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KMM Apr 2019
a date i shall never forget
you left me all alone
to leave my pillows wet,

my heart aches more and more
as each day has slowly gone by
i don't know how to get through the day
trying not to cry,

i feel as if i'm an orphan,
not a single soul for me to hold,
all alone in the world,
no new stories left to behold
KMM Apr 2019
Love is pure,
a feeling of allure,
and suddenly to him the only thing that matters is her,

if only it was always that way,
now there's to many games to play,
it's so hard to find but she'll hope to find it one day,

everything ends with a flash,
a bang,
a snap or even a crash,

all alone,
forever to be,
never to find someone to love me.
KMM Apr 2019
sinking to the ground
hoping never to be found
silent rest at last
  Apr 2019 KMM
you said you loved me
i said it back.

you said you needed me
i was grateful to hear that.

you said you were mine
and i said i am yours.

you said forever
and i said forever more.  

you said you didn’t want to lose me
and i was content

but then you disappeared
leaving my tears alone with nowhere to vent.

you blamed it on the timing
i didn’t agree.

you blamed it on yourself
and i blamed it on me.

did i not love you enough?
were my hugs and kisses too flat?

i said i love you.
but you didn’t say it back.
  Apr 2019 KMM
I really can't explain it
It's all a little insane to me
You leave my heart confused
Unsure if I really like you
I don't know how this happened ?
But I have these feelings for you
I just hope you have them too
I've been trying to let it go
Like maybe it will go away
but these butterflies I can't ignore
My heart skip a beat when I'm round you your beautiful, kind and sweet
Your everything that I need in a man
Your everything
I wanna just be yours
  Apr 2019 KMM
Nicole Elise


check again




clear the history

pretend I never said that.

Wow I’m stupid I

Maybe I’m not the stupid one, maybe it’s you


With your ridiculous face and squiggly hair

how you make me feel things and draw me in

with interlocking fingers and subtle touches.

I can’t I can’t I can’t

my anger is coming out sweet as honey

too gentle for my vicious state I’m stuck in.

******* you.

I check every form of social networking

waiting for you to give me a sign

a little wave.

Instead I get a read receipt.

******* you.

******* the four months we were glued to each other

by force at first, then by choice.

And now a different scenario and a different she

who is much prettier than me

who I’d really like to see

and tell her how lucky someone is

to look into your eyes, even for one dance.

I know it’s unreasonable of me to have such feelings for someone so opposite.

But really we’re quite the same

looking for something else to blame

for every ounce of pain you make me feel

and you think that I’m lame.
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