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KMM Mar 2019
I lay awake in the silent dead of night,
the sound of the heat kicking on echoing throughout the walls,
silently holding in the tears, suppressing myself in a dark and gloomy room,
hoping that happiness and satisfaction may soon bloom,

Every emotion that has been held within and left unseen,
are now left scattered and strewed out on the carpet floor,
displaying through my tear struck face,
memories begin to surface, like broken promises that you swore,

You broke me down to nothing,
you left me here to all alone rot,
yet there's unquestionably nothing that I could do,
but sit here with my heart in pieces, quietly in thought,

I know you love me not,
I know new love you've acquired,
I know you have forgotten me,
I know im not what you desired,

I shall never be the same,
i've been beaten black and blue,
my life's been twisted all around,
ever since I met Beautiful You
To my ex-love, whom will always be my love. Forever and Always in my heart.
KMM Nov 2018
Life hurts worse than death,
Something i always known,
But sometimes i find it easier,
To pack my things and go,
I know it will hurt some,
But many will not care,
So here's a list of lovely moments,
I feel the need to share,
My life has had its ups and downs,
Through all i've remained strong,
But i can’t be strong for that long,
It's time for me to move on,
Goodbye to everyone that cares,
I wish you all the best,
But now it's time to say goodbye,
And put myself to rest.
KMM Nov 2018
~some say love is real,
others say its a myth,
I think its just a feeling,
you've got to be careful with,~

~if you love to much you could lose them,
the same if you love too less,
some just aren't worth it,
they'll leave your heart a mess,~

~some however are,
they're worth every inch of pain,
you'll sit and cry in the pouring rain,
wondering if they'll change,~

~they always say they'll try,
but do they ever show?
if all they do is make you cry,
maybe you should never have said hello,~
KMM Nov 2018
~I didn't get to say goodbye,  
all I could do was cry,
you've left me all alone,
and only god knows why,

I miss you by my side,
I miss being in your arms,
way too many tears I have cried,
ever since the night I watched you die,

the feeling of depression,
is now my minds obsession,
I feel no need to exist any longer,
they say this will make me stronger,

I feel it only makes me smaller,
I can fake a smile all I want,
but it always finds its way to haunt,

I can close my eyes and hold my ears,
but that doesnt help silence my fears,
I hold my breath to drown the tears,
and pray that I may meet the man upstairs,

I deeply miss you mother,
it's becoming too hard to bear,
in all and complete honestly,
i wish i were up there,

id hold you close,
and kiss your nose,
cry a single tear~
KMM Nov 2018
The idea of love,
has always been my fear,
but i'll try to overcome,
to keep you held so near,
This fear of mine isn't new,
And surely will last long,
I'm scared of being hurt again,
Scared something may go wrong,
I care about you deeply,
I’m so glad to call you mine,
So for you i’ll win this fight,
All that matters is the time,  
I fear you will find better,
And i hope that never comes,
I fear you may have met her,
And you’re both biting your tongues,
But for right now,
I don't know how,
i'm happy that you're mine.
KMM Feb 2019
three words that mean so much
three words that can hurt to touch
three words to be held with care
three words that are full of fear
KMM Feb 2019
i need time,
time to get you off my mind,
i need space,
to pick up all these shattered pieces and set them back in place,
i need air,
it hurts even worse to know you dont care,
you claim that im the one,
who tore us apart,
but you are not doing the best,
to fix my broken heart,
your mouths a gun,
your words are bullets,
do you realy think;
we can get through this?
I have no clue of what to do,
all I do is hurt you,
but honestly dont you see,
youre hurting me,
everytime i try to tell you,
you turn it back on me,
you tell me im destroying you,
and just to let you be,
but whenever i do as told,
you tell me that is getting old,
make uo your mind,
were running out of time,
friends or not,
i think youll be fine,
if you say that all i do is hurt you,
this should not be,
that hard for you,
however it is hard for me,
before we say goodbye,
i dont want this to end,
but it just might,
and the thought of it hurts,
nothing is worse,
than calling it quits,
with the one you love most,
you dont believe me,
i dont believe you,
in all honestly,
lets just be hough,
ill miss you,
i hope that youll miss me,
then maybe eventually,
we shall see.
this is bad because its a song that i messed with to be a poem..?
KMM Apr 2019
a date i shall never forget
you left me all alone
to leave my pillows wet,

my heart aches more and more
as each day has slowly gone by
i don't know how to get through the day
trying not to cry,

i feel as if i'm an orphan,
not a single soul for me to hold,
all alone in the world,
no new stories left to behold

— The End —