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Nov 2015
Imagine a pitch black room.
You're surrounded by darkness,
And it's seeping under your skin.
Whispering false truths in your ears,
Making your fears come alive.
Feeding your insecurities,
And knocking you down
Every time you dare to stand up.

The things it says,
Breaks you.
And leaves you whimpering in a corner.
Tears running down your face, and
Afraid to face the world.
"Why am I this way?!!"

Every time you start to feel proud,
That voice starts up again.
"You're ugly!"
"It's your fault! All of it!"
"You're fat!"
"You're disgusting!"
"You make me sick!"
"How can you live with yourself?!!"
And before you realize it,
You're believing and

Dear Friend,
You are not alone.
As clichΓ© as it sounds,
There is light after the storm.
I'm not going to lie and say
"It gets easier."
Because it won't,
Unless you want it to.
And even then,
Its not as easy as it seems.

Just know this:
I am not here to whisper
Pretty lies into your ears.
And I am not going to stand here, and
Watch you sink.
I am here for you.
To be that hand that pulls
You out of your sea of pity.
I am here to remind,
That you are perfect
Just the way you are.
And most importantly,
I am here to tell you to fight.
Fight the Self-Pity.
Fight the Negativity.
Fight the Darkness.
Just Fight,
And you'll make it.

**I Promise.
This is for my friend. You know who you are! I hope this helps!
Written by
muteD  22/F/lost
       muteD, ---, aaaaaa, ---, Vladimir s Krebs and 16 others
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