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Proud-but-Silent Dec 2016
I feel nothing without your touch,
I feel nothing without your kiss,
My wish is to spend the rest of my nights with you,
My idea of a fairy-tale ending,
Hearing you say my name, hearing you say those 3 little words,
3 little words that mean so much,
I love you,
But Is that too much to ask?
Proud-but-Silent Jan 2016
I never really knew you,
you were just another friend,
when I got to know you,
I let my heart unwind.

After all the time we spent to get to know each other,
the texting, the facetiming,
we finally  joined one day,
now both, happier than before.
So I have fallen deeply in love with you,
I'll never let you go,
my feelings for you are will never change,
my feelings are the truest they've ever been,
just remember this I will always love you.
Proud-but-Silent Nov 2015
Before me met,
I didn't know I could love anymore,
That no one could be that one to,
Keep me loving more,
I was in such distress,
You made ot all disappear,
I've come to realise you never leave my mind,
You're beautiful,
You're gorgeous,
You're funny,
You're smart,
You make me smile in a heartbeat,
You make my sadness go away,
You fill my void,
You are the most amazing girl I've ever met,
You are more beautiful than any flower I've ever seen, or smelled,
You make me weak at the knees when I see you,
You give me butterflies when you touch,
I am incontrollably in love with you,
A love that somewhat used to scare me or bring me down,
But now you are here,
Hopefully to stay,
I have no need to be scared anymore,
You've shown me not to be,
I love you.
Proud-but-Silent Oct 2015
I hold it in,
Eating away at me,
The feelings of everuthing being against you.
To help get in control,
All it takes to get that control,
Is one pill,
As it continues to take over,
One pill turns into a few,
Before you can see,
In time,
You have a mouthful of pills,
Trying to end it,
Can't take it anymore,
Not wanting to take it anymore..
Proud-but-Silent Oct 2015
A storm in the ocean,
A storm in the heart,
Wind and Rain,
Hurt and tears,
All I see was a rise of a wave,
All you here the swish of the sea,
Scared of what comes ahead,
To the future or past,
For there is only me, myself and I in this ocean of tears,
I want this to end, I want to leave..
Forget how it makes me feel,
I go through this, and then think of you,
Standing there at the end,
Waiting, to hold me,
I hope someday you will,
Someday you will love me.
Not entirely a poem, just a few words of feelings.
Proud-but-Silent Oct 2015
With over a million stars in the sky,
There is only one I want,
The one I want to see each night before I close my eyes,
The one that completes me,
The one that makes me feel loves,
You are that beautiful star,
My one and only,
I love you..
For the one I love
Proud-but-Silent Sep 2015
As I lay here,
You running through my thoughts,
The only thing I can think of is you
With all I can do,
I feel with you by my side,
I could tackle the world,
When I see it's a dull day,
With no blue sky,
Knowing you are at the end,
Makes me believe in life.
With that beautiful smile,
You are the only one,
What I say is true,
I would do anything in my power for you
To hold hand in hand with you,
To be in your arms,
I'll still believe.
Not exactly a poem, just some words of feelings.
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