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Apr 2019 · 113
Essen Apr 2019
Snip snip
Away with the old
Snip snip snip
Away with the rotten

The sorry, forsaken
The taken for granted
The very last times
And my disenchantment

Snip snip
Away it will go
Snip snip snip
To rot at my roots

The attempted refutes
The lost hopes and monsters
That sit at the foot of my bed
And just mock me

The liars, the careless
Are just dying limbs
To fuel my own growth
And make light out of dim

So I'll eat and be merry
And sing, laugh and cry
When it's really not my fault
There's no need to die

I'll grow and I'll blossom
And become something new
They'll love me for me
And they'll hate you for you

But I won't have to worry
Because now our ties
Will be fully broken
No need for your lies

No need for your libel
No need for your ****
Snip snip
Snip snip snip
I'm sorry my poems are not fun anymore. That girl is gone.
Apr 2019 · 233
A Poem for Someone Else
Essen Apr 2019
i'm writing this on my phone since i can't seem to get up today, i'm still in bed

i'm sure you're sick of hearing it, so sick of me, and you just want to move on

i guess i can't blame you now, even if it's killing me, i can't stop thinking

your friendship meant a lot to me, enough that its absence is deadly

i'm not the person i was when we were friends, or even before lich

i don't know who i am now. i'm not who i want to be though

these months have broken me and when i thought we were cool, well...

we weren't, apparently. was that your idea or...

was that hers? i can't tell where you end and she starts

if you want to help, abandonment's not help

if you care about me, don't leave me here

if you're not her, don't make fun of me

these aren't demands, it's me begging

begging for your forgiveness

begging for your mercy

i don't... i don't know...

what to do too

i just know

i miss

lila, i doubt you even check this anymore, but i'm not who you're saying i am. i think deep down you know that.
May 2018 · 159
Essen May 2018
I'm ******* plastered

I really want to weep
Suddenly I throw it up
Then I fall asleep
Nov 2017 · 1.1k
Four Lights
Essen Nov 2017
Four dots. Four lights
Each floating deep in an icy cavern
Each glints in time to an unknown beat

I see my breath, but I'm not cold
The crystals of water feel like rock,
or plastic

I feel warm here
Watching the four lights
Watching them glint as I speak to them
Looking to the back, at the fourth light

One light fades and goes out
The last light I looked at
The last light I made glint

It glinted fast, and went out

The other two glint
Still outshine the fourth
In the back, growing brighter

Another glints fast, pops away to black
The other just vanishes

Now I am alone with the last light
The brightest of all
And I see
It too was blinking

Faster than the light that faded too soon
Faster than the light that flared and then blew
Faster than the light than just ceased to be
It too was blinking

But I broke that light
And now in the dark
I see how cold it truly is
I played Doki Doki Literature Club recently. Yeah.
Jan 2017 · 409
Essen Jan 2017
Please, God, help me get through just one more day
It feels like so long since I lost my way
The fire that fuels is the one that destroys
Looking at the ceiling and my head's all noise

My only friend left is the ticking clock
I guess that's what happens when you try to walk
Down a tightrope of twine on a lake of flames
I pick apart the past and don't know who to blame

Was it me? Was it you? Was it someone else too?
I felt we were close and you chose that we're through
And it stung and it hung and it weighed on my back
Just another brick in the emotional sack

How could I tell you hated him so bad?
I told you and Minxy and you both went mad
And you said we were friends
I guess that was a lie
Now I'm stuck in my hatred and wanting to die

You of all people had thought to be different
While they talked around me you sat there and listened
I loved you so much, almost like a brother
I ******* off my poxes, you moaned about mother

Then the blaze caught and it burned all the nice things we made
I grabbed for a bucket, you just fanned the flames
So **** it, I left, since this **** had me beat
So I'm sitting outside but I still feel the heat

Why are you mad?
Do you hate love that bad?
It was meant to be good but you made it all sad
Then you jumped at the chance to act smug in that thread
Making fools of yourselves there, just you and your friend

