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Stranger Blue Oct 2016
I shine only because you make it so.
I fly only because beneath my wings
your wind blows.
I speak only because you are my words.
I hear and your name is the most beautiful
I've ever heard.
I breathe only because you are my every breath.
You are my shall be my death.
But even in death, we shall not part.
For you are the only reason I love...
the only reason I have a heart.
Stranger Blue Sep 2016
To taste the bittersweet nectar of thy lunar lips.
Lie me hope, sing to me the song of the helix.
Proffer me the chance to breach thy bastion,
encompass thee in my love and compassion.
Sanction me to be that one whispering love stories
in thine ear while bathing in the Aurora Borealis
dazzling and clear.
You and I, a rickety tent and a love nothing less of
heaven sent.
In mine heart thou shalt forever remain.
My panzer maid grant me...the fall of rain.
Stranger Blue Sep 2016
As the earth turns,
I dreamed you were here with me.
I sometimes dream you even
when I can see you clearly.

Inside a fire burns
as I fantasize my world
often imagining your feelings
even as we're kissing.

Shall I ever learn,
that you don't belong with me?
Your heart is someone else's,
your eyes are blind to me.

So now it's my turn
to be the one who cries.
Isn't it astounding how one lives
while the other dies?
Stranger Blue Sep 2016
The aloe has flourished in the garden
where mine heart once beat as a white rose.

The freedom of its soft fragrance has been
smothered, petals wilted, roots dead and no longer grows.

The gardener saw it fit to **** the iris and now the poison ivy, like water flows.
  Sep 2016 Stranger Blue
When I die
I hope
you are near
I can take you with me
I doubt i'm heaven bound.
Stranger Blue Sep 2016
I want to leave this place,
find somewhere else in which to live.
For I've given here all I have to give.
Find a place I belong,
In a new and happy song.
I could sing about the night,
How the moon in full glory shines so bright.
I would sing about the rain,
How it washed away my tears of pain
and led me to the other side where skies are blue.
That's all i can do...
to not let this world ruin me.
The words came I let them be...if they make no sense to you please forgive me.
Stranger Blue Sep 2016
I guess you know by now I hate December
But wondering how I got to be so cold.
Why bother to say, you won't remember.
Some things are better left untold.
I came and stole your heart. You abused my body.
I took your self respect and that's all you had.
You destroyed everything that ever was me.
The more i love you darlin', the more it makes you mad.
Maybe you can't stand to see me happy.
More than that I  hate to see you sad.
But if we decide to leave each other
the outcome would be pretty but bad.
What's this strange relationship?
Isn't it a shame this is no Broadway play?
Then we could rewrite each others lines.
Even at that, what would we say?
It would be like the blind trying to lead the blind.
Maybe I just can't stand to see you happy,
More than that, you hate to see me sad.
Maybe if we had not kissed under the Chinese maple.
Maybe...but sometimes it snows in April.
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