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various kind of persons are there
they are gathered by faith

some are confused
some are scared
some are sad
some are happy
some are feeling blessed

that thief who felt miserable after his first bank robbery
that homeless man who lost his life spirit
that widow who missed her dead soulmate
that leader who lost his people's trust
that preacher who seeks some blessings
that bullied lonely kid who came by some people's suggestions
that man who just got his first job and finds no one to talk with
that woman who's in the middle of her roughest week
that girl who tried to get through a heartbreak
that boy who felt doubt about the point of his presence

they are being honest, telling their problems through silence
keeping themselves believing that they are being listened

that optimism seems promising, they might refilled their will to live

until an explosion happened.
a rendition of some personas in a religious place before an unhappy occurrence.
we don't know about everybody's inner intentions.
Cupid might equally shots everybody
but how many arrows are needed to affect you?
Empiricprotagon Nov 2018
the weather feels warmer today,
it seems like
someone had attracted the sun,
are you?
Empiricprotagon Nov 2018
have you left your legacy?
on the land with glimmering hopes
have you ever breathing normally
knowing that you can't even left your footprints on wet sands?

there are two ladies running on the field
cheering each other for many reasons
they had their roughest days

they lived once in the kingdom full of kings and queens
all of them had their own crowns
but most of them had stolen

aimlessly wandering
looking for nothing
that heart was empty
but there's no room to fill

"do you know where the hope is?"
said these ladies to the dark blue ceiling
but nobody's answered them
for two last female northern white rhino who can't leave their legacy anymore, they had lost their hope.
Empiricprotagon Nov 2018
after the dawn
when bats are awaken
cold starts crawling in
clouds passing over the moon
like water flushing the dust
only dark remained for the last
my first short poem in hellopoetry

Empiricprotagon Nov 2018
i want to be as happy as a kid
you buy them ice cream, they are happy
you tell them stories, they are excited
you play a song, they are dancing
no weight on their action
no consideration
no purpose
they just did it impulsively

but then
maturity kills these simplicity
as the time goes by
more lessons learned
more experience earned
more stories witnessed
too many turning points
and it's tiring
i never thought that life can be this uncomfortable

how can we feel it again?
this is a question the time can't answer
Empiricprotagon Nov 2018
you had frequently checked her favorite place
like she's going to sit there as usual

you talked with that place
like you talked with a person
cause you think it's a part of her

she's your favorite ghost
the one that you've always talked to
in every night that comes as a gloom
without expecting any answer

she's your favorite ghost
the one that you've always imagined
her presence sticks in your head
her memories floats on the stream of your blood

three years has passed
it's unbelievable that you survived

you're going to where your vision guides you
it's going to be beautiful
but it won't be easy
This is a note for myself to keep myself living.
cause i never really moving on since my grandmother's death.
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