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Shelby Majaiya Nov 2020
The fang of a vampire sinks in deep
Blood of the body against her teeth
That piercing sensation as she drains
The collar of my shirt soaked in blood stains
That weakened feeling I feel stumbling around
With the world around me swirling around
My hunger has altered into a crave
The old me has met an early grave
I can hear the hearts pulsing and pounding
The smell of fresh bait in the surrounding
I can't escape the hunger pains
As thirst for blood runs deep in my viens
I no longer use a fork when I eat
Because the blood of another taste so sweet
I've slept through the day I must feed tonight
But I must resume my slumber when the sun beams bright
solfang Dec 2017
an abbreviation of solar,
as I hope to wake up
every morning,
shining bright.

the marking bore,
by the greatest beasts,
as I hope to stand up
to fight fears,
every day.

but as saying goes,
a strong-willed name
cannot be given to
a weak-minded person
I don't think I can bear a nickname as strong as this
Mark Parker Jul 2016
Beasts within fight
to emerge above
ranks of blood.

Know your place,
run with grace,
avoid the club.

Tear into necks
filled with flowing
thick crimson juice.

Twin devils bite
under moonlit night
with primal fright.

Endure great strain,
know each pain,
avoid the club.
Thinking about old Jack London. He had a way of getting to the heart of life. We all struggle under the law of club and fang. Dogs and humans are very alike in this way.

— The End —