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 Mar 29
Unable to bond
Have you ever met my kind?
Unable to connect
Closeness makes me sweat.
Unable to feel
Dissociation too real.
Unable to process emotions
I am the salt of the ocean.
 Mar 11
your eyes fixed at mine
I can't move
my body is paralyzed.
The smirk on your face,
makes my body shiver,
I have never felt this way.
I cannot believe that a man can have so much influence on me
he moved closer and I was sweating
His lips touched mine
and I felt goose bumps all over my body.
His touch with soft as cotton
but firm as wood
I could not act
my brain cells were dead
I just went with the flow
with my hands around his neck ......
 Feb 20
The aftershock of love
Always shakes me the hardest.
I pushed you away
Now you've gone the farthest.

A delay in reaction
Is usually my action.
Divided two hearts,
Down to the lowest fraction.

Forgive me most
for I'm usually on time
I ran out of excuses,
Leaving you on my mind.
 Feb 9
it's a vulnerable thing, isn't it?
to let go of someone,
with no guarantee
of an else.
 Jan 26
I pressed my head against the cool glass
My hand imprints the humidity that lingers there

The could that never would dances in the reflection of my bloodshot eyes

I was so close.
 Jan 13
mark john junor
The love lost will be forever enshrined
within the warmest places of my heart,
such sweet sorrow for...
wait, what's your name again???
 Jan 9
Thomas W Case
I long for the majestic
sunset of your hair,
windblown, dancing across my cheek…
The burnt orange and lavender…
I want to consume every drop.
I’m thirsty for your
footsteps near my bed, parched with
desire for your presence—your essence.
How long until you wet my
tongue, and quench this fire?
I stalk slumber like a shadow…
my only release from the
hunger and yearning for your
moist lips, like peaches
pressed against mine.
I need an editor
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