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collin Aug 30
spines quiver
in the bed
pleasure delivered
giving head
inspired by lil wayne probably
collin Aug 30
ice against a lad’s legs
last mistake a crass shake
knees buckle and you’re *** quakes
collin Aug 30
you feel an empty heart
beating in the street
and thinks it’s me
reflecting specters
in your speech
if lacerations couldn’t speak
then maybe we
could wake these shaking bones
in our sleep

my toes crawl til the ***** of my feet ache
in all the tales told of hero’s and their hearts break
seconds hand just a second off making heat take
it’s place and release a cold crease now a plea ‘s made
for satan to wait a minute before he rakes
the lives of ones we love and all seems break
collin Aug 23
fiberglass on lips
ice cube on your ****
liquor in the moment
just remember to forget
collin Aug 23
i saw the fireworks
and i felt the lightening from it
everything around it so quiet

i am the firework
and i bleed lightening
everything around me so frightening
collin Aug 23
words are like the squiggle in your eye
just out of reach and then they wiggle
then they die
i’m Pretty sure I don’t know how to write anymore.
collin Aug 23
you drink champagne from a wine flute
but only on occasion
maybe socially, it makes you someone
people want to talk to
i drink beer
at home
watching you
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