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collin 3d
with the demeanor of a centipede
you intervene and impede on everything
interpreting what i mean
your sympathy is a foreign thing
i’ve never seen an evil being
be so in touch with what i’m feeling
collin Jun 8
like ivory split on wooden planks
she whispered to the cloud
for watering the plant
from the very seeds she planted
collin Jun 4
you left a crease inside my jeans
everything’s less scary than it seems
maybe the ends justify the means
but i still see strangers in my dreams
collin Apr 24
i closed my eyes
and felt the want sunrise
but i opened my eyes
to see my own demise
collin Apr 24
i am making every attempt
to become more numb
to feel less
for all the darkness spent
the tip of my thumb
a spiders web
collin Apr 16
i like lo-fi
she whispered under sunrise breath
in agreement, i spent the remainder
of the morning soaring into heaven
collin Apr 16
i have felt the asphalt against my face
i have prayed and then played the same game
i have made friends and in the same breath
replaced them with an empty space
and in the hopes of status or capital gained
i have laid in wedlock against soft lace
and felt infidelity’s bittersweet embrace
i have  sinned in the face of grace
and i only wish i had taped it
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