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 May 2015 Hidden Secrets
the sequel
is never as good as the original

but i'll still pay eight bucks
and sit in a dark room
that smells like ***
with strangers
eating burnt popcorn

to watch you for ninety two minutes
i'm not sure how long this saga will be.
it's happening as we speak.
 May 2015 Hidden Secrets
I used to think
The only way to not be
Scared of monsters was to become one

So I *did
 Apr 2015 Hidden Secrets
Megan H
And none of them realize
The effort it takes to get out of bed
To go outside for the day
And face all of my fears
None of them realize
How tiring it can be
To pretend.
A baby cries
A mother sighs
A belief dies
A husband lies
A teenager tries
A ****** thighs
A demon terrifies
A tablet nullifies
A politician decries
A child catches fireflies
A hater will despise
A Vicar will eulogise
And life will never apologise.
02:50 BST
 Jun 2014 Hidden Secrets
There's a noose around your neck,
where you've hung your expectations
Too high.
The only light in the car flashed and faded
every time you took a pull of your cigarette,
and it shone its light on the face of a kid who
was just trying too **** hard to grow up.

Go slow, sweetheart.
It's three am
We're walking the empty beach
Lovers are the only people silly enough to be up at this hour
It's six am
We're crashed on your best friends couch
Curled up tight because there's barely room for one, let alone the both of us
It's nine am
There are pancakes and strawberries, almost in edible because I'm known for burning everything I touch
You eat them anyway
It's twelve pm
The sun makes the world too warm, so we stay inside in our underwear
Wasting the day away watching stupid movies
It's three pm
You've fallen asleep
And I've taken to tracing the lines of your face with my forefinger
It's six pm
There's champagne and flowers and a warm bath
My lips burn from all the kisses
It's nine pm
Your words are full of honey and brass tacks
I never knew something this sweet could hurt me so
It's twelve am
You're gone, slipping out the back door as soon as my eyelids close
You won't be coming back
It's three am
I'm screaming on the bathroom floor, struggling not to open the medicine cabinet
I don't know how to handle the pain
 Jun 2014 Hidden Secrets
Changes within
Changes without
The game without fun is useless
Rules are guidelines not facts
And so the wall begins
The first brick laid in tears
Pushed back across the line
The next laid in blood
Words lashed out
Toughening tender hearts
And the foundation is set
For the wall of regrets
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