Months later and its still here stuck filling my brain
Thorned as a thistle and tight as a chain
I want to forget and I want to move on
But things just feel off with me having you gone

So I'll stay and I'll think of how I can make right
I won't hide away and I'll stick through the night
So, hey, if you read this, just know that I love you
I just miss the old Tang, I think Blazy does too
Oct 2016 · 354
The Start of a Long Sleep
Essen Oct 2016
My eyes were sore
From what they saw
And so one day
Were sealed away

My ears they hurt
I heard no more
For times were tough
I had enough

My vocal chords
Were sore and strained
They didn't sing
They didn't ring

My body hurt
I closed my mind
I thought it best
A mental rest

I feel no more
My wish was earned
A life of lead
And now I'm dead
It turns out that enough stress can make a person emotionally shut down to the point where it's hard to feel anything. This is something I've been struggling with for about a year and a half now. Thankfully I think I'm finally working my way out of it. This was written near the start of it, when spring had finally arrived. That was a bad winter.
Oct 2016 · 1.5k
More Squid Poems
Essen Oct 2016
Touch the squid
Rub the squid
Taste the squid
Chase the squid

Love the squid
See the squid
You can even be the squid
Found some poetry from a couple years ago. I might upload a thing or two.
Sep 2016 · 2.3k
A Poem About a Cauliflower
Essen Sep 2016
****, this coffee's really sour
I've been drinking it for half an hour
Wanna hear a poem
Wanna hear a poem
Wanna hear a poem about a cauliflower

[Cauliflower's foolish
It doesn't fit the theme
I'm sick of all your nonsense
I'm tired of your memes]

Woman selling knickknacks
I'm not eating tic-tacs™
Your words were put in brackets
Check out my rhyming tactics

I see that you're not one for fun
Your a cloudy day, I'm the shining sun
My absurdity
Is the key
To happy for eternity

[You're clearly deeply broken
And only you can cure
Your fundamental problems
But really I'm not sure

The only one who conquers
Is one who really tries
So stop with the gorillas
Since everything will die]

Maybe you don't understand
My foolishness goes hand in hand
With making things that are the best
Like giant squids and turnip fests

Order, chaos, streets and bogs
Them, White, Color, Talking Frog
Odd on top but clear below
From ash and fire life will grow

Then again I see it's true
I am right and so are you
Maybe we both have a claim
In this crazy poet game


That didn't rhyme!

[It doesn't have to]

I love you

[Mmm hmm]
I know I said "soon", uh, nearly two months ago. Nothing really moved me to write a poem until today. This came from a conversation with my cool bud, Ashr, whose poems you should check out, even if they aren't Fun Poems for Cool People. I'd written the first stanza and sent it to her and she put her own spin on it in order to show me how to improve it. This led to a bit of a debate about what makes a good poem. I ended up keeping my version of the first stanza but extended the poem to give it more depth.

In a way this poem is representative of the conclusion I came to in the last rhyming stanza. It is foolish, but it's substantial foolishness that doesn't exist for its own sake. She ended up liking it when it was done. I hope you do too!
Jul 2016 · 1.4k
King Frog
Essen Jul 2016
Let it be known throughout the land
From highest peak to wettest sand
With sharpened tongue and steady hand
The talking frog is in command

With belly white and skin of lime
A hero for the modern time
He uppered fun and lowered crime
His skillset includes pantomime

Of all the kings he is the best
A chiseled jaw and manly chest
We even put him on our crest
(He helped to found the turnip fest)

A friendly frog we all adore
With lots of fun and games in store
He'll make us smile, he has before
We thank you, frog, for this and more!
Sorry it's been so long since I uploaded anything! I haven't been feeling much poetic inspiration lately. Rest assured that more Fun Poems for Cool People™ will be coming soon!
Essen May 2016
A fourth hail to the Pudding Factory
The owls' communion speaks of
Broken glass in the treehouse

