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 Jun 2015
If someone is dying slowly in a crowd of people and no one but everyone is around to witness it, does it make a difference?

badly broken
by get scared
 Jun 2015
Musfiq us shaleheen
When the Beauty I See
In the Land and the Sea
Even the Flowers to be
But not like She

When the Love I See
Within the Flower and Bee
Even in my Heart to be
But not like She

@Musfiq us shaleheen
 Jun 2015
Musfiq us shaleheen
Once you uttered
And do not be reversed
It remains either in the air or in the disc

Just as

Once the heart when I gave you
The freedom went to exile
Birds are caught in the cage

And the words within the words are lost
As like as your mystic form,
Vanished slowly on the horizon

Some songs roll over your mind
Some words are as deep marker
Still exist, after the departure of

Just as

Even after the train going away
You're standing at the station
But the mind does not want to return

What is the fault
Lost in the wind of memory
Seeking the truth beyond the existence

Was written in order to leave
Ah! What a difficult moment!

Life is the game of light and shadow
Stay away from the dark for some time
@ Musfiq us shaleheen
 May 2015
Musfiq us shaleheen
All had been removed
one by one
Take all!
But do not take away this little light
Open the window
Let the wind come

I will not protest any day
will not say against you
Even when I got empty I do not want to
Those yellow crops,
Fertile barren fields
all yours

Do not want to
Never ask you for anything expensive

But in return
I want to see those yellow marigolds,
The silver moonlit of the lonely moon
And a newly bloomed red rose,
The aroma of gardenia in the air
For my awaiting beloved,
So Let the wind come

I'll give you more!
The Hidden gold pitcher of my grandma,
The Saved Silver coin of my ancestor,
Gold, precious locket,
The Diamond Crown
– All -

But want to return
My beloved's smile which has taken from
The golden shining day where I had left her
The very Sweet Southern wind where my Spring plays
My lost grasshopper

Lost love Song
My mother's simple smile,
The paper boats of my springtime,
My grandma's fairytale
And a piece of open sky where I take a little breath

Where my kites of dreams fly
Dances with Seven colors of love
@Musfiq us shaleheen
 May 2015
Musfiq us shaleheen
You have made my moments long
I hunched
And it has turned as the round
Though yet no end but there was a start bound

Clouds pouring rain
Continue moving in vain
Waves of the moment dropping
Away, thousand miles away the wind blowing

These words are echoed a long
Sometimes the scene looks like a sad song
Say insane, thee mind that
Throwing words to another like a tat

Colliding, thunder sparking too many
See you in a Second as the Sunny
Again in a moment disappear, alone
Spend time in the light and dark tone

And then words do not burst
Too much hunger, ******
Not even raining no more
Poetry does not come anymore

Far away,
at an unknown lazy noon
Can recognize a broken part
of crystal moon
 May 2015
Sally A Bayan
(a tribute to all mothers)

When loved ones go ahead of us,
people say, "They're home,
in a better place, safe from harm...."

When a child's life is cut short,
it is most often said, he, or she is "...better off that way
better dead... saved from hovering perils..."
and  more comforting words
spoken softly......repeatedly
to help us cope with loss, with sorrow.

But, a mother in pain...bereft...defiant.. still asks:
"Who are we to say, a child is safer,
away from his, or her mother's loving care?"
a mother's love knows no bounds,
she would keep watch, with a vulture's eyes
until her sick child makes it through the night
she would climb any mountain
brave all that would stand in her way
just to keep her child safe, happy and contented

The life of her child is all that matters to her.

A mother feels a stab on her chest      
when her child refuses her love and care
and chooses to stay away from home
how could a mother be inflicted with such immeasurable pain?    
she dies a thousand times
her suffering heart is soaked in tears
it comes to a point when she cries without tears,
because, she loves without questions asked
she loves without complaining
a mother's love is unconditional
a mother's love is an ocean...unfathomable

A mother's grieving heart could sometimes be blind,
in denial...cold...stubborn, in her non-acceptance,
though weary, she appears to be indefatigable,
never surrenders
even as she tries to walk on the water
even as she tries to walk, amidst the crowd...

(December 24, 2014)


Copyright December 2014
Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
---written after reading Tonya's poem, "The Undertow."---
 Apr 2015
Joshua Haines
It was four o'clock in the morning. Robert wondered why his name was Robert. He decided to get rid of the "Bert" because it was the name of a Sesame Street character or the name of a ******* in Tempe, Arizona. Then again, he thought, "Hey, just Rob makes me sound like I change tires for a living or that I work out at a gym that discriminates fat people and blacks." Rob or Robert took a second to evaluate his last thought and if thinking "and blacks" made him a racist person.

Robert sat on a bench and wondered if the woman beside him was expecting Forest Gump-esque wisdom.

Robert thought of a friend he had in grade eight, named Alexander. He thought of how Alexander had a glass eye. Robert wondered how Alexander had a glass eye but could not remember or did not know why Alexander had a glass eye. Robert, then, concluded that sometimes he will not know something and how that is okay because most people don't know anything--it's a collection of approximates that stay in our heads, he thought. Robert asked himself if his last thought made him intelligent or dumb and pretentious. Robert decided that he did not know. How meta, he thought. Robert, then, decided to stop using the word "meta" so much, because it made him feel like a professor with bitterness and something to prove.

