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Hanafuda Apr 4
It's cold and aching
Yet lovely and freeing,
To feel each breath
When you're in love.

Beacuse it's different, and you know
How every time you think of them
Your heart beats a bit more loudly,
Your lungs take in a bit more air,
Your blood feels a bit more warm
And your head is just a bit more light.

So how can you say you don't feel it?
When you're clearly glowing
And when you see stars all around,
You know you forget yourself in that feeling
And it is like heaven resided in your heart.

Smile, when your heart is tight,
You are just a bit more in love.
For those who never forgot how everything changes when they're in love.
Hanafuda Jun 2019
He drowns in the ashes of his own existence,
He breathes the bitter charcoal imbued in gas
And only the flame of love could've ignited the wings of knowledge.
The colors of our merging were painting his new destiny
When he looked at the sky and didn't speak anymore;
He had his mouth sewn and his body tied with a thread of sound
And darkness feathers and the soul of us:
He sewed it himself with his necrotic hand
Because only in death we could've existed as a being.

I've tasted the abyss which trickled on his fingers,
But he couldn't resist it so he conquered the exil.
He fell in the univers, leaving behind a flaming arrow
To burn my sky and life, burying me in the ashes of a past love.

None but the thought left by you helps me find my hope,
Only the illusion of love still burns inside me with purple flames,
And my blood started to ignite our memory,
Covered by the fog of pain and happiness moans.
When black whispers fill my heart and soul,
His violet touch crushing my mellow bones,
Shaped and painted also by him,
Then just the yearning assails me and I remeber'll be next to me, still in the hot sheets from last night.
Because you can actually die from a broken heart.
Hanafuda Feb 2019
I can't remember the first night
after our break-up.
I don't know if I slept peacefully
Or if I had nightmares
Or if I slept at all.

But I can't forget the nights I spent
Next to you,
In the warmth of our embrace
How the pleasant dreams
Would fill our nights
And our feelings
Would fill our hearts
That, I thought, sang the same song.

But now I know we have different colors
Which paint our destinies.
When my baby-blue mixed
With your crimson-red
They made a single dark-pink line
To be the proof of our union.
  Jul 2018 Hanafuda
Druzzayne Rika
Colours mixing with each other
there is a new colour born
a new shade
taking the new shape
blinding the landscape

spiralling out of control
not in hold
spilling its content
without intent
ripping over
and under
emptying till it disappears
it is gone now.
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