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 Feb 2018
They pressed hands to the wall,
The wall that kept them in,
The wall that was so, so clear,
As a reminder of their sin.

Paradise, the outside seemed,
Green and full of promise,
They dreamt of its air,
Of its wind and cool kiss.

They took up rocks and stones,
They broke through the wall,
It shattered so easily,
And they walked so very tall.

But the outside was poison,
The air was smoky and dim,
Plants did not grow,
And their lungs were filled to the brim.

Many tried to stumble back,
To the air that was clean,
But the desolation and the fog,
Clouded what could be seen.

The people regretted,
Of what they had done,
They buried everything,
And nothing was won.
 Jan 2018
I would have liked to live from a world long ago,
Where dragons felt real and mythology was known,
I would have liked to talk about the gods,
Their shapes and sides and their place in the home.

I would have liked to live in a world of magic,
With fairies and elves abound,
When people took the time to talk,
And nature could be found.

I would have liked to live in a new place,
Even if it's in outer space,
I would have liked to travel and make a new story,
One that ends in a blaze of glory,
But I'm

So I'll make a new world,
One of my own,
With all of the magic that I had known.
 Jan 2018
Eternal, Celestial
The stars brighten the sky
Glimmering, Ethereal
This is a diamante poem, which I haven't used the format of which in years. This was a small experiment.
 Jan 2018
The sea rumbles,
It fills his heart with dread,
The sky opens and thunder rolls
Across the silver clouds.

The old sailor ties the ropes,
And watches the sea,
Its temperament familiar to his aged eyes.

The sea shrieks,
The bowels of the great monstrosity
Open and exposed.

The boy stares into the icy depths,
His mind scrabbling for sanity,
But with a deep breath, he dives.

He lands among the feeble flowers,
The grizzled sailor above him screaming for help,
For his son who jumped into the sea.

He sees a mermaid,
Her tail shiny and beautiful against the currents,
Shining a lovely green.

She grabs his hand,
And pulls him ever under.

Breath is coming slowly now,
And his vision is fading.
The mermaid is no longer there.

And he is drowning in the stormy sea.
 Jan 2018
I see a broken sky,
Painted in black,
And all the birds,
They'll drown,
Drown in their sorrow.

And even when they call out,
Screaming for a new day,
A new place,
No one will answer.

Because the gods will all have left,
For a less shattered place,
One whole and new and there.

I see a broken sky,
Painted in black,
And all the birds,
They'll drown,
Drown in their sorrow.

And all the flowers,
They'll wither,
Wither from the force of the darkness that
Will forever bind them.

And I see those broken skies,
Shattering away,
The ****** arising.

And the painted sky,
An alabaster illusion,
Will implode,
And their stardust will be spread.

And when that mirage has faded,
Everything will be new,
And whole,
And pure.

And then the world could breathe,
For the pain had faded.
 Jan 2018
Thunder rolls.

The clouds gather,
Their heavy moisture gathering,
The sky is grey,
And their life is naught but water and sediment.

They sprint among themselves lightly,
Spirits high and rising,
They laugh,
And their happy tears spill like water.

Thunder rolls.

They spin in giddy circles,
Their laughter echoing,
The land below is flooded with their happiness.

They blink in and out,
Moving fluidly in the winds,
They spend themselves,
And end their lives in bliss.

Thunder rolls.
 Jan 2018
The Sun took the Moon's hand,
And they began to dance.

There wasn't really a sound to be heard,
Not even the trill of a celestial bird,
But they danced.

They danced for hours,
Among pretty starlit flowers,
They laughed, they sang,
And the music in their hearts rang.

But at the end of the event,
They knew they had to part,
So the Sun left with the Moon,
A piece of her heart.

So they wait for the next,
And perhaps they'll be together,
In this life or another,
Dancing in a permanent eclipse.

— The End —