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Yara Jul 2014
Daylight rolls around a comforter and the sun touches the tops of trees,

Specifically the one I'm sitting on, trying to think of words to say when i meet you for the first time.

I'll tell you to close your eyes. I'll say "just let me paint you a picture".

I'll gaze up at the beauty blue, and even though i can't sing at all, I'll sing you a song to help you remember.

"You are my south, and i am the bird that'll migrate to your arms.

You are the child, and i am your big red balloon, so please don't lose me.

And i promise, with all my heart and my last breath, that i will do whatever to keep that smile on your lips,

I am just a body, and you are my heart, please keep beating.

Please keep me alive."

— The End —