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collin 10h
all my thoughts had gone to riot
so i set out to find some quiet
but even way behind the city’s lights
the silence here is not as bright

the roads are crowded with noisy cars
screams and hollers, the sounds of bars
pool tables, beer bottles, the music loud
relinquished solace in fiery cloud

despite the throbbing in my walking legs
my steady stalking refused to stay
and my soles engulfed in a blistering heat
could not stop me from seeing every street

cats in the trash and moths and bones
the racket i heard was mine alone
collin Feb 20
never felt this but i know every bone
in your hand. i’ll never let you be alone
again. hold me close, iced coffee in the cold
on a bench by a pond at a palace
you made Seoul feel just like home
collin Feb 3
i hear the whispers of you in everything.
every grey cloud bullying the sun and every stray sound echoing its hum.
lying bare beneath the trees of sleep and waking to an itch without relief.
i believed knowledge equaled belief
but faith was a dry and dying seed.
how can you water what you cannot see?
collin Feb 2
your cold nose pressed to my cheek
as you kissed me in the street
i said
i’ll be with you for forty years, love
you said
i’m sorry, that’s not long enough
collin Jan 29
standing on the narrow stairs
painted walls to match your hair

standing in the scent of dust
damaged walls to match your trust

standing only inches apart
a vibrant warmth to match your heart

standing there despite ourselves
you and me and nothing else
collin Jan 27
you can’t because you don’t try
you won’t feel the sky
eyes only for ghost lines
the way beauty cries
and wails from the sailing
of the birds and trees
and people in the street
of their lives and tales
they try and fail
and try again and win
the desires within
lovelorn or love scorned
head over heels or reborn
left behind or leading life
brilliant and serene
you dismiss this scene
with eyes of sleet
for a feed on a screen
collin Jan 26
this unyielding winter
splintered but inured
for the cold that reached inside me
is something i’ve endured

this unrelenting snow
blows shivers in my bones
but let this chill go thirty below
it’s a pain that i have known

spring will bring a harbinger
of warmth and sunny glow
but i’ll remain frozen in places
to thaw all on my own
In the words of a great American poet, “i got this icebox where my heart used to be”.
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