonna fade away little by little,
until you forget about the time  
you spent watching him sing his heart out
until the sun rose,  
and you watched it together.

Yeah it's sad
being in love.
huma Oct 2020
Ever since I was a little child, I always wondered what it would feel like to be an ant. A little teeny-weeny tiny ant. Wandering around in this gigantic world. Following the sugary smell of life, yet all they find are scraps. Collecting all there is from it for their families, and no matter how small the food seemed to us humans, it would always be HUGE for them to carry.

Later on, I grew a bit older, and I started to think, how did the first ant that was ever killed feel like? to be stepped on by a huge giant foot, and without it even realizing that it had stepped on an ant.

How strange it is that such a critter can carry 50 times its own bodyweight, yet can be killed so abruptly.

Would it feel anything? Or would it simply just die? Would her family and friends even realize that it’s dead? Does it even have friends and family and little ants that cared about it?

I wasn’t really sure about the answer, but I always wondered about it.

And then it hit me, or should I say smashed me. That same giant foot I was talking about. No not only did it smash me, but it squished me, squished me hard enough, that I became nothing but a…? I guess I became nothing.

Since then, I knew exactly what the answer was. To be a little tiny creature smashed to the ground. Nobody noticed. Nobody cared. Or did they?
huma Sep 2020
She wasn't like any other person,
she saw everyone's soul as a color,
she was jealous of them,
so she stole a little piece from everyone she loved,
for them to love her back.
But they didn't.
And she wondered why.
Little did she know,
that her soul isn't becoming a rainbow
like she thought it would be,
it was becoming that chaotic color
just like her real soul,
and that's what made her

— The End —