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  Jul 2016 Folarin Seun
Mark Parker
Beasts within fight
to emerge above
ranks of blood.

Know your place,
run with grace,
avoid the club.

Tear into necks
filled with flowing
thick crimson juice.

Twin devils bite
under moonlit night
with primal fright.

Endure great strain,
know each pain,
avoid the club.
Thinking about old Jack London. He had a way of getting to the heart of life. We all struggle under the law of club and fang. Dogs and humans are very alike in this way.
Folarin Seun Jul 2016
empty words
empty promises
life is hitting you hard
you better rise up
Folarin Seun Jul 2016
its a different day
but i go to the same places
i see the same faces
tired of the same routines
please somebody come and save me
Folarin Seun Jul 2016
moments don't last forever
time flies by so fast
i wonder if i'm actually alive
or drowning in my sorrow
from past mistakes
will i ever break lose and become great
or live the rest of my life covering my head in shame
  Feb 2016 Folarin Seun
familiarity is
knowing exactly where you are
just by looking at the tops of passing trees

familiarity is also
knowing every line and crack in his lips
even in the dark
Folarin Seun Feb 2016
Enough with the ****** self hate
Look beneath your imperfection
Break barriers
Find your edge in live
And slowly realize the only way to go is up
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