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  May 2019 KMM
Renn Powell
you’ve stolen so much of my soul,
i’m still trying to remember who i was
  Apr 2019 KMM
Alexys Marie
kisses like the softest
         o    t  

off grand piano
          e    y

play my foolish heart
like your piano

     p  l   e   a
  Apr 2019 KMM
Vanessa Viniegra-
In a drop of you, I lost an ocean of me.
  Apr 2019 KMM
the last thing I tasted
was chocolate chip cookies
as you pulled away
and leaving my lips
I miss her already
  Apr 2019 KMM
Summer Shellhamer
I'm happy,
I'm sad,
I'm annoyed,
I'm Laughing,
I'm Crying,
I'm Living,
I'm mentally dying,
I'm depressed,
"I'm a loser",
I'm a distorter,
I'm Bipolar...
I don't know I might delete this.. work in prog..
  Apr 2019 KMM
Chantell Wild
I want to lie
with my legs
entangled in yours,
I want to live
with my heart
in sync with yours,
I want to die
with my hands
entwined in yours..
I am
and have always
been yours.
KMM Apr 2019
Shattered mirror,
****** fist,
broken razor,
****** wrist,

Smeared makeup,
teary eyes,
broken in the bathroom,
hiding in disguise,

My reflection,
a stranger,
holding in the screams,
knowing im in danger,

She smiles,
a twisted one,
I want to leave,
but it's only just begun
this is about being able to stop- any habit but in this im sure you can tell what it is- but not being able to, and being scared of yourself and what you capable of inflicting.
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