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Tess Oct 7
Those words you say
Gives temporary happiness

But your actions
Make me hate love
this has been in my drafts for way too long and I thought I'd share it with the world
Tess Sep 25
I can't remember anything, my memories don’t make sense.
My mind is crowded with no space for another tenant.
Unarranged thoughts take most of the space
Random sounds, noises, images, and videos keep playing
And I have no control over them
My dreams are trying to speak to me
But I hate them
Waking up feeling anxious
While the sun shines too bright in my room
The late summer heat starting to fill the space
Everything seems too bright
Like I'm not meant to be here right now
Maybe it's not my life, this one
But death doesn’t seem like a peaceful place either
It seems cold and dark and monstrous
But is anything more monstrous than the life we’re living in?
I can't seem to remember
Tess Jul 29
Running out of time
I think we’re running out of time
You’re not real
I’m not real
You’re a fool
If you think this is real
I despise you
If you’re taking this seriously
We’re not real
Get it in your head
It doesn’t matter
Nothing does
So I’m telling you
You’re free now
Tess Dec 2019
We're still living in
The prelude of our lives

Darling isn't it time,
We start our story

So one day
Even the stars

Will be talking about us
  Dec 2019 Tess
Jaimi M
Ill always smile
when I think
about you.
Your soft touch,
your sweet smile,
your gentle laughter.
You give me hope;
hope about people
and about society.
Our paths crossed
for only a short while
but you made my
heart flutter,
you caught me
in a way I’ll always
  May 2019 Tess
Patty P
The sun is alone too

But it still shines all by itself.
Tess May 2019
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