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collin 4d
my timing is always wrong
i belong
to a select percentage
of men who consented
to a whole life tormented
by you
collin 4d
i want to be in love again
the necessity of morning coffee beyond
head spinning drunk and madly grinning
devious shifting of hips and hops cementing
nights that never end until the
sunrise starts ringing

i want to be in love again
or just a little bit closer than only talking
when you want to or when it’s not too
collin Jun 12
breathing even feels distance now
a smog of hissing remembrances of incidents
i wore a fools hat and pranced and danced
and pretended it was happen stance
a lack of loving anything for so long
became the reason i could not love at all
collin Jun 12
feeling amazing
i graze upon
seeking saline
and saying
out loud
the things i’ve lost
redirecting the pain i felt
the insane i was dealt
matriarchal reign
my adolescent hell
i descend as i dwell
i wish the memories erased
and well, i am still presented
with a text and facetime call
each week, wishing me well
collin Jun 12
i am wrong
more often than not
tying cherry stems
as the seeds slide
back in my throat
collin May 27
dim lit violet flowers.
split the domestic silence
into orange slices,
divided and dispersed
amongst the children.
all responsibility for
psychiatric casualty
no longer your own.
free to fill the glass
with half-full happiness
while the litter are splintered
with fiber glass from sandbags
and burdened shoulders.
collin May 22
charred scaffolding reeks through these
hallways, a testimony to rebuilding
envious emotions attempt to steal the feelings
seasoned demons attempt to seal the ceiling
revealing insecurities still healing
broken bones cannot mend bridges
the strongest doors have the most hinges
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