Life amidst the burning bush is one of
Eating bark, like the salamanders from Labrador

Remember to bury lost socks
And build your tower of soap

For Autumn comes too quick here
And Summer speaks of the hungry bear

A fourth hail to the Pudding Factory
A fourth hail to you
Apr 2016 · 3.2k
Essen Apr 2016
One, and two, and two, and two
The people I saw to get to you
The door, the desk, the man, the bed
The thoughts of what you're going through

My face a distant helpless frown
My heart gave way when I saw you wince
My knees felt weak and Buckle-y
The thought, it came: I let you down

Control so far, we can't attain
Alternatives so distant now
Delete the wrongs this world wreaks
Loss too great, the horrid pain

A miscarriage of all our aims
No doctor can prescribe a cure
I finally scream in cathartic rage
"I thought this ******* comic was about video games"
Saw the name of the daily poem and inspiration took me. I hope it doesn't look like I'm trying to ride that person's coattails here.
Apr 2016 · 1.2k
The Moon Made of Cheese
Essen Apr 2016
I choose to believe that the moon's made of cheese
This tasty delight brings men to their knees

Is it brie? It's for me?
It's for everyone, dawg
The one thing I ask is that you please don't hog

The moon made of cheese
It's for you and for me
This yummy cheese ball is for all men to see

And now we can be
Finally free
Living as one under moons made of cheese
Mar 2016 · 607
ᵗᶦᶰʸ ᵖᵒᵉᵐ
Essen Mar 2016
ᵗᶦᶰʸ ᵗᵉˣᵗ
ᵗᶦᶰʸ ʷᵒʳᵈˢ
ᵗᶦᶰʸ ᶠᵒᶰᵗ ᶦˢ ᑫᵘᶦᵗᵉ ᵃᵇˢᵘʳᵈ

ᵗᶦᶰʸ ᵐᵃᶰ
ᵗᶦᶰʸ ᵍᶰᵒᵐᵉ
ʰᵒᵖᵉ ʸᵒᵘ ᶫᶦᵏᵉᵈ ᵗʰᶦˢ ᵗᶦᶰʸ ᵖᵒᵉᵐ
Mar 2016 · 2.2k
Why I Don't Mine
Essen Mar 2016
I find myself locked in a chamber of blocks
I'm not sure of the time since I don't have a clock
And it might have been days but my head's in a haze
Hell it may have been weeks since I entered this maze

My route might be round and I'm hearing these sounds
That suggest maybe soon my own death might be found
There's clanking and groaning, I just heard a hiss
This shrub with a face looking awfully ******

I dismissed of the notion of friendly emotion
The plant just exploded and caused a commotion
There's lava and gravel just fell on my head
If I didn't fall sideways I'd likely be dead

But I fell down a ledge and another live hedge
Snuck up and demolished some half of the edge
So now I'll dig up but I don't have a pick
It's awfully hard since the stone is quite thick

And my friends are all ***** and they don't hear my screams
From this pit in a cavern knee deep in a stream
So please take my advice 'fore you dig in the earth
It's more likely than not going to not be quite worth it
Inspired by Yahtzee's wonderful poem about FTL (found here:, I decided to write a poem about Minecraft. This is something I never anticipated doing, but anyway, here it is!
Feb 2016 · 343
The Sunshine
Essen Feb 2016
When I forgot the sunshine
When colour had all fled
When grey became the master
And life made way for dead

When joyful days had vanished
And happy times were gone
When I forgot the sunshine
That's when things went wrong

When I look for the sunshine
I wander far and wide
Some say they found a method
I'm certain they had lied

When days sweep by like seconds
And time's as lost as me
When I look for the sunshine
It's only dark I see

And when I find the sunshine
And feel the warmth's embrace
I'll shatter all these shackles
And end my inner race

With joyful days returning
And problems feeling few
Yes, when I find that sunshine
Then I'll start anew
Feb 2016 · 637
Another Giant Squid
Essen Feb 2016
Giant squid
Run away
Live to fight another day

