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Trade in that helmet and playing field for a wig and a stage; you can still pretend to be someone you aren't, it will be fun, and you'll keep all your brain cells.  

That girl you just started dating is going to be your first love, and she's going to take your heart out of your chest and throw it into a ******* wood-chipper.  Well, that's what it will feel like.  Let her.  It will get better.

Save that money and buy that guitar you've always wanted to learn how to play.  Just don't be that ******* who learns to play Wonderwall for his first song.

You're going to be an ******* when you're 20.  It's a phase.  Make sure you apologize to everyone afterwards, because they're going to be some of your most valued friends down the line.

Talk to that Zach kid.  He's going to become one of your best friends.

I've already said too much; I don't want to spoil this for you.  Figure the rest out for yourself.  See you when you get here, kid.  

Best wishes,

I still remember
when you crawled inside
my chest and carved
your name inside my heart;
because every time
it beats, and I can
hear it in my ears,
it sounds like you.
I can't believe I wasted a perfect song on you.
Seven years later, still haven't listened to it.
I prefer to take my leave before the magic does.
We are
only footsteps away
from returning to 
our infancy
You are the moon,
and I am Terra,
watching you pirouette
around me.

Your presence, even from
such a distance, causes
rising tides, their waves
shaping my surface.

Thank you, stranger,
for all you do for me.
Thank you to all those who unknowingly had a profoundly positive effect on my life. I love you all.
Who ever knew
my best friend
would be a pen?
©July 15th, 2014 by Timothy Brown.
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