Robert watched his sister struggle with an eating disorder. She was in a hospital bed, with an IV in her arm. Robert did not know if he would struggle with anything as hard as his sister struggled with anorexia. Robert, then, had intense but fleeting anger at every person that bragged about being anorexic or made it seem cool.

Robert sat on his toilet and wondered what his true identity was and what his true nature was. He wondered what was inherent and what was synthetic. Robert, then, wondered if a synthetic personality was inherent. Robert asked himself if he was a good person. He wasn't sure if sitting on the toilet, in his grandmother's house, and ******* to interracial ebony teen ****, on his iPhone, made him a good person or not. His concerns soon past, though, as soon as Lauren started to **** the pizza guy's white ****.

Robert walked down the street and was contemplating some of the issues that plagued his ****-infested mind, while he was on the toilet. Robert saw a girl running from a guy. Robert asked himself if he was a hero or inherently good. Robert, then, concluded that he was inherently a coward, since he did nothing and hoped that somebody else would save her.

Robert didn't meet a girl and knew that no one would write prose about his meeting a girl and their mutual love for one another. Robert was eating a steak sub, while thinking this.

Robert returned to the hospital, to pick up his sister. On the way home, his sister talked about how attractive her nurse was. Robert asked, "What did he look like?" His sister, then, said, "It wasn't a he. My nurse was a girl." Robert was okay with his sister being attracted to girls, but hoped that she didn't get more than him or more attractive girls than him, because, for some reason, that would make him feel insecure. Robert decided to stop eating so many steak subs and to work out. Robert asked his sister if she wanted to get steak subs. She said, "sure".

Robert was working out in his basement. He heard the sound of retching, upstairs. Robert followed the sound of the vomiting and opened a bathroom door. He saw his sister stick her finger down her throat. He said to his sister, "That isn't anorexia." His sister said, "I know. There's a lot you don't know about me." Robert said, "I'm sorry."
 Mar 2015
Joshua Haines
How she sat there
with movement in her head.
A churning of learning
the ways to get ******
and slaughtered by
other people's
sons and daughters.

And how I sutured a gust
of her brain exhaust
into my chest, into my lungs--
I breathed her like I was
******* the end of a

Her hands ran like busted tires
as she massaged my temples,
revving her voice,
my ears on her
suicide door lips.

There is no green light
in her red light country.
 Mar 2015
Musfiq us shaleheen
Spring is going to back
Silently dropping  the purple petals  
Bored noon,  
The melancholy flute's of Shepherd
Seeking the missing spring

Roll up,
Roll around the idle noon
Random impulsive air
Bunch of dark clouds at the sky
Seem illusion of that known
Pied crested Cuckoo

Beyond the horizon,  
The eyes looking for
Sounds (Tip Tip) of the sudden drops of rain,
On the leaves of Quail,
Differentiation of mind

On the leaves of Arum,
Ever Keeps as the containers
Compiling of soul 

Weird one wrapped in mystery

Coming up the lyrics of rain
Fusion with thy mystic music
Afternoon has grown heavier  
How my mind moves!

Chased away birds returning home
The heart is rapidly expanded
Rain continues to move around
Nature demands a new ground

Looping, hearing of the same song
Shadows filling with the feelings
Perhaps this change of thy
Bound to sketch
A new face of impression
*weird one wrapped in mystery*

*if like please put your comments/share*
 Mar 2015
Haiden Rose
theres this magical thing called the *******, 10/10 would recommend
2. surprise surprise, *** doesn't always have to be with a ***** and a ******
3. not everyone likes ***, or wants to have it. thats fine
4. vaginas have a smell, get over it. its normal
5. there are different ways of having ***- you can do it rough, you can do it romantic, role playing, ****. its okay to research and/or experiment to find what you like
6. not all girls have vaginas and not all boys have penises, its that simple
7. if at any time during *** something happens that you didnt consent to, that is ****.
8. your body belongs to you. do what you want with it, dont let anyone tell you otherwise.
9. not everyone looks like the models or **** stars you see online. you are beautiful nonetheless.
10. they will tell you never have *** with anyone that doesnt treat you like a princess, but not everyone wants to be treated like a ******* princess. have *** with whoever the hell you want, life is just too **** short to hold back
because im mad at the education system right now
 Mar 2015
Poetic T
They float these pink balloons
Strings hanging down, they
Sway back and forth like
Leaves in the wind.

Weighted down never to reach
Beyond their moment, never to
Fly free, these pink balloons,
Swaying in the wind.

Scuffing  across the floor, neither
gravity keeps them grounded, or
These pink balloons never to
Let this hanging moment soar.

I have many pretty balloons, my
Favorate is pink, pink is the colour
Of flesh, a beautiful tone. One
I like to cut and bleed, as they hang
There slowly strangled floating on air.

What will take them, floating along
Scuffing feet plead for the ground,
But I like to pierce the flesh, like a
Balloon life does deflate slowly
Then gone as if never there.

I have many balloons suspended, some
Stagnant still, while others twitch.
Floating just above life, gliding
Closer to death as they hang upon
String neither here or there.
 Mar 2015
Liz And Lilacs
I'm not saying that I want to die.
Not right now, anyway.
But lately, I just want to sleep.
To sleep and never wake.
I'm so tired.
Tired of everything.
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