Tiny horse
Stay a while
Maybe give you crocodile
Feb 2016 · 1.5k
Giant Squid
Essen Feb 2016
Giant squid
Giant squid
Run away from giant squid

He got fid
Pushing mid
Teammates blew respective lids
likely only makes a lick of sense if you've ever played a MOBA
Essen Jan 2016
Flipped through my comic
And there I eyed
Free ride on the batman slide
Got so pumped I nearly cried
Got so pumped I nearly cried

Took my ticket
Drove to the fair
Let the wind breeze through my hair
Kind of cold but I don't care
Kind of cold but I don't care

There it was
Past flume log
Was it worth this sudden slog?
Chomping on my chili dog
Chomping on my chili dog

Gave the ticket
Crawled on in
Beaming with a goofy grin
Taking this ride for a spin
Taking this ride for a spin

I slid down
Then I barfed!
Losing all my debonair
Chili splattered everywhere
Chili splattered everywhere

Off to ride
Handyman would come with broom
Walking past the scary flume
Walking past the scary flume
Jan 2016 · 979
Running Goat
Essen Jan 2016
Running goat
Runs so fast
Speedy goat is kicky ***

Finish first
Win the race
Goat won't gloat for rapid pace
Jan 2016 · 404
Singing Pig
Essen Jan 2016
Singing pig
Hear him sing
All the joy the singing brings

Gather round
Hear him go
It's a crazy farmland show
Dec 2015 · 502
Talking Frog
Essen Dec 2015
Talking frog
Talking frog
Hops through swamp and lives in log

Dirt so soft
Moss like fur
Fancy froggy furniture
An example of the Lisbon, a poetic form I made up.Stresses work like this, with / being a stress and - being unstressed:


Essen Dec 2015
Three hails to the Pudding Factory
The sky tickles the boundaries
Of what I know
        We know more than just
Our monthly apples

Kiss the floundering eels
Wish away the soggy dog
And always ask
Before you take a cookie

Three hails to the Pudding Factory
Three hails to you
Essen Dec 2015
Beware the mare with the Christmas hair
She'll tear your heart without a care
She won't play nice, she won't play fair
Beware the mare with the Christmas hair

She's red, she's green, she's a mean machine
She'll reach in deep and eat your spleen
She'll ruin all your happy dreams
And make things really bad

She'll find your friends, she'll find your friends
She'll stir up **** and make it end
This girl will give your *** the bends
And make you really mad

Beware the mare with the Christmas hair
She may look sweet just like a pear
But don't be fooled and caught, ensnared
Beware the mare with the Christmas hair

Beware the mare with the Christmas hair
Her temper like a solar flare
Demeanor like a thorny chair
Beware the mare with the Christmas hair
Essen Dec 2015
My angel helps me hold the world at bay
She drags me on in hope of brighter skies
I **** the day my angel goes away

She holds me tight and cares for what I say
She holds the breaking pieces in their place
My angel helps me hold the world at bay

She finds me soon if I do go astray
She finds me soon and leads me to my home
I **** the day my angel goes away

She turns the world from refuse to a ley
She turns the world from hell to something good
My angel helps me hold the world at bay

Losing her is dying in a way
Losing her is losing me my mind
I **** the day my angel goes away

I hold her tight and care for what she says
I hold her close and never let her go
My angel helps me hold the world at bay
I **** the day my angel goes away
My first attempt at a villanelle.
Essen Dec 2015
A giant squid is friend to none
Fighting, killing all the same
Only strength and steady aim
Can send the squidly monster on the run

A giant squid, a fearsome foe
Quick like snake and strong like cow
Fight the beast if you know how
Otherwise it's time to go

A tiny squid, a little friend
Knows the key to tame the hulk
Have him speak and do not sulk
Tears won't save you from a squidly end

Cheers for all, good times are on the way
The giant squid, he meant no harm at all
The tiny squid has saved us from the fall
Bless his squidly wisdom on this day

— The End —