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Sometimes I write,
Sometimes I sing.
Sometimes I exist...
Without ever being.

Sometimes I laugh,
even when I cry.
Sometimes I live,
when I wish to die.

Sometimes I crawl,
When I know I should walk.
Sometimes I'm silent,
Sometimes I just don't talk.
Bodies unite and collide together
Pleasurable bliss intertwined by flesh
Sweat soaked sheets and rhythmic movements
Gentle tenderness and ***** fetishism alike
Soft candlelight dancing on the wallpaper
Hands exploring the warmth of bodies
Rose petals spread all across the floor
Beauty in its purest form in this act
This act meant to be hallowed
Has become so hollow
Not my usual subject of poetry, but why not?
I never really knew you,
you were just another friend,
when I got to know you,
I let my heart unwind.

After all the time we spent to get to know each other,
the texting, the facetiming,
we finally  joined one day,
now both, happier than before.
So I have fallen deeply in love with you,
I'll never let you go,
my feelings for you are will never change,
my feelings are the truest they've ever been,
just remember this I will always love you.
I watched the fan blades rip furiously
on the pale ceiling of my snug room
The ******* of silent airwaves
in auricular, circulatory fashion.

The hum of electricity burning steady
trance                                        inducing
I feel eyes wired poster boys
for a sleepless                               mind.

Thoughts and conscious dreams of
Above small town fantasies:

an Artist.

I'm an artist, by God!
I don't have time to sleep!
The mind of a poet: ceaseless.
Darkness is coming,
Eyes are shutting,
I grab my pillow,
Say goodnight to the town,
I wanted one last peak at the moon,
I looked out the window, shining so bright,
All I could see was the gleaming light,
I close my eyes, all I see is your beautiful smile,
Behind that smile, is your beautiful face,
I open my eyes, and think, of every reason,
Why I am lucky to have you in my life.
 Aug 2015 freeing the mind
At night I lay on my bed
and I stare at the ceiling.
Sometimes I swear I can
see a pinprick light receding.

As if I'm Alice and this
is all part of my wonderland.
In the world at the bottom of
the rabbit hole lay the ******.

Like Dante's gluttonous fools
we lie in blood, mud, and pain.
Not all of my guilt can be
cleaned away by the rain.

Some darkness must be purged
from flesh with a harsher method.
We would wash it out of our
souls using our blood if we could.
 Aug 2015 freeing the mind
White noise buzzing about my skull,
Incessant thoughts without meaning,
No reprieve and no reason.

Other worlds all progressing steadily,
Overlapping with my own reality,
No definition between them.

You might not be able to see what I can,
Thinking I'm a fool or just insane,
No acceptance of my truth.

Always I will know that this is reality,
It is out there just behind the veil,
No way through to get home.
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