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Cara Cooper Dec 2014
The innocience. The sweet face. The laugh and smile of joy. The eyes. Pure happiness. Joy. Love. Laughter. That smile that lignts up the room. Child of God. Not defined by age, but of the happiness and innocense.
Cara Cooper Dec 2014
Christmas lights,                                            Decorations,  ­                                                Late night Christmas Hallmark movies,                                                         opening presents,                                   Drinking hot chocolate,                               Cherishing friends and family.                  relizing all that God has done.                    Christmas is a magical, wonderful, thoughtful holiday! I hope it's spread with good cheer and a thoughtful heart! A joyful heart!
Cara Cooper Nov 2014
My breath is getting heavy,
My legs are burning,
This hill never ends!
New challenges,
New running routes,
New impossible challenging routes,
My body gives up,
Feeling exhausted.
My brain say's you aren't good enough,
Your knees are tired,
You ran this far yesterday,
NO! I scream out loud.
I smile in these challenges.
Cara Cooper Nov 2014
The fire is big,
The fire is full of life,
The fire leaps.
I look deep into the fire,
And as odd as it seems,
The fire dances like a butterfly.
The fire is big,
But the picture I  just can't seem to get out of my head.
I'm not sure if it's because the fire is dancing or what.
The fire seems like a ballerina,
Cara Cooper Nov 2014
My hand gliding across a page,
Inspiring others,
My heart from God in some beautiful poem.
The stress is here,
I am tired,
Beaten (mentally),
I am ready to give up,
But then I glance across the room and see pen and paper.
I smile and start writing,
I don't exit my world,
I inspire myself.
Give others inspiration.
In all the hurt I give myself encouragement and others who need it,
Reminding everybody  God is there and that He has never left and never will.

— The End —