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 Nov 2015
Samantha Dietz
Eyelids heavy
So hard to breathe
Struggling to stay awake
Darkness closes in
Body limp and lifeless
Everything is grey
Disconnected from reality
Numb from the drugs
Tears streaming down
Past years catch up
Succumb to the pain
Muting the sound
Flashing red and blue
People everywhere
Screaming and crying
So sad and tragic
Drugs take her away
As she lays dying
 Nov 2015
Poetic Thoughts
“I claw and scrape across my veins
in an attempt to find a release,
but no matter how hard I try,
the substance that seeps out
is not you.”
#depression #veins #release #claw #scrape
 Nov 2015
Shayla Ahrns
If it wasn't almost 2016, I would call you on your house phone from my corded phone in my kitchen, we'd chat quickly as to not rack up my phone bill, we would make dinner plans and call it good.

But it is almost 2016 and I'm actually looking at your Facebook and your girlfriends Instagram and I'm laughing / crying over the gag worthy photos she has you featured in.

If it wasn't almost 2016, I wouldn't even know you had a girlfriend and I wouldn't have tried to save the poor girl from your ***** lying ways.

But it is almost 2016, and when Snapchat helped me find out you had a girlfriend while still trying to **** me, I DID try to save the poor girl from your ***** lying ways. You told me not to say anything more, but I had to stop this because I know the feeling of a heartbreak like the one you were about to cause her.

If it wasn't almost 2016, I wouldn't have access to every social media platform that allows me to see every single detail of your life. I wouldn't be driving myself crazy with questions and no answers.

But it is almost 2016, and I get to watch your life unfold with someone else and wonder why I came in last, still no answers.

If it wasn't almost 2016, forget tinder and my quirky bio with the 6 best photos I've ever taken, you'd call me on my corded phone because you actually knew IRL how fun and quirky I am and you'd already have seen me in all my green eyed, beautiful brunette glory.

It is almost 2016 and that means I am just another girl that you aren't looking for something serious with because you're a boy in his early 20s craving freedom. Instead you send me ***** text messages because you're a boy in his early 20s and you met me on Tinder. I am a girl in my early 20s and when you met me on Tinder, you assumed I wanted less than a relationship and a little more than a "hey how are you?" convo.

If it wasn't almost 2016, you wouldn't have detailed all the ways you would make me feel good because would you ever really say those things to my ******* face?

But it is almost 2016, and you didn't say any of those things to my ******* face, you said it beneath the unsolicited picture of you naked in your bathroom mirror and you even added that ******* emoji with the sunglasses, like what you were doing to me was actually super cool.

If it wasn't almost 2016, I wouldn't have known that you were feeding lies to me on a silver platter, I would have gorged myself on your tasty sweet nothings.

But it is almost 2016, and I am starving myself of something worthy and filling because I can't stop reading the tasty sweet nothings you are feeding her.

It is almost 2016 and I wish I could have said ******* to your two timing face instead of via text message.

*******, again and again and again.
 Nov 2015
Imagine a pitch black room.
You're surrounded by darkness,
And it's seeping under your skin.
Whispering false truths in your ears,
Making your fears come alive.
Feeding your insecurities,
And knocking you down
Every time you dare to stand up.

The things it says,
Breaks you.
And leaves you whimpering in a corner.
Tears running down your face, and
Afraid to face the world.
"Why am I this way?!!"

Every time you start to feel proud,
That voice starts up again.
"You're ugly!"
"It's your fault! All of it!"
"You're fat!"
"You're disgusting!"
"You make me sick!"
"How can you live with yourself?!!"
And before you realize it,
You're believing and

Dear Friend,
You are not alone.
As cliché as it sounds,
There is light after the storm.
I'm not going to lie and say
"It gets easier."
Because it won't,
Unless you want it to.
And even then,
Its not as easy as it seems.

Just know this:
I am not here to whisper
Pretty lies into your ears.
And I am not going to stand here, and
Watch you sink.
I am here for you.
To be that hand that pulls
You out of your sea of pity.
I am here to remind,
That you are perfect
Just the way you are.
And most importantly,
I am here to tell you to fight.
Fight the Self-Pity.
Fight the Negativity.
Fight the Darkness.
Just Fight,
And you'll make it.

**I Promise.
This is for my friend. You know who you are! I hope this helps!
 Nov 2015
I feel like my poems have just become a list of complaints but how can I find the beauty in this storm?
No church has ever heard as many prayers as that hospital room that night.
Your life hung in the house like a crucifix or an old family photo.
Did you think your absence would make anything better?
It hurts.
It's killing me.
You left in paragraphs. You said I'd be fine.
But when you left you took me with you.
Now my bathroom floor knows more about me than I do.
Now I see you everywhere. In the halls, in your sister's eyes, our coffee shop. oh God that coffee shop.
Your presence still paints the walls there.
The coffee isn't strong enough anymore.
All I taste is you.

— The End —