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Mar 2016
I find myself locked in a chamber of blocks
I'm not sure of the time since I don't have a clock
And it might have been days but my head's in a haze
Hell it may have been weeks since I entered this maze

My route might be round and I'm hearing these sounds
That suggest maybe soon my own death might be found
There's clanking and groaning, I just heard a hiss
This shrub with a face looking awfully ******

I dismissed of the notion of friendly emotion
The plant just exploded and caused a commotion
There's lava and gravel just fell on my head
If I didn't fall sideways I'd likely be dead

But I fell down a ledge and another live hedge
Snuck up and demolished some half of the edge
So now I'll dig up but I don't have a pick
It's awfully hard since the stone is quite thick

And my friends are all ***** and they don't hear my screams
From this pit in a cavern knee deep in a stream
So please take my advice 'fore you dig in the earth
It's more likely than not going to not be quite worth it
Inspired by Yahtzee's wonderful poem about FTL (found here:, I decided to write a poem about Minecraft. This is something I never anticipated doing, but anyway, here it is!
Written by
   Nigel Finn and NuBlaccSoul
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