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Kevin Rich May 2016
When you feel broken and out of control, when there is so much darkness inside, the only chance you have is try and make the world around you a little more beautiful.   I often feel like the cocoon, torn apart, while beauty flutters away.
Kevin Rich Apr 2016
I've wandered too far.  This separation has lasted entirely too long.  The bread crumbs swept away by a long past breeze.  An overwhelming feeling sets in as I realize I have no way to find my way back.  Endless horizons, where the night sky meets the sea.   Vast obsidian mirrors that reveal nothing more than a murky reflection of who I once was.  

I think about how recklessly I ran this direction, as I tiptoe as if on a frozen lake.  Unsure of my steps, and where they will lead me.  How could I be so foolhardy before? Then so concerned now.  Where has the worry come from?  A fading confidence that pushed me so far.  Is there really any sense in retreating now, or should I just stay the course.  

Of course! I was led here by a God of my own imagining.  Rockets fueled with self importance, I've flung myself to far reaches of my mind.  Traveled through time in the temporal lobe, distancing from myself.  Here I float, alone, fractured, lost myself in my thoughts.  Never let me know that I'm lost.  Keep the distance from myself at all costs.  

The duality of me is all at once engaging and frustrating.  Pulling closer to those as I push them away.  I lead my own hopes and dreams astray.   Converging beliefs systems, contradicting preconceived notions of self.  I feel helpless against waves of emotions.  Left only to watch as these tides erode m y exterior.  Outward illusions of my beliefs crumble piece by piece.
Kevin Rich Nov 2015
multiple universes appear like flowers
budding as if stuck in perpetual springtime
pollinating the perception of a passerby
bulbous lives floating along a breeze
ear buds plugged  to silence the scream
a dissonant chorus of opposing beliefs
Kevin Rich Oct 2015
A waking life lost while walking
through incoherent moments
finding yourself as the only opponent
to learning, a yearning
of oneness above loneliness.  
Let’s break open the head
and let the words flow
cascading from cliffs high above.  
We’ll follow the current
of the crystalline clear drops,
right off the edge of the world
to the unknown below.  
Once we know, wont the rest know too?
Do those flying in the clouds
hear the subtle sounds of a desperate man playing the blues?  
I’d like to think that we’re all attuned,
radial dials turned clockwise, counterclockwise
reaching the same frequency.  
Do diverging paths ever find parallels in consistency?  
The setting seems to leave as foliage falls floating
from the outstretched branches of elderly trees,
elbows knotted in arthritic knots
that were tied in that moment before time
slowing down the perception of ones mind.  
Only to find what we describe as infinite
is only the span of the blink of an eye.
But now, don’t cry, because the years
never really did pass you by
while you knew so little, mouth opened wide,
seeing through a lens from more childish time.  
Can it be?  Here imagination runs free
of the laws of the universe.
Let’s take to the sky and drift with the winds
as we traverse the beautiful nothingness that binds the earth.  
Have you ever woken up from a dream
only to find nothing is as it once seemed?  
The past is just that, more of a faded memory
than a written history.  
We’ve entered the epilogue, orating scenes
the moment I’ve seen them,
the imagery passing so quickly, the transition seamless.  
Just one moment stuck in time,
ever changing to the tune of one’s whimsical mind.
Kevin Rich Oct 2015
I’ll play this song
for old times sake
you’ll sing along
for old times sake
missive melodies
that never change
our dissonant notes
well overplayed
we’ve become actors
stuck in someone else’s play
how’d we ever let life get this way
what was once a rainbow
is now only shades of grey
the rhythm is lost
in the tip-tap of your toes
shuffling endlessly
as if trying to escape
run off with your feet
only to be left in the street
struggling to beat the light
that’s already changed the scene
adding a red glow
that makes you look better anyway
Can we keep the topic on dancing?
as it emotes such a clean wholesome feeling
that one can really lean on
in troubles times, five four
rounded out to seven eight
Hurry **** you!
We’re already late
such an important recital
giving in to improvisation
as we are stripped of
rank and title
Kevin Rich Oct 2015
I never left reality
it separated from me
conformity could
never believe
in the things that I see
your world engineered
from rooted beliefs
branched off from
the roots to
turn over a new leaf
and I'm lost now
speaking of trees
distraction from
worldly actions
that continually
cause me grief
the assumption
that consumption
will fill the void
our future needs
love, not more toys
I think I might've
found the answer to life
consume less, create more
will let the light shine
from the beauty inside
I write with streaks of light
caught in a slow exposure
but be patient
for  this process
takes time
Kevin Rich Sep 2015
what do I know of love?
two white doves flying
intertwining along the skyline
can the sight of a loved one
make you fly?
pulling limbs from the much
in which my heart has been stuck
for so long
or will I pull you down to the mud
I don't really know too much
too much about love
but that smile of yours
makes me want to learn
it's hard to discern your
speech from music
please teach me the melody
tell me of this infinite beauty
in what spectrum is it seen?
tell me a story with those eyes
each blink, a turn of the page
every expression, a new chapter
your smile provokes thought
and inspires imagination
but I cannot quite place this feeling
elation? or comfortable complacence
because, what do I know